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  1. Acronym.

    Sorry, I know this wasn't directed to me, but very surprised you got an invoice from UPS. Where are you located? My understanding from having quite a few issues with them and spending a lot of time with customer service is that they won't deliver anything unless duties have been prepaid on the phone / online or someone gives them a check when they drop off the package. Fedex does invoicing post delivery 100% of the time though.
  2. Urban Techwear

    I don't know THB. Herno keeps on mostly releasing the same pieces year that were originally designed by Errolson (the 3-1 parka & jacket haven't changed in at least 4 years) but there's no mention of his involvement on the Herno website (it actually says Laminar is a collabo between Herno and Gore). A quick Google search seem to indicate that the last mention of Errolson is a tweet from him talking about SS13 and nothing since so I think it's a good assumption to assume he is not involved anymore, but that some of his designs live on.
  3. Urban Techwear

    I think 48 would be about right. The Laminar outerwear is cut ridiculously tight in the shoulder so most people have to size up because of that. I am a 48/50 but consistently wear M in veilance and ACR and my Laminar 3-1 parka is a 52. I could sorta fit in the 50, but the shoulders were super tight and I wouldn’t have been able to wear any substantial layer underneath. FYI I don’t really have broad shoulder so I think it’s an issue for everyone. It is by far my favourite jacket btw, really underrated IMO as you get the E’s design as well as Herno’s quality at a very attractive price point
  4. canada :: vancouver :: general

    Haven, Roden Gray, Feuille and \017 are also worth mentioning
  5. The Great Outdoors

    In the summer (or late spring / early fall), you'd be fine, but winter is extremely wet so trails will be beyond muddy and you'll hit some snow if you do any serious hikes so I would think you'd do a lot better with proper waterproofed boots.
  6. Acronym.

    On ACR specifically, there usually is a bit of a discount (EU price ex VAT vs. US price) on the headline price and then you save the sales tax, but most ACR products tend to be $800+ so you end up dealing with duties. Obviously some drops are ACRNM.com only. For pretty much every thing else though, it's pretty much always cheaper as an American to buy from EU based retailers. Products are typically priced in EUR (incl. VAT) at the same level as they are in the US (pre-tax). VAT is around 20% and US sales tax are around 7-8%. And the USD is super strong at the moment (particularly vs. the pound. So as long as you buy items that are priced below $800, you can expect savings in the range of 30-40% on a full price item from a EU based store vs. buying locally. This dynamic is part of the reason why European online stores have benefited from much stronger growth and are the dominant players right now (in the luxury sector).
  7. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    It's kinda weird to design a boot that looks this rugged and not being able to handle the conditions it looks like it's designed for.
  8. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Adidas X White Mountaineering. Really interested by these, although I am a bit skeptical of of the ability of primeknit to properly insulate / protect against cold, snow & rain. Anyone has handled these?
  9. Acronym.

    Got an iPhone X last Friday and can happily report that it still fits into the cell phone pocket on ACR pants. However, because it is taller than the previous "regular" iPhones, the top of the phone does come pretty close to the top and as a result, it pushes open the outer fabric at the top, making the opening and therefore the pocket more noticeable. Wish the pocket was a half inch deeper, but otherwise happy that it still fits.
  10. arcteryx veilance

    2 of my good friends (both IP lawyers) worked in LVMH legal department so we talked about this quite a bit. Essentially, the common thinking is the best way to combat counterfeiting is to focus effort on the selling channels (ie. eBay, Taobao, etc) rather than on the the counterfeiters themselves. As long as China continues to turn a blind eye to massive IP fraud and counterfeiting, you have to assume that fakes will be produced one way or another so it's a lot more effective trying to prevent these fakes being imported / sold. So LVMH has an army of (mostly intern) lawyers combing the web and taking down listing of fakes, getting fakes sellers banned, etc. It's time consuming and not terribly efficient, but it's the best that can be done in today's environment. It's not like no one knows the trade offs of producing in China; you'll get thing done much more efficiently and cheaply, but at the serious risk of losing your IP / manufacturing expertise, trade secrets, etc. Now that Arc'Teryx has moved a lot of production to China, it's unfortunately inevitable that fakes are starting to appear.
  11. arcteryx veilance

    I picked one up as well from the factory store earlier this summer and the SA told me the same thing (ie. the were samples of something that never got made). To be honest, I'm not sure why they pulled the plug, it has become one of my favorite shirt and is really awesome
  12. Techwear sale-steals

    It's very good for the price point. That being said, isaora outerwear is 50-70% cheaper than say veilance or ACR so obviously the quality won't be anywhere close. Honestly, I think Isaora make sense for someone on a budget or getting into tech wear, but personally, the difference in quality is too big to what I am used to so I'd rather save and buy pieces I love
  13. Acronym.

    I really like seeing E cancelling bot orders and it looks like taking steps to prevent re sellers from making a quick buck. I'll admit that there wasn't really anything I really wanted this drop, not to mention that I find the price hike to be a little hard to swallow, but I think small steps like these goes a long way of maintaining brand loyalty. It's also clear that prices are still below what the market will pay so it's hard to me to really get angry at E for being successful.
  14. Urban Techwear

    I really like this Civilized blazer, been thinking about buying it for work so get it first and tell me how it is
  15. Urban Techwear

    I've actually decided to "upgrade" my underwear over the last year so I have embarked on a quest to find the best one. Here's my thoughts: Zimmerli: quite frankly a step above everything, price included. not sure that you can justify paying $80+ for a pair of boxer though, regardless of how awesome they are Icebreaker merino: as mentioned above, they are awesome. also fairly easy to grab on sale. I hate branding on the elastic band so that annoys me. Sunspel: 100% cotton is what feels the most comfortable to me (all down to preference of course). the drawback of 100% cotton is that the trunks tend to stretch a fair bit, creating an unflattering, granpa look due to the band at the bottom not stretching as much and the trunk "bunching". Of course not an issue with their stretch cotton, but offerings are limited Rapha (essential & merino): really awesome and probably the best designed. on the pricey side and perhaps a little longer than I normally prefer though Paul Smith: Got some as a gift and wasn't expecting much, but I've come to really appreciate them. 100% cotton with a stretch and very comfy.