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  1. Klaas

    Eternal Jeans

    From some time ago. 15months in. Will post a new pic soon. These jeans are hard to beat.
  2. Klaas

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    Deciding between these or 3sixteen SL-200s. Any updates?
  3. 3sixteen SL-200 or Sugar Cane black denim?
  4. Klaas

    Denim Repair

    What kind of sewing machine do you use? I've been on the hunt for a Singer 15-91, 201-2 or 201K-2, but the availabilty in The Netherlands and around is not much. Any modern ones that are recommended?
  5. Klaas

    Samurai Jeans

    Which Samurai do I need if I want a fit like the Eternal 811?
  6. Klaas

    Digital SLRs?

    Want to shoot portraits, urban life, landscapes & architecture. So thinking about a prime and something like a 17-50mm.
  7. Klaas

    Digital SLRs?

    New Nikon D90 is sweet To cop or just buy the D80 That is the question
  8. Klaas

    top 5 albums you are listening to right now

    Dance Valley 2008 - Carl Cox SRV - The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Hed Kandi - A Taste of Kandi Summer Estelle - Shine Who's your Momma - Anouk
  9. Klaas

    Top 5 DRUGS!!!

    1. Cocaine 2. MDMA powder 3. E + GHB 4. Hash / Marihuana 5. Mushrooms Haven't used any in +/- 3 years.
  10. Klaas

    Digital SLRs?

    Being Dutch Means less is always good Pleas advice the lenz to buy
  11. Klaas

    mopeds and other two wheeled slow fun

    Have to disappointed you there. It's a keeper......(especially with the gas prices going up). But check eBay, these sometimes show up. Search for Itom. And it's quite easy to have pedals installed.
  12. Klaas

    mopeds and other two wheeled slow fun

    I got pedals on mine and back in those days all mopeds had to have them, but not anymore.. (I think around mid 70's in Holland mopeds didn't have to have pedals any more plus nowadays most collectors import these from Italy where they didn't have to have pedals and these babies are now road legal this way.)
  13. Klaas

    mopeds and other two wheeled slow fun

    Yes, it is. Italian 49cc from the sixties!
  14. Klaas

    mopeds and other two wheeled slow fun

    I got exactly somthing like this: I don't ride it anymore. It's stored for now.
  15. Klaas

    Digital SLRs?

    Going to buy a D80 No kit lense is what I want Something better is what I prefer