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  1. Kasper

    Urban Techwear

    I go fairly often to the Toronto Haven store. I also really like their buy and especially how they style their website, but the SAs are definitely not friendly. Still can't figure out whether it's pretentiousness or that they just decided letting customer browse in peace was best for business. If it's the latter I really appreciate that, but I really think a bit of acknowledgement when you walk in wearing all the right things would go a long way toward creating warmer feelings toward the store from my POV. I kind of like their in-house brand, but not unlike most of what they carry, it's a bit expensive for what it is. I know the CDN retail environment is not competitive, but the markup on some of the brands (especially the Japanese brands) is a bit much, especially since it's so easy to compare prices online. Anyway, being home for 5 months and only wearing sweats is making me reconsider the amount I spend on clothes...
  2. Kasper

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    What Sweatpants are you Wearing Today!!
  3. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    these look very different from the product shot, more organic. can't wait to see them in person. thanks!
  4. Kasper

    Urban Techwear

    Anyone owns or has properly handled Vollebak gear? I'm interested in the 100 years range, especially the jacket, but wondering how its constructed / feels vs. Gore-Tex. The pants are also interesting, but I think they went a bit overboard with the design and there is a bit too much for me, wish they had a cleaner version without the leg vent and a normal seat (and even without the cargo pocket).
  5. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    FYI, for those of you in the Toronto area, somehow ended up that Premium Outlets yesterday and there was a ton of Veilance gear at the Arc' Teryx outlet.
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