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  1. 66 model/red line Andy Warhol Hayashi san style
  2. same details different patch and denim...
  3. anyone knows which generation of XX fabric is this 1015 model?
  4. i guess the stretchability is the same as they use the same fabric.
  5. i want Rockets to put a less amount on the declaration form and shipping form as well. but it seems communication in English with Rockets is rather difficult. a lot of times, just no replies...😄
  6. yes, fullcount stretches a lot
  7. hi, i am also considering ordering a pair of rockets. I told them I was an overseas customer. They said the price of 33000 yen is tax included. Isnt there a tax exemption for international shipments?
  8. i like the 'beef jerky' look. steamer of an espresso machine? seems this denim can get the most marbling pattern if someone likes it.
  9. donno when Full Count will release a new war model..their cut propotion is very close to the original
  10. full count is going to launch a new fabric to combat climate change Jan 2024.😆 11.5oz 😍 https://dig-it.media/clutch/article/811017/
  11. it is in China..😄. he uses Japanese made UJ cotton threads and had trimed my hems with 2 color threads(orange outside, yellow inside) as well! After one wash, the cotton chain stitch will shrink and the roping effect will come out.
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