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  1. Found some interesting denim, searched the forum but it seems that this brand isn't discussed yet. I translated the text from Japanese: Worldwide the area of production of the famous denim, city Kojima Kurashiki. Making “the skill of tradition†and “up-to-date technology fuse†in town of the denim which is history, the fact that it continues to make the denim and the indigo product whose originality is high truly is, this indigo cloth house ([ranpuya])! The original jeans 'Momotarou denim' of such an indigo cloth house arrived!! Using the thread where four differs to the warp. Continuing to wear, in order inside the [ru], for the respective [atari] impression to arise in the respective thread, using the denim of the prejudice which is woven! The silhouette somewhat is thick wide straight of the [me]. As for [serubitsuchi] red. The stitch is sewn with 2 colors of gold and red brown. As for leather patch and flasher, as in name the letter of Momotarou and JAPAN BLUE. The patch 4 points are struck with the rivet and in the very unusual type where is received the shank. It is these jeans already to be washed, but how lastly the mineral can be soaked is probably will put out fully, through the Setouchi seawater is!! Until now, it is the idea which is not don't you think??!! The original jeans which the denim cloth house which represents Japan makes. Saying, that Kojima was stuffed that way, the idea which is the extent saw which is not overstatement being plugged extremely, it increases!! The [ho] and others, it does not become the just a little air? Does anyone know more about these jeans? Like fit etc.
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