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  1. I need something warm and fully lined. A shearling collar on an unlined or moderately insulated jacket is stupid IMO. Agreed re: denim durability, yet denim is a durable fabric just not the most durable. For most everyone considering buying that jacket they'd never put it to use as real work wear. It should last a lifetime if cared for and not abused too much. I'd prefer a more weather resistant fabric, but not something like Gore-Tex. Maybe waxed canvas, but waxed fabric doesn't breathe - trade offs... F', for $725-$750 one can have an IH N1 or N2 alpaca lined Deck jacket. Which is a serious consideration...
  2. Just saw this Freenote shearling lined 20oz denim coat. Overall I like it, but it ain't cheap at $900. Especially since one could get the IH Sonder Supplies x Simmons Built for $100... but that's a sheep skin jacket, not a full grain steer leather, so that's to account for a lower price. Any thoughts on this Freenote thing?
  3. mpukas

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Yep, Toys McCoy Surveyor botos. One of my favorites.
  4. mpukas

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I'm getting an uncontrollable spasm in my neck
  5. mpukas

    The Flat Head

    The measurements and fit pics on R&H's website look great. I hadn't looked at them closely before... What are the front pockets like?
  6. mpukas

    The Flat Head

    fit pics pls
  7. Yep just saw those. Must be awesome being IH. Not sure that's what I'm looking for though... I only like wear mountain-y gear when I'm doing mountain-y stuff. I can't really into puffy jacket thing that nearly everyone around these here parts wears.
  8. It's that time of year again, winter is coming, and I'm still searching for a winter coat. Been drinking cleaning products all night, and, open for suggestions...
  9. Galaxy S9+ (and all previous phones) in back left jeans pocket or left chest pocket on a button front shirt when I wear one. The front pockets on nearly all JP jeans are next to useless.
  10. mpukas

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Fit pic from mid-August 2019. This is how I wore them through the summer. Massive double cuff high-water's. Rarely wore shoes or socks this summer. Was freakin' hot! 6-ish weeks from last wash, and for another ride in the washing machine they go. They aren't really dirty as I've been a desk jockey the past couple of months. They'll get one more wash at the end before they're hung up for retirement. Not much noticeable change in fades since last post. The vent hole keep getting bigger.
  11. mpukas

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Holy f**k that's bad. I break every one of those rules on daily basis without even trying. Guess my style and wardrobe are a complete failure... Maybe for some Joey BaggO'Doughnuts who couldn't care less about clothes and style, who suddenly finds himself in a new job position or social circles where he has to dress respectfully, this would be a good place to start w/out looking like a f'tard.
  12. mpukas

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    @hudsonjamesDUDE you need to post around here more often. You IG is one of my favorites
  13. mpukas

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    yeah, it's most commonly referred to as a chin strap, but that's not really accurate. Not exactly sure, but I think historically it was called a throat strap/tab. It had its place in time, but is mostly irrelevant today. That's one reason why I'm not into repro stuff. These types of details were implemented to address a need, but people's needs have changed since "back in the day". Recreating something today the same way it was done 80-120 years ago just because that's the way it was done then and therefore "better" or "correct" or "proper" may be fun, but it's impractical. Today fella's have smart phones, wallets, keys, knifes, pens, pads, etc. that we need to carry. In most western societies it's not OK to carry a man-purse, so we have to reply on pockets in jeans an d shirts. MAKE THEM USEABLE!!!
  14. machine wash, inside out, hang dry