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  1. would have joined but just bought some DSB 1000XX from S&S...
  2. wmb


    soaked the 1000XX DSB's. I really like this '46 fit -- not too extreme with the rise or fullness. It is really well done. I have a couple of pairs of Duck Diggers, which I think are in the banner denim, a 47 and 50's pair with a zipper. The 1000XX seem of a much higher quality all around. Thank you @fooleo for the helpful post
  3. wmb


    I picked up a pair of 1000XX Dead Stock -- can someone explain the difference between these and the 1001XX? they are both 40's repros I believe.
  4. wmb

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Ive been wearing my OA02's lately. Love the buttery soft pocket bags on these jeans. After wearing some other brands for a bit, I am really appreciating OOE's and the last iteration of Roys, the RT. They are different
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