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  1. removed items and added Strike gold jacket, sugar cane shirts, and flat head flannel
  2. Here's a pretty good example: Stevenson Hilts.
  3. I think the confusion is that chino is technically the cloth and trousers is the style of pant but since most trousers are made of chino cloth, everyone just calla them chinos. There are denim trousers, canvas trousers, etc. While it doesn't fade like denim, a nicely made chino cloth still does age and patina. I think the same argument for why you buy a pair of nicely made jeans as opposed to a pair of cheaply made pair from whatever department store can be applied towards chinos/non-indigo dyed pants/shirts/clothing. Whether it's worth it is definitely a subjective question. For me, the fabric that a brand like banana republic or dockers uses looks very processed, cheap and does not age well with wear. Also, for the most part, their clothing is not very well made so it's worth it to me (even though I do get the Gap Corporate discount through my wife which makes things rather cheap) to get a pair of chinos that has the same level of construction that I'm used to in all my other clothes as well have a fabric that ages well with wear.
  4. Don't worry. Josh will be returning to modeling duties soon.
  5. I've been looking for an all black converse style hi top sneaker that's not converse. I had a pair of the 70s but they just hurt my feet after a day of wearing. Anybody have any suggestions/recs?
  6. added Roy jeans, flat head shirt, shoes
  7. The overdyed ones are tiny. I wear mediums in strike gold hoodies and the Med in the overdyed is so small on me.
  8. 3sixteen makes a nice gray hoodie. Also, strike gold started making the gray hoodies in XXL.
  9. Hanging out at SEPDX Buzz Rickson beanie The Flat Head winter flannel Iron Heart N-1 SDA Nep Jeans Viberg Radix bottle
  10. added masterson shirt, sugar cane jeans, john lofgren shoes
  11. Officially retired my old 727s finally. I'm eager to get my current 727s (one size up and longer length) to this state.
  12. Stevenson watch cap and shirt SDA jeans Visvim Skagway Really enjoying the slow aging on this denim shirt the last couple years esp the roping and fading at the hem.
  13. it's on the lighter side. I'd guess it's around 10-12oz.
  14. I caved and picked up a pair of Studio D'Artisan Nep Denim Jeans that was made for Self Edge (model D1714 w/ no crotch rivet). I got a size 29 and put it through a warm machine wash. Measurements for those interested: Waist: 31-->29.5in at first and now it's at about a 30in Thigh: 11.8in --> 11.2in Knee: 8.6-->8.1in Hem (@29inch inseam): 7.8in Front Rise: 10.75-->10.2in Back Rise: 15.2-->14.7in Inseam: 36.5-->34 The denim is super dark and almost looks black. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this pair ages.