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favorite video game of ALL time


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mine would have to be the whole sonic the hedgehog series

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I got a few...

Shenmue, God Hand, Streets of Rage 2 and 3, Unreal Tournament and Painkiller.

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super dodge ball

jet set radio

i must admit i LOVE LOVE LOVE jet set radio future and jet grind radio

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Final Fantasy 7 was seriously the most ridiculously amazing game I've ever even heard of. There was SO much storyline that was incredible, not to mention thousands of miniquests and games. It was such a deep deep game, so much thought must have been put in, the detail was OUT OF CONTROL.

Metal Gear Solid was incredible too. I'm a sucker for a really good story, and I thought MGS had a realllly well done plotline. I was really bad at that game, in fact I've never played all the way through it alone. When I played MGS2 though i was SHOCKED at how beautifully done that game was as well. I went through the whole game one memorial day off of school, played through it in one sitting, I recall it taking me somewhere between 13-15 hours. The story for that game was AMAZING. Haven't had time to play video games since then, I've always wanted to try MGS3....

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FF7 is definitely the game that blew me away the most.

grew up playing punch out (mike tyson was so fucking hard to beat), super mario, zelda, street fighter 2, mortal combat, blades of steel,

Gran Turismo is definitely the game i played the most,

fifa and recently winning eleven have taken so much of my time.

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I can't favor any genre over another so these are my favs by genre:

RPG: Final Fantasy VII

This was the first rpg I ever played. It basically ruined all other rpgs for me. It set the standard VERY high. Storyline, gameplay, graphics (at that time) all amazing. The characters were so damn cool to me when I first saw them. Very few rpgs compare to this.

Fighting: the Guilty Gear Series

This game plays extremely well. Very intuitive, the characters are well designed, it's balanced and it promotes innovation. Crazy combos in this game, and it doesnt look ridiculously repetitive and lame like in Marvel vs Capcom.

Platformer: Sonic

I love Sonic, this game is Mario but on Speed (haha, I made a funny). Loop de loops, anti gravity, cool power-ups. Although the game is simple and straight foward, it's still very engaging (the Genesis games especially).

Action: Megaman series

Megaman 8, Rockman and Forte, these games are just fun, plain and simple. The Megaman Zero series is challenging, not because its intrinsicly difficult, but trying to get perfect 100s in all missions (include those wicked boss marathon levels) is additive and satisfying.

Jet Set Radio.

I can't give this game a category. But can say this, it may be my favorite. This game was really an original IMO. this game has serious potential, if Sega decides to pick it up again. The music is incredible (in the Dreamcast version), the characters are cool and memorable. I can't say enough about this one.

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