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  1. @Maynard - 34x34 (added to original post) My actual crotch length from nads to floor is about 32". I'm about 5' 11.5". I like an inseam length of around 33" so there's is some stack, but not too much, and I then have the option to cuff on occasion. I normally don't cuff. I also don't like my pants to ride up above my ankles when I sit. I'm not into the high water look, maybe with boots, but I can't pull it off like @Hendsch does. I wish these were about an 1" longer... A note on measuring - I've tried measuring the waist three ways (with many different jeans, not just these 1976 501's): 1) just lying them flat, with the front lower than the rear, and tightened sideways; 2) matching the front waist to the rear, and tightening sideways; 3) the IH way, with the jeans folded sideways and the front button to one side, tightened sideways; I've found that all three methods give similar measurements, no significant differences.
  2. Curiosity got the best of me about a month ago, and I copped a pair of LVC 1976 501's. I've been busy, and recovering from a surgery, so I've only tried them on once, let alone take any fit pics and post about them. IMO, the denim is not very stiff as raw, it's not very dark, and is quite hairy. Stitching quality and details all seem solid. Overall they are very nice, especially for Levi's, but no way would I have paid full price for them. Here are my raw measurements (I measure in inches, and put the into an Excel spread sheet with a conversion to cm); Size: 34x34 waist: 17.25" / 43.82cm front rise: 12.625" / 87.63cm back rise: 15.625" / 39.69cm Thigh at crotch: 13.25" / 33.66cm Thigh 2" down: 12.5" / 31.75cm Knee 14" down: 9.825" / 24.96cm hem: 8.325" / 21.15cm inseam: 34.0" / 86.36cm I'm on the fence if I'll ever wear them or not. I've really no interest what so ever in period-correct, historically-accurate retro anything, this model appealed to me because of the measurements and proportions. The main reason I hesitate is I'm fearful of how much they'll shrink in length if I wash them. Yeah, I now always wash my jeans, at least twice, before I wear them to get all the shrink out. I've read previous posts from fellas who are saying inseam shrinkage is around 2.5". That would put these at 31.5", and I usually like inseam length around 33".
  3. @kiya What is the denim used on the 633-OD 18oz? Is it IH's 18oz Vintage Selvedge, or another 18oz version? Also, what's the long-term effects of the over dying on the thread and hardware - do they maintain a muted appearance, or does the OD wear off at all? (Honestly, I don't yet get the appeal of OD'ing...) Thanks.
  4. great trip and great write-up and pics. Thanks for taking the time to share. I'm seriously obsessed with boots, although I have nothing that compares with anything you've shown here. I'll prolly be hitting you up with PM's in future plugging for info. I didn't know too much about WK or Brass prior. Thanks again for the great info - enviable, epic trip.
  5. Looks like an amazing trip and experience. Thanks for taking the time to share! K-san is definitely baller.
  6. Agreed. But even with short sleeves, I may consider this one. Where I live I can only wear short sleeves about 3 months during the summer.
  7. I just purchased the IH-888-NT deposit in size 34. Looking forward to this UHR denim in the new cut. Honestly, I'm not really that interested in the DWC2 comp, but I'l enter just 'cuz. If these jeans meet my <very high> expectations, they'll probably be the only pair I wear for 2 years anyway, so why not enter???!!! I've put off several other purchases in anticipation of these jeans, so they better be damn good.
  8. The new DWC contest pre-order 888-NT will be raw, unsanforized UHR 21/23oz. Giles claims it will be the last run of the UHR; same threads as old/original UHR, but woven on a different loom. The 18 vintage denim is lightly sanforized for stability and take out the guess work in sizing, as you mentioned, but still has some charadteristrics of raw. Nice denim and very similar in some ways (color, texture, weave) to UHR.
  9. @mrsmiff - Those M-43 look great. What last are they made on? You guys are killin' it on the boot game lately! mpp
  10. Indeed! great pics and beautiful boots. Very tempting, but I'm afraid they wouldn't be wide enough for the way I prefer boots/shoes to fit. And the heel is too tall for my liking, but that could be altered. The price is very reasonable for this level of quality, when compared to other competing options. @mrsmiff - Is there a specific reason why you chose to do a full length Vibram outsole that extends into the heel stack vs a 1/2 sole? Personally I prefer the look of a 1/2, but a full length outsole that leaves no exposed sole leather on the bottom of the boot will be much more durable and last longer.
  11. @setterman - what do you think of the Cone denim on the 1976 model? And what's you're overall impression? I'm still very curious about this model, but not sure about that price tag. I missed out on the sale.
  12. erm... some fashion-denim nonsense among a bit of common knowledge. Crap like this is how urban myths spread
  13. @Megatron1505 - can you share any info about this? Is the collab pair going to be the new IH cut with some super-special unique denim?
  14. What's the deal with these two models? Specs?