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  1. my old pair of time machine OA02s, which i encountered tonight hanging in S&S NYC’s window…. best place for them!
  2. some general wear updates and pictures of the repair. Haphazard, yes, but it works! always a first time for everything.
  3. settled for a nice ~12oz indigo HBT from an old (very small) pair of visvim fatigues.
  4. i’d not considered that, thank you for the callout! would it be more sensible to bring to SENY for darning work? I have some lighter fabric scraps available to me for a patch, but curious your thoughts.
  5. going to be attempting a sashiko repair on a weakened seat of the R01 indigolovers. pic attached is the area. one patch each side, likely 18 oz fabric from a pair of the ecru samurai natural denim.
  6. interesting seeing a mister freedom shirt in the wild on public figures…tyler the creator wearing this aloha out recently. had no idea he was a MF guy!!
  7. a curious thing i’d not noticed until now- on the inside of the Indigolovers’ pockets, the red of the indigo canvas selvedge has worn off onto the denim’s selvedge somewhat…there is only about two inches of the IC selvedge present due to the pocket shape and, yet, it was thoughtfully sewn and included. beauty in the little details, always.
  8. I've got a pair of the RT1002 and the R01 Indigolovers, as well as the Duck-1s, a Baja Shirt, and the Heavy Shirt. Like others, I'd have bought more items if I had more legs or torsos to fit them onto. The patterning is funky, I agree- measurement charts are a great way to get an idea of the fit, but trying the garments on properly lends a concreteness to the ineffability that the fits have. And for that reason, I really dig his products. As someone who is certainly neurodivergent, I can see why the comparison would be drawn. At the end of the day, we're all folks doing our best to communicate with others well enough to get by and there will (inevitably) be a level of strangeness to our worldly interactions that's unavoidable! I've always enjoyed my conversations with Roy, especially as a feckless youth trying to understand what it's like to have a real drive to do something. He gave me some good advice and I'm grateful for that. At the end of the day, his body of work is immense and it's crazy we're all here at the same time as a craftsman like Roy, but he's still just a guy. We've all got our faults. I am sympathetic where communication is concerned. In my experience, I've got nothing but nice things to say, but I can see how one could be 'rubbed the wrong way.'
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