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  1. The Strike Gold

    No shame. Moving my TSG 2103 size 34. Too big. These came one-washed. Washed once more - carefully, and worn 1/2 day. two-hundy shipped CONUS. Int'l pays actual shipping. DM me for deets. I really don't get why this cut hasn't caught on with fellas here on SuFu, or the rest of the heritage raw denim world. It's mid rise, roomy thighs, straight cut. The proportions are much better suited to western builds than some of TSG's other cuts.
  2. Black jeans lovers!!!

    Is IH's 21oz SB denim too heavy for you? IH makes several cuts in SB. I had a pair of 9634z a few years ago but sold because they were a size too big. Although the denim is not selvedge, it's really bad ass. I've always wanted another pair. Maybe consider the 888S-SB, which is the limited edition selvedge Superblack? there are still some in your size...
  3. Shoes that look better with age...

    and looky-here - they have a sub-brand called Erro that makes fashion oriented shoes and boots. The engineer boots are also included in this collection. Some of their other offerings look pretty good too, and rather spendy. https://erroshoes.com/
  4. Shoes that look better with age...

    I've never heard of them. I checked out their website, and it appears their engineer boots you've found are the cream of their crop. They look to be the biz. But not much/no info on leather source, construction, details, last, etc. Their asking a pretty penny for a faith-based purchase...
  5. Samurai Jeans

    Cheers, buddy!
  6. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    When I was in Austin, TX a few weeks aog I stopped into a men's clothing shop that carries RRL ( @Broark knows the shop). All of the stuff, mainly shirts and a couple jackets I think, looked pretty good. It was all made in India and shirt prices were $225+. There's no way in hell I'd pay that much for a Made in India shirt that prolly costs about $10-$15 to make there - and that's a lot - and then a HUGE mark-up to put the RRL name/logo on it. There's also a RL flagship store in Aspen, and it is a really cool store. But same thing - made overseas products with a HUGE mark-up. It's thanks to SuFu and the great members here that I'm now more educated about what real quality is. I've never been into brand imagery and hype, as alluring as RRL is. Saying all that, I do have a pair of Ralph Lauren English made wingtip boots I picked up at the Vail store nearly 20 years ago at the end of the season sale, that are really sweet.
  7. I've been wondering if Levi's is gonna do non-LVC selvedge since Cone closed. I recently copped a non-selvedge pair. They are pretty good for what they are. Denim is close to a selvedge pair I copped at the same time. Stitching and details don't quite have the same level. Still very good jeans for the price. continued here
  8. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    A couple months ago I went to the Silverthorne Outlet to try some new sizes and styles. The very first pair of STF 501's I picked up was Cone Denim selvedge. I thought "ok cool, the STF are still selvedge...". Well that was the only pair in the store. I called to the other CO outlets and the flagship store in Denver, and none of them had STF 501 selvedge. I checked other western/workwear stores that I know carry STF, and none had selvedge either. Looks like I scored sort of a unicorn. And they were supposed to be in the sale section, and the store was running an additional sale, so I got them for about $28. Made in Mexico. Comparing them to my LVC 1976, they are not far off. There are some construction details that have been simplified and no back pocket rivets. Denim is similar. Otherwise, very well made. I also copped a non-selvedge pair (in fit pics a few posts above). They are noticeable not quite as good as this selvedge pair. I'll keep them unwashed with tags on for my meager collection.
  9. Stevenson Overall Company

    FYI - Canoe Club has a few pairs of San Francisco Rigid and La Jolla rigid & washed on sale. When I was in their Boulder store a couple of months ago trying on many different pairs, I tried the La Jolla. Since there's a lot of interest in SOC, I was pretty stoked to find some IRL that I could try on, and on sale no less. However, the La Jolla was one of the worst fitted pairs I've ever tried on. Did not work for me at all.
  10. Stevenson Overall Company

    @beautiful_FrEaKthat is a really good looking fit on those 373. Congrats!
  11. Samurai Jeans

    As I understand it, primarily from @beautiful_FrEaK's excellent Samurai guide, the S510 is their take on the STF 501. Sized right, they'll look good on any one. I don't think they are anti-fit unless you over size them.
  12. Samurai Jeans

    This denim & details are really amazing.
  13. Samurai Jeans

    And here are some raw fit pics to get an idea of shrinkage and fade (from 08/2015).
  14. Samurai Jeans

    These are fit pics from 10/2017, the last time they were worn.
  15. Samurai Jeans

    Why couldn't you make them work? You've posted fit pics of other brands/pairs (but I can't name specifics; maybe I'm reacalling some OOE's from a a few years back...) that I feel are far bigger/looser than the S510...