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  1. lets talk watches

    My Moeris pocketwatch from the 1910s. The lugs were soldered on at somepoint. I like to think it was for combat during WW1! I still need to make it a silk satin or grosgrain ribbon strap, as my natos are starting to smell! I have to get it reparied first though, I think I accidentally stripped the wind clutch and pinion. :-( Was ticking nice and loud before though! Bonus pic under the dust cover:
  2. lets talk watches

    Nice Elgin! How much did it cost to have it restored?
  3. Shopping Hobbits!

    Thank you guys! rep for all!
  4. Shopping Hobbits!

    Thanks, friend! Very informative! +Rep!
  5. Shopping Hobbits!

    Im taking a sustainable fashion design class right now and we need to survey some people for their shopping habits. I figured this is the closest sample group to my team's customer, and was hoping you could help us out by answering a few quick questions as follows!: HABITS 1. How long do you keep your clothing? 2. How do you dispose of them? 3. How often do you go shopping, and how many items do you buy on an average trip? 4. Do you buy 2nd hand clothing (supermarket and ebay counts, not just goodwill)? 5. What influences you to buy? PRODUCTS 1. Do you actually read and follow the care labels on your clothing? 2. Do you care where in the world its produced? 3. Have you bought any "green"/"eco"/"sustainable" brands? 4. What is your favorite brand, and what attracts you to their products? 5. How do you feel about multi-functional/ reversible/ convertible clothing? Thanks in advance! And if youre interested in why we are doing this, its because we need to come up with a sustainable brand and figure out how to market it in a desirable way to fashionable people (as opposed to selling say: hemp headbands to hippies).
  6. Waxing Denim Project (long, pics)

    How about Paraffin Wax? From my understanding its what Barbour recommends to reproof their jackets, but do they use it to impregnate their cottons in the first place, or do they use something else? Is there a big difference between bees and paraffin wax?
  7. Number (N)ine Ceasing to Be

    http://www.hintmag.com/blog/2009/02/rip-number-nine.html What do you guys think? I just talked with the guy at the Archive and he said they were having trouble for the past 2 years because they became unwearable and therefore unsellable. PS. Does anyone have any history on the brand, or know where I can find all of their past collections? Style.com only goes to 2005 and it doesnt seem to be the best documented brand out there.
  8. Maison Martin Margiela

    Heres a quick thought: As you all may know, he has had this mysterious anonymity surrounding him since he began designing. Well, what if he passed on the torch, sold out, whatever, and isnt the designer anymore at all, but only associated with the brand as a founder or even less? This could explain the whole "decline" in quality and creativity. Then again, it was just a quick theory. I dont want the guy with the friend who works there to be all angry with me too!
  9. Julius fw09

    The models all have foreheads like a fishmonger's cat!
  10. what are you watching today?

    Hmmm... So if I say its worth watching, and you dont like it, youll think less of me, everyone else, and the makers of the movie, regardless of the fact you are unable to understand why people seem to like it.... But if I tell you its not that great of a movie, you will trust me unconditionally and wont watch it so as not to be disappointed, thereby making me seem like a great critic and all around master of your universe and youll never find out that I never saw the movie... hmmm... Im not gonna risk it. Movie hella sux.
  11. what are you watching today?

    oops, Deathwish 3 just started. Looks like my Sat night is booked. Sufu and Charles Bronson... i feel cooler already... {>.<}
  12. i hear this is where legends are made

    I had a hotdog today. It was cooked on the grill and had handmade buns. I used some ketchup, mustard, and onions as condiments and enjoyed it with a nice pint of old speckled hen.
  13. what are you watching today?

    ^what was it? Deathwish 1 and 2 for me on AMC. Gotta love Charles Bronson.
  14. super sewing machines

    So I recently finished my first semester in Fashion Design, and realized that my pewter blue Kenmore mini wont cut it for the type of sewing I want to do (heavy denim, leather, melton wool, etc), and a Juki DDL8700 (what I use in school) is waaaay out of my budget. So I beseech of you, my superbrothers to pass on your knowledge, experience, and favorite photos of your sewing machine of choice. To get the ball rolling, heres yours truly, hard at work in class: And my weak little bitch (with fullsize 500spm motor! wooo):