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    my name is kyle.im 16 years old and i currently go to a school filled with fakers and close minded p
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    shirley,new york
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    skateboreding,fashion,art,music,photography,new york city,eating,and just living life to the fullest
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    i design for S.C.A.M but i am also a student

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  1. kyle*

    What'd you do last night?...

    i was up al night playing video games on cartoonnetwork.com
  2. kyle*

    favorite type of food

    i like spanish and italian food
  3. kyle*

    favorite video game of ALL time

    i must admit i LOVE LOVE LOVE jet set radio future and jet grind radio
  4. mine would have to be the whole sonic the hedgehog series
  5. kyle*

    I just cant live without.....

    my ipod and my loving friends
  6. i think jeffery is going to win
  7. kyle*

    Hi im new

    here is my mypace nice to meet you all http://www.myspace.com/lilskateboardinahoodnearu