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  1. That’s interesting! Was this tailoring done stateside or elsewhere?
  2. Also remember it’s quite a long rise on the 66 so the waist may ride higher than your Hawaiis.
  3. @mpukas when I saw literally all of the jeans you are posting for sale are size 33 I thought... shit, if it was me I'd give up eating lunch for a few weeks and lose the 10 lbs. But I see you like making things taste good. Sounds like more purchases may be in order 😅
  4. Finally got around to getting these Okinawas hemmed. I purchased from Self Edge a few years ago and these jeans really hold a special place in my heart. Firstly, these represent kind of an homage to my first pair of unsanforized jeans, the SExSC06, which devoted followers of my ancient post history here will remember were gifted to a Japanese high schooler that lived next to me 12 or so years ago. They’re also an homage of sorts to my father, who has many pairs of my old jeans. As a child he lived on the island of Okinawa for a time during the Korean war. I just love all of the details on these jeans and I’m over the moon with the fit. You’ll have to excuse the mess as we’ve a 3 year old wreaking havoc on the home daily. I threw in a vintage Taco Bell dog plushie we found lying around as an Easter egg for you.
  5. xchen


    rumor has it people all over ATL are rejoicing we finally have the ability to handle this product in person I just need to decide what it's gonna be... 220a or 221?
  6. xchen


    @CharlieMike you and I are the same size and I’ll be going for a 32 in the Denime. I’m a 31 in FC 1103 and a 33 in Resolute 710 and a 32 in WH 1001xx, Eternal 811 and SC Okinawa.
  7. By all means double check your inseam measurements rather than just take my word for it. But I will say I was pleasantly surprised with the length in size 31 but I have not measured it yet or compared to any charts.
  8. I picked up the 1103s in 13.7oz yesterday and I got a 31. For comparison my WH 1001xx are a 32. If you’d like I can take measurements today off both. Also from what I heard they offer jeans up to size 32 in a 32 length and the 33+ in a 34 length.
  9. @Abochka I believe those were a previous run. I don’t think the ones on the site are the new pair coming out. IIRC they are going to be more of a straight cut.
  10. My dad wears a pair. Shown here is from this past January.
  11. ^ I look forward to an influx of them into the 2nd hand marketplace in the near future!
  12. xchen


    Jeez, their website really is awful... can't even get to the "view cart" page. I might just wait. It must be a sign.
  13. xchen


    I got a 32x32 in Warehouse 1001xx... Do you guys reckon I ought to go for a 32x32 in the 220? Saw some stock on Denimio. Anyone else know of another online shop that ships to US with a 32 in stock? Other size references: S.C. Okinawa 32 Eternal 811 32 Resolute 710 33x33
  14. @nachobarro I think you and I are about the same size. I ended up going for a 33 from Bears and it was slim as I'd want to go on day one - that has broken into a perfect fit. To be more precise I got a 33x33 and I'd say, without having measured it, I think it was actually about 31x31.
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