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  1. youngofthesoonest

    The Strike Gold

    Nice! Those look awesome. Glad you like them.
  2. youngofthesoonest

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Generally I prefer raw vs the industrial one wash process that most brands use where the denim comes out super soft. As much as I enjoyed my sugar cane 1947/Okinawa OW jeans, whenever i feel the fabrics in the raw state, I wish I had the raw versions and did my own wash/soak. On a side note I have noticed though that some fabrics do get a noticeably different color/hand feel when comparing an unworn washed and dried and an unworn one that was just soaked and air dried. I wish I got some photo examples but I think it’s most noticeable with non slubby fabrics. The wash and dry from the beginning makes the fabric pucker in a way that almost makes it feel like it could be a slubby denim or it has a slightly streaky look. I’ve noticed it with the sda flagship 15oz denim and also with Roy’s black seed denim. I wonder if it has something to do with the fabric shrinking so much in one go that it torques it in a way that it wouldn’t do if it shrank more gradually over the course of many wears and washes. Ultimately i think it’s nit picky and i don’t think it really makes a huge difference in how the jeans look in the end after a years worth of wear but it does change the wear experience especially in the beginning. The advantage of not having to guess on the fit is quite nice though with one washed. Some brands now do a soak process that leaves the fabric feeling pretty good.
  3. youngofthesoonest

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    you can always dream...or you can be like some of these ballers out here who offer cash for people's shirts on the street. I had a customer say someone saw him wearing an old iron heart flannel that he had been looking for forever and offered him like $450 cash on the spot. He took the offer, came in and bought another flannel that he had been wanting to buy and made out with an extra $100. No clue how much of that story was true but judging by how excited he was when telling me, I believe most of it.
  4. youngofthesoonest

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I got lucky with it. I had a medium that was just too big and by chance I found somebody who was looking to trade their small for a medium.
  5. youngofthesoonest

    Mister Freedom

    @broark that's a solid fit. it obviously wouldn't work well with longer shirts but how you have it there is just right.
  6. youngofthesoonest

    Stevenson Overall Company

    The Stevenson Carmel is a great cut for me and the denim has aged really nicely. I have about 4 months of wear on these with 6-7 washes.
  7. youngofthesoonest

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I thought I'd share my Roy big bro shirt after a lot of wear and washes. Couldn't tell you how many of either but I was pretty liberal with washing it.
  8. youngofthesoonest

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Dry Bones jacket Iron Heart flannel Roy R01Sail Visvim Skagway
  9. youngofthesoonest

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    My point of view is that it’s not just the odors, sweat, oils, etc from a person’s body that gets something dirty. There’s all the environmental things around you that get you dirty on a daily basis. All i need is to wear a white jacket or shirt 10 times doing basic everyday activities and I’m reminded that even if i feel like I’m not super dirty, I’m kind of dirty. Multiply that many wears by 30 and i suspect most people would be grossed out by the state of that white shirt. people who say that they don’t think their jeans smell probably aren’t comparing their jeans to a freshly washed one. I get to experience this everyday at work and i can def tell you that there is a drastic difference. Even just a couple of jeans that aren’t fresh will make a room smell especially when a little heat and steam has to be used on it.
  10. youngofthesoonest

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Mega Self Edge opening party fit Me: Fine Creek Cardinal Jacket Flat Head x Self Edge x Florian Bertmer Tshirt Stevenson Carmel Visvim Skagway Wife: 1/8 Takamura Wool jacket Unmarked boots
  11. youngofthesoonest

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I haven't spent enough time with Ooe's work to make a fair statement about whether they're as good as roy or not nor am I really interested in that debate but from what I know, they do great work and I'd venture to say if they put in as much of the details that Roy does with his last few jeans, they'd be grossly undercharging if they didnt retail for more than $415.
  12. youngofthesoonest

    Stevenson Overall Company

    @Broark they’re pretty warm....I’d say it’s a good 7-8. It does have some breathability so i never feel overheated but when i was in ny last winter, it was perfect as a base layer under an over shirt and a jacket. I was worried I’d get too hot when i was inside at restaurants with the heat on but i felt pretty solid most of the time. It only came off after a few drinks but that was less temperature related.
  13. youngofthesoonest

    Stevenson Overall Company

    I went with khaki last year and I’m going to get light gray. These things are the best.
  14. youngofthesoonest

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    whew, if you have a couple hours, the TOJ thread on style forum is a fun/frustrating read. TL:DR is basically a large scale version of what WH Ranch is doing. Took a ton a preorders, people knew the wait time was going to be long so most people patiently waited and by the time it was obvious that jackets were not going to be delivered, it was too late. Also a chicken shop in Korea was involved.
  15. youngofthesoonest

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I still love my chup socks (I'm a size 9.5 so I dont have issues with getting them on and off) but I do find myself wearing mostly socks with stretch nowadays. The Stevenson socks and the Studio D'artisan dralon socks are some of the most comfortable socks I've had for sneakers. For boots, I really like the iron heart socks. Not the best looking but the extra cushion is great. I recently picked up some bison socks from United by Blue for a trip that involved negative degree weather and those are the warmest socks I've ever worn and while they're thick, they compact really well so I never felt pressure on my feet in a tighter shoe.