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  1. WTS: J57TS-SS XS worn but no wear aside from some trace pilling, full pack $275 net https://imgur.com/a/Om8Jfbw
  2. WTS: BNWT P24A-KI XS $1550 (what I paid) https://imgur.com/a/DwqOrpp Open to trades for P44-DS XS Black plus cash
  3. love your reviews
  4. WTS: J57TS-SS Small 8.5/10 worn but basically in perfect condition, very trace pilling on the sleeves. Full pack $450 net Pics: https://imgur.com/a/Om8Jfbw
  5. WTB: S24-DS XS J97-M Black XS
  6. P31 still available. Will take reasonable offers. Also WTB J97-M XS black
  7. WTS: - P31-DS small, 9/10 perfect apart from size tag peeling off, full pack $350 net https://imgur.com/a/DgwbW5k - LA6-DS small 8.5/10 (pilling is from tag rubbing against fabric), don't have original pack but will send with LA7 pack with tags/extra button SOLD https://imgur.com/a/jVRqvNW - J48-SS small, original version, 8/10, no bag/sheet/sling SOLD https://imgur.com/a/dbUeu3c Message me on discord for faster replies: kobebean24
  8. WTS: P27H-DS small 9/10, barely worn, no flaws I can find Full pack SOLD
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