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  1. nice! I'm glad you got them!
  2. Awesome! Glad you dug the guitar gear list. I figured there'd be a handful of people who would enjoy my modest list of gear. All of it was recorded in our small studio apartment. My wife is a superstar for dealing with all the recording gear and makeshift soundproofing using couch cushions in our small space.
  3. Putting these on the back burner and only wearing a couple times a week so I can have them a little longer . Stevenson 727 after about 2 years and 20ish washes.
  4. ha, I'm going to break the news to Jason that his modeling career is DOA. His big modeling dreams are going to be crushed.
  5. Sure I get that and I wasn't arguing about that. I was just commenting about how this wasn't some new direction/statement that we're taking in opposition to the old railroad worker look because it isn't. Josh got married and is super busy, was out of town for a while and we got a ton of stuff in during that time so we asked the person that was easiest to schedule bc he was literally standing in the store when we had everything. That's it. With only three of us in the shop, options were limited. You were either getting buff jason, Asian me or black eugene. Chances are that next model that isn't josh won't be this jacked so I think you'll find the new pictures much more acceptable.
  6. He worked at SESF for a while before he moved from SF and when Josh couldn't make it, we asked him to step in but that was just temporary. How is this a "next level" take though? I mean his arms are big but I don't think it's alarmingly abnormal. He's not this dude...THIS guy is next level and if anybody knows his contact info, let me know. He could be the next SE model.
  7. I've stopped wearing these 5105 a long time ago but decided to just take some pics of them since I had all my lights and stuff set up. My wife wears them now so they still get some wear...2 years or so of wear, 20ish washes.
  8. removed items and added Strike gold jacket, sugar cane shirts, and flat head flannel
  9. Here's a pretty good example: Stevenson Hilts.
  10. I think the confusion is that chino is technically the cloth and trousers is the style of pant but since most trousers are made of chino cloth, everyone just calla them chinos. There are denim trousers, canvas trousers, etc. While it doesn't fade like denim, a nicely made chino cloth still does age and patina. I think the same argument for why you buy a pair of nicely made jeans as opposed to a pair of cheaply made pair from whatever department store can be applied towards chinos/non-indigo dyed pants/shirts/clothing. Whether it's worth it is definitely a subjective question. For me, the fabric that a brand like banana republic or dockers uses looks very processed, cheap and does not age well with wear. Also, for the most part, their clothing is not very well made so it's worth it to me (even though I do get the Gap Corporate discount through my wife which makes things rather cheap) to get a pair of chinos that has the same level of construction that I'm used to in all my other clothes as well have a fabric that ages well with wear.
  11. Don't worry. Josh will be returning to modeling duties soon.
  12. I've been looking for an all black converse style hi top sneaker that's not converse. I had a pair of the 70s but they just hurt my feet after a day of wearing. Anybody have any suggestions/recs?
  13. added Roy jeans, flat head shirt, shoes
  14. The overdyed ones are tiny. I wear mediums in strike gold hoodies and the Med in the overdyed is so small on me.
  15. 3sixteen makes a nice gray hoodie. Also, strike gold started making the gray hoodies in XXL.