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  1. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    (Sorry in advance for the novel) Last week Chicago and the world lost an icon and a beautiful soul. Jojo Baby, one of Chicago's original club kids, drag queen, Doll maker, host with the most, fashionista, costume maker, actor, den mom, occasional muse to Nick Cave and Clive Barker, hairstylist to Bull's era Dennis Rodman, was a living and breathing work of art and also one of the kindest and sweetest humans I have ever known. Last night my brewery hosted a LGBQTA+ storytelling event and I did my best to honor my friend by channeling Brando via Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising (with a dash of Westwood and Jim Henson). I think Jojo would approve. I highly encourage anyone to check out the documentary that Clive Barker produced about them: JOJO BABY (or just Google Jojo's work.) Wool Greek Fishermans cap Kate's pearls UNIF fuzzy cardigan ( The obvious jacket would have been my leather but I wanted to soften the look up a little bit) Homemade JOJO BABY tee Vintage belt 501 STF (first soak in 2009, in and out of rotation since) Vintage cowboy boots Below: Jojo Baby as a human float in the 2013 Chicago Pride Parade. And in their full glory: Godspeed my friend. (black heart emoji)
  2. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    And the day after Iggy Pop. My ears are still ringing but I'm not mad. Great show. We should all be so lucky to rock out at 75 years young. Vintage shrunken vest Iggy Pop tour tee Vintage brass buckle and belt Levi's 501 STF Same old boots IGGY at the Salt Shed, Chicago, March 10, 2023
  3. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Great fit on the jacket and those '33s are PERFECT @crownzip
  4. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Dingy vintage knit cap Vintage Wool sweater Iggy Pop tee (last wearing ever) Vintage "WOLFMAN" brand jeans. Keith Haring socks Vintage Nettleton steel toe wingtips Rings n tings "WOLFMAN" Jeans. Budget fashion brand from the 70s and 80s. Nice lighter denim, very high rise (16 inches!) and wide leg (9 inch hem). The tee shirt was sacrificed and pinned to my destroyed leather for tonight's IGGY POP concert. Also had some fun shaving my beard off all week.
  5. LEVI'S 501 STF Indigo x Hot pink Soaked and worn till dry, then tailored to a slight taper, my first wear was May 5th 2021. Probably worn 2 to 4 times a week on average. The Indigo warp is fading to a bright baby blue which is contrasting gorgeously with the ever softening pink weft.
  6. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Posing for my brewery's social media again, choking on a Beer-mosa. Vintage vest Pretty Snake "Freak of Nature" shirt Vintage Belt LEVIS 501 r&b boots
  7. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Modeling my brewery's new member tee. Vintage Barlesoni Homburg Vintage velvet blazer Skullmuggery Tee (alt: Sun City Rags Bat Cave Tee) Vintage adjustable waist trousers Made in U.S. A. Boots (can no longer make out the maker)
  8. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2023 [Denim Edition]

    Happy New Year everyone! (Repost)
  9. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

  10. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    I did not wear any of this today but I had to pay my respects. To say that she was an influence would be a massive understatement. Godspeed Dame Vivenne Westwood.
  11. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Been a minute Same Old hat Old leather New Old Sweater Old 517 orange tabs Old boots
  12. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Same old
  13. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    SKB 7th Evil Ex raglan Vintage belt Tom Ford Same old boots *Beer can art by Matt Pennetti
  14. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    The sunlight looks killer on that [email protected]_206
  15. cultpop 0217

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    As some of you may recall, the brewery I manage was mostly destroyed by a F3 tornado last year on Father's Day 2021. A few weeks ago we finally reopened. It took nearly a year but we finally made it happen. I've included some pics from before and after the storm, as well as from our Grand re-opening weekend last month and finally, a few shots from Father's Day 2022, exactly one year later. Thanks for looking. Grand Reopening May of last year, just before the storm. The aftermath And Fathers Day 2022 at the VOLO Auto museum.
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