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  1. yes, Bronson USN t shirts have the holes on both sides. The holes are used for hanging them on threads to try.
  2. i bought 1, and a henry neck one too, with the same fabric, very soft and stretchy.
  3. Nope, they are not released yet. 😝. Pics are from their official account.
  4. seems verticle fall is more obvious than the blue one.
  5. anyone knows how OA denim pants' hip fit comparing to resolute pants? also very small hip size? i am wondering if i am to just go up 1 size in the waist instead of 2 as officially stated.
  6. https://www.redcloudoverall.com
  7. same details different patch and denim...
  8. anyone knows which generation of XX fabric is this 1015 model?
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