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Advanced discussion for global shopping experts

Here's some screenshots to remind everyone what the previous clunky retro-tech versions that got us to this point looked like. 
We are now on version supertalk 7.
01 2019




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for global shopping experts. hot brands, new labels, fancy designers, nifty products, supersales, general gossip and crucial intelligence. WAYWT, what are you wearing today, recent purchases, yes or no, this or that. yep. decisions decisions.


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denim addicts. denim experts. denim culture. 


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progressive and assorted creative culture. art, design, architecture, music, photography, cinema, television, video, graphics, graffiti, advanced typography, textiles, knitting, crochet, macrame, pottery, jewelry, tattoos, literature, and a detailed inventory of what you are carrying in your pocket.


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collections, paris, milan, london, new york, tokyo. fashion week, superbrands, superstylists, supermodels, superbloggers, hair and makeup. eau de cologne, tranny runway, backstage bitchfests, fashion victims, karl, plastic surgery. ad campaigns, magazines, vacuous waffle, lifestyles of the permatanned and fabulous.



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traveling? exotic vacation? need the lowdown from local sufu residents? best hotels, worst airports, good shopping zones, spectacular shops, sharp galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs, events. travel tips and horror stories from tokyo to tashkent. superjetset was the first discussion board on supertalk back in 2003, relating to the travel editorial sections of superfuture. superjetset is a public forum and content is not the opinion nor advice of superfuture. for our city guides maps and concierge services, please visit the main superfuture site.


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supernerds of the superfuture. chips and ram. bots and drones. ai and genetically modified cornflakes.  


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let every other global shopping expert on the planet know about your upcoming event, party, art exhibition, hip hop performance, catwalk appearance, x-factor audition, karaoke night, orgy, job vacancy or garage sale. superpublic listings from bogota to vladivostok.


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meetups, supermates and superdates. chowdowns to hookups. arranged marriages, apartment shares, personal etiquette, personal hygiene, personals. health, medical conditions, hypochondria, divorce, the zodiac, births, funerals and obituaries. straight, gay, warped. weird.


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relay to the world your top 10 list of anything. top cities, top shops, top designers, top airline meals, top door handles, toilets, toasters, porn stars, vacuum cleaners.


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junk threads and rants of the superbored. next level shit, awesome gifs and sickeningly cute things. philosophy. the universe. black holes. enter and post at your own risk. be aware that any threads or posts with malicious content in the form of homophobic, racist, religious or sexist comments will not be tolerated.


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supermarket 2003 – 2017 is closed for posting
You can post items for sale on classifieds
supermarket archives remain open for viewing


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announcements, suggestions, complaints, rules, riots, random questions, wish lists, whinging and whining.

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    • WTS:

      P33-DS Small 9/10 Full Pack 

      $1150 + fees shipped

    • ^ I think that is a bit of an over-simplification and exaggeration. Some pickers still may operate that way, but for every "once in a lifetime" ($2.00 type-1 at an estate sale) finds, there are an exponential number of busts and dead-ends even for the most experienced. I do agree with you for the most part about a certain few being the assholes who dig through peoples barns/ dilapidated-looking houses without permission and taking anything they find, which is stealing. If you don't have permission to be there, you shouldn't be taking anything either which seems like common sense... Primarily seems concentrated in an new generation who saw hype on social media about inflated rap-tee & after-hood sweatshirt prices and fancy themselves as pickers but don't know or care to learn anything about etiquette, whether at the bins or other approaches
    • Different shade of lot.64 with many washing machine cycle and wares  
    • Hat masstard phigvel phigvel 301 phigvel wesco
  • Jacquemus
    Blue 'Le Carré' Wallet
    $US 107


  • Benzak Denim Developers
    European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam

    Companion Denim
    Handcrafted denim from Barcelona

    Dawson Denim
    British made selvedge workwear from Hove

    Legendary Japanese denim brand

    Native American-owned denim line

    Japanese denim and streetwear from Tokyo

    Iron Heart
    Heavy duty denim

    Japanese denim

    Lone Flag
    Modern denim and menswear born in southern CA

  • Knickerbocker 
    Atlas Cedar Soy Wax Candle
    $US 78

    Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 12.20.15 PM.png