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  1. video games ruined my life

    Fortnite's new Battle Royale mode is free to play clone of PUBG. Runs and looks pretty good on my setup. Worth putting a bit of time into. I've also been playing a bit of Divinity: Original Sin (the first one) and it is quite good so far.
  2. video games ruined my life

    Looking at a 7600k, 1070, 1440p ultrawide monitor, ands loaf of corsair RGB
  3. video games ruined my life

    I just switched to pc. Get me on steam: xchen I’m using windows on my Mac for gaming right now but so far it’s been awesome. I’m going to build a high end pc soon, though.
  4. General TV show discussion

    Ozark is good. They filmed part of it in my town (but they film a lot of stuff here now)
  5. What are you listening at right now

    Nah mate not anymore
  6. General TV show discussion

    Yeah, I get that. You'd expect some similarities but it seemed more to me like he wasn't done with some of the imagery when Hannibal got cancelled and is reusing maybe a bit too much. It's been a while since I saw Hannibal but the bison/stag stuff with the flaming eyes seems really samey. I might be misremembering but I think there was a shot where Hannibal was rendered in a black/oil like substance which was the same as the jinn scene. Also didn't Laurence Fishburne get absorbed into that ladies pussy??
  7. General TV show discussion

    At least in the first couple eps of American Gods I kept thinking "this show sure does pick up where Hannibal left off stylistically"
  8. General TV show discussion

    Twin peaks out and no one talking about it? This place is dead
  9. General TV show discussion

    Girlboss on Netflix was pretty good.
  10. video games ruined my life

    Got Zelda for Wii U and it's bonkers. One temple down!
  11. General TV show discussion

    13 reasons why on Netflix I'm a teenage girl
  12. video games ruined my life

    Any playing on the commode??
  13. video games ruined my life

    You on Wii U or Switch?
  14. what are you reading today?

    Obligatory neg