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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Do superfuture ppl got super discount? I just wanna try hehee

yeah, there's no Superfuture discount.. yet..

but there will be discounts for all at the Superfuture party on January 6..

not sure on what or how heavy though.

come in this weekend though if you're around..


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damn, I have a meeting at 2 so can't make it today, well, Kiya wanted us to stop by Thursday anyway... I might stop by this weekend, and def will be there for the party on the 18th...

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Just got back from the store (2 hour lunch:)). Kiya and the other employee were really nice and knew their stuff. I liked how they had one of each style jean on display so you don't have to sift through every size of each style. Once you find the cut you want you ask them for a size and they find it out of a cabinet. I also thought the rebar staircase was pretty cool. I'm not very good at giving complete reviews of places so I'll leave that to other people.

I could list all the jean styles (and prices) that I saw but I'm not sure if Kiya wants that info out so I'll let him do that. I also just checked their website and it has changed into a "real" website instead of just the one screen front page. I noticed that they will be having an online store in late November. I figured that would be coming.

Good job Kiya. Everyone should check the place out if you get a chance. I'll probably be back in this weekend or before when I'm by myself and can check it out more thoroughly.

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Yo big ups to the Self Edge Crew (kiya, jan and i don tknow the name of the young lady haha) Nice meeting you guys

Alot of samurais,canes, nudie, and Iron Heart..Great selections... I was going to come back for a piar of the 21 oz Iron Heart but i didnt have enough money after a stop at stussy....i will be there friday though...







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they're 21 oz iron heart...im fucken in love with the fit

Dude, I tried on the straight leg black ones... I seriously need those in my life...

Fuckin Kiya insisted in a pair of SCs...

Sized down and took 20 mins to finally button alllllllllll the way up...

Thanks for everyone stopping by, it was a real good first day. Met a lot of cool dudes and a hard pinching samsikle.

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met kiya & stuntastic. really great guys. shop is laid back. really liked the vintage furniture! felt like i was in an antique shop w/ lots of goodies! i didn't get anything, but got my girl some samurai geisha GA0510LXX. gonna surprise her on friday. the prices are fair. at least she would be able to excahnge if they didn't fit. great customer service! i didn't even get a chance to go upstairs. only had 30 minutes for lunch & i also had to go home & soak for the contest. wat a day!





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that was one tiring day.

but worth it...

it was nice seeing some superfuture heads in person for the first time.

the party on January 6 is going to be a real trip.

remember, bring nametags. haha..

i'll be at the store all day thursday, friday, and saturday.. and dropping in and out after then on.

i know a couple of people have asked about our prices.

our prices are the same or lower than retail for almost every designer we carry with the exception of one or two which is the same as everywhere else..

so in short, our prices are good and fair. you'll like them.


it's Sugarcane heaven in here right now... the Canes we got look amazing..

from the 1947, 1966, okinawa, hawaii, rodeoman, and more on the way they really are doing denim right. classic, built tough, great indigo treatment..

ok, enough denim, time to actually sleep for a second.

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