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  1. Kasper


    Noticed the same thing with my P10-S and I think it's because Stotz is weaved so tight that even when it stops completely repealing, it doesn't let much water through and doesn't absorb much water so even it you get soaked for a long time, the pants dry pretty quickly and don't feel so uncomfortable while wet. That being said, you wear pants next so skin so it's one thing to get slightly wet thighs, it's another to get your whole upper body and inner layer wet so I really don't think I would wear a Stotz jacket in the rain like I would with a regular shell, I just don't think it would be comfortable.
  2. Kasper


    I was only responding to a post from drgitlin that made clear that: He is a progressive and Everyone that doesn't agree with his progressive worldview is an idiot racist nazi scum Frankly, you can have a discussion about the manufacturing of garments without this crap. I really don't think loudly proclaiming you're part of the #resistance (or that you're all about MAGA) is going to bring any benefits to this conversation, it's just obnoxious.
  3. Kasper


    About you FOH with your virtue signalling. There's a reason SuFu is a politics free space and it's worked pretty well so far.
  4. Kasper

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    the jacket is 399GBP, new with tag and the seller has multiple sizes. the listing is SCREAMING fake. anyone who is stupid enough to purchase that jacket thinking it's real frankly deserves to be separated from their money. While I definitely don't condone fakes, it's one thing to try to pass some fake as the real thing (including selling at ACR price), it's another when it's painfully obvious you're not getting the real thing.
  5. Kasper


    https://www.511tactical.com/operator-belt-1-34-wide.html Buckle is stainless steel though
  6. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    Also have one in peat from FW17, definitely one of my favorite sweater. The merino / nylon blend is very durable, I've used mine quite a bit, gone hiking quite a few times with backpack and stuff and there's zero pilling. It's really warm though and depending on your personal preference, it might be a bit much to wear indoor in place where the temperature is on the high side (although this season's version seemed much thiner when I handled it in store, but I didn't wear to compare so others might opine).
  7. Kasper

    Urban Techwear

    I really like what civilized puts out, but the clothes are really only designed for short dudes. I'm 183cm / 6' and easily fit a size 3, sometimes even a 2, but most of the tops look cropped on me and the pants inseam is always way too short so I have never been able to get anything.
  8. Thanks, but was thinking of something more along those lines (although I don't know that I need to get something so well made)
  9. Any recommendations for a lightweight reusable shopping bag? Ideally something that's foldable as I tend not to carry a bag around. It's time I stop paying for bags every time I shop for groceries
  10. Kasper

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    If you pass through Rome, there's an outlet by the airport and they had quite a bit of stuff so def worth a visit.
  11. Kasper

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I was in Italy exactly a year ago and they already had the full collection in store even though it wasn't online yet.
  12. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    As bouncingsould said, warmth is very personal and although I tend to run cold, my experience is similar in that I don't think I really need more than a t-shirt underneath unless the weather is the mid/low 20s. Even with the jacket unzipped, it gets too hot in the high 30s / low 40s. If I go indoor / take the subway, I have no more than 10-15 min before I start to seriously sweat. I live in Canada and the comfort level when it's 20 below is absolutely amazing though. Anyway, all of that to say that the Monitor Down is an awesome cold weather jacket that can definitely fill a space in your winter outerwear rotation, but I am not sure that it's the best everyday jacket.
  13. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    It depend how much your layer and how active you are, but it's a very, very warm coat. Personally, I think it would be a bit overkill for DC weather and I would suggest you get the regular Monitor and perhaps a down vest / coat to wear under when it's really cold as I don't think you would need the down every day.