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  1. now he wears a lot of Rick Owens so it's likely that he wears these sneakers too.
  2. Congrats on the new gig. Good riddance to the old job.
  3. They're def on the shorter side of what we are used to carrying but generally inseam length preferences have trended shorter and shorter the last few years especially as looser cuts became more popular so we've done quite well with the jeans. Many people have been able to just buy and walk out the store with them w/o needing a hem. We've actually sold through most of our initial delivery in a few months of carrying it so I think people have really embraced the shorter and looser style.
  4. 2ish month update. the fabric def fades on the faster side.
  5. I found an unworn pair but the size was advertised wrong. It’ll be a few years before he can wear them.
  6. My kids been wearing these made in USA Levi’s for a bit. They weren’t exactly unworn but they were quite dark when i first got them. These have become more expensive online and at shops but I’ve had some luck with people in the Midwest who don’t seem to care to do much research.
  7. Got the shirt. 11oz cone with tonal stitching in size Large.
  8. I got lucky and got the denim shirt while ignoring my kids at the playground 😅
  9. I think you two are close in height.
  10. oh nice. I just saw it. yeah it's now getting to phase where the fit is more natural.
  11. Let's see the fit! EDIT: ah I just saw it in the other thread. looking forward to seeing how this denim looks in a year
  12. I also went the nudie to imperial route and then from there my bank account was never the same
  13. Merz beanie Stevenson boncoura xx nike
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