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  1. mpukas

    Samurai Jeans

    @smittydadon saw that in an email. Will look closer, but there's a lock on my wallet. I think the 511 is a great slim cut, and judging from your previous posts, it would suit your frame well. I had a pair of S511XX 25oz in a 33, but they were WAAAAYYYY too tight. I could button them, but could barely walk. A 34 might have been better, but I'm not really made for slim cuts like that. I'm currently wearing TFH 3202 20oz in 34 and it's a serious daily struggle. I think the 511 is a slightly better slim cut. It has just a little more rise and a better fitting top block, at least for me.
  2. mpukas

    Tanuki Japan

    I'm very surprised you like Tanuki as much as you do. Even, at all...
  3. mpukas

    Tanuki Japan

    I have that same pair of Earth Regular Straight, raw, on ice, that I got f/ Denimio's Black Friday sale. I had seen the Earth denim at Canoe Club in Boulder a couple years ago in the High Tapered cut. I liked the denim, and I liked @mikecch in-depth review of that denim. The measurements of the Regular Straight cut were appealing. But I think I have a size too small in a 32. I had tried on a 32 in EHT, and it fit but was snug. My measurements of the ERS are about 1 size smaller than Denimio's. Raw they fit nearly perfectly, the waist is just a little big. Thighs are roomy enough. The rise is fine for me. If they shrink a lot they'll be tighter than I want. Denimio wouldn't exchange since I got them in the sale. They said they'd stretch back out to raw measurements, but I don't find that to always be the case, and that would be mainly in the waist. I need room in the upper thighs. I also have the Oni x Tanuki 21.5 HT, raw, on ice. They are 32 also, and prolly a size too small. Again they fit well raw, but I have a feeling that denim will shrink a lot and would be really tight on me. The hem width is narrow. And, I'm unsure what I think about that denim. I get all the geeky stuff about it. and I can't say why but it just doesn't do much for me. It's a loose weave, rough texture, quite neppy. Kinda reminds me of blue burlap. Doesn't seem durable at all. After seeing @cander49 Oni's a couple years ago fall apart after a less than 1 year's wear, I lost interest in Oni. There was so much hype around the OxT collab that when a pair popped up, I jumped on them. I've been wearing TFH 3202 20oz for the past 2.5 months daily, and I'm infatuated with this denim. It's skewed my perception of everything else. It's just that they're so freakin' tight I can barely move, and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. The front crotch seam has already ripped open below the fly.
  4. mpukas

    Tanuki Japan

    What Tanuki jeans - cut and denim? What do you think of them?
  5. mpukas

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I'll defer to JL, as he knows what's cool... but I don't get the point of a heavy white wax that will wear off quickly to reveal natural shell underneath. To say that this leather ages rapidly is inaccurate, IMO. Just because the wax scuffs away doesn't mean the leather has aged. It may show contrast between wax and leather, but that's not the leather aging. Saying that, curious to see what these would look like in year with consistent wear.
  6. mpukas

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    @JDelage - what do you think of that Freenote shearling denim coat?
  7. mpukas

    What are your jeans doing today?

    congrats geeman!
  8. mpukas

    What are your jeans doing today?

    @Broark UGGHHH! Such a sweet ride...
  9. mpukas

    The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    When I first looked at the pic before I read your text I thought it was some strange overlock stitch too
  10. mpukas

    The Strike Gold

    I washed my SGJ50J, cold wash, short gentle cycle, hang dry, ironed. After it was dry the denim was so stiff, I felt it needed ironing so the denim would relax and hang and fit better. It's a very nice, very cool jacket, but I find the fit... strange... maybe I'm just not used to it, as this is my first Type II. It's very short, shorter than I expected. What I find most strange is the taper from chest to waist, which is straight and quite severe, even for my taste. It's almost too tight at the waist to button, but it seems fashionable to leave the bottom button unbuttoned anyway. Now I'm waiting until spring to wear it. Raw and post-wash measurements: Shoulders, straight across: 19.0 - 18.25 Length: 26.375 - 25.25 Chest: 23.0 - 22.0 Waist, mid-way down: 21.5 - 20.5 Opening: 20.0 - 19.0 Sleeve, f/ shoulder seam: 26.75 - 25.5 Cuff: 5.5 - 5.25 Some raw pics
  11. mpukas

    New Contest Suggestions

    I'm not really in contest mode ATM after 4 yrs of DWC's, but the thought of a Roy contest sparks an interest. But I'm stuck in TFH fan-boy mode
  12. mpukas

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    My girlfriend said that if I look at my jeans one more time, she'd leave. I'm gonna miss her.
  13. mpukas

    The Strike Gold

    Quick fit pic of TSG SGJ50J, size 42, raw. From SE. Will be a good fit when it shrinks. I'm gonna be cautious, and do a short cold hand wash, hang dry, to see how much it shrinks. If it shrinks 1/2 size it''l be good, but much more and it might be too small, even for my taste, lol. Crazy cool denim, without being obnoxious or gimmicky. Great construction and details. Big pockets are awesome. planning to take some detail pics in raw state. Very happy to have some TSG back in my life
  14. mpukas

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    While we're on this topic, let's be clear that unsanforized and one-washed have nothing to do with each other. Sanforizing is a post-weaving industrial process the fabric goes through, along with other possible processes, before the denim ever reaches the maker to be cut and sewn. Jeans that are made of unsanforized denim that have been one-washed by the maker after they've been sewn are still unsanforized. Jeans made of sanforized denim can still be non-wash, i.e. most of IH's denim, and after they're washed at home they're still sanforized. I've come across kids on the 'nets saying something akin to not wanted one-washed jeans because they're no longer unsanforized. Not true.
  15. mpukas

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    If I have the option, I prefer to buy non-wash, because I like to measure the jeans raw to see how much they shrink. I've also become a little partial to how I wash and shrink my jeans. Even if I get a pair of one-wash, I'm still gonna wash them again myself to insure all the shrink is out. One-wash does take some of the guess work out of sizing.