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  1. Okay, so I just got a pair of the cheap Levi's 501 STFs and wasnt completely sure what the first step is that i should take with them. So i fugured id consult the forum using the search tool. HOWEVER, the information on these jeans, although partially available, is completely scattered throughout the forum in a bunch of different threads resulting in new 501 Shrink To Fit threads all the time. So i figured it may help to gather the links to all of the existing threads out there and provide a definative thread for all new questions and specific problems or concerns regarding the 501 STFs. If you know of any threads that i missed or forgot to post please post them . Thanks! For all new questions or inquiries please read through the posted threads first as they may answer your question for you. Cheers! "ONE WASH : Warm water vs Cold water" - kapay - Great Thread http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=7203 "raw 501xx STF" - bookem http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=11606 "levi's question." - jasonm http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=12384 "Quality differences among new Levi's 501 STFs" - walletboy http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=11422 "Levis Shrink To Fit" - sneakeraddict http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=10690 "Washing my STF today" - SoloC http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=11001 "Levis 517 STF...where to cop?" - NoNutHuggers http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=11013 "Help Buying STF:" - superfriend http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=9180 "Levis 501 STF, denim quality?" - tanner68 http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=8532 "1 MONTH PICTURES OF LEVIS 501xx STF" - CHUNGY http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=7282 "YES, I SERCHED - 501 STF vs 501PreShrunk" - i skate nikes http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=7855 "Newbie Question: what is STF's mean" - brio619 http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=7452 "Levis 501 or 501 STF?" - AtlDunkMan http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=6858 "STF at almost one month: pics" - justbrowsing http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=12444 Hope this helps with some of the confusion. EASY!