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  1. Kasper

    Urban Techwear

    Anyone owns or has properly handled Vollebak gear? I'm interested in the 100 years range, especially the jacket, but wondering how its constructed / feels vs. Gore-Tex. The pants are also interesting, but I think they went a bit overboard with the design and there is a bit too much for me, wish they had a cleaner version without the leg vent and a normal seat (and even without the cargo pocket).
  2. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    FYI, for those of you in the Toronto area, somehow ended up that Premium Outlets yesterday and there was a ton of Veilance gear at the Arc' Teryx outlet.
  3. Kasper

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Is that it ? Can I sleep over
  4. Kasper


    I got bleach on my p10 about 2 years ago. Got in touch with Stotz and they said regular dye wouldn't work as it won't stick (don't remember the exact technical reason). People here suggested India ink and it has worked wonders. Obviously, I used it to dye a small patch so I don't know how practical it would be to use to dye an entire piece.
  5. Kasper

    arcteryx veilance

    Some very cool jackets. I really wish they did the Naiver AR coat in clay!!! A bit disappointed with the new sweater, can't say I'm in love with the wool fleece. Was hoping for the old Graph with the shoulder patch to make a comeback...
  6. Kasper


    Noticed the same thing with my P10-S and I think it's because Stotz is weaved so tight that even when it stops completely repealing, it doesn't let much water through and doesn't absorb much water so even it you get soaked for a long time, the pants dry pretty quickly and don't feel so uncomfortable while wet. That being said, you wear pants next so skin so it's one thing to get slightly wet thighs, it's another to get your whole upper body and inner layer wet so I really don't think I would wear a Stotz jacket in the rain like I would with a regular shell, I just don't think it would be comfortable.
  7. Kasper


    I was only responding to a post from drgitlin that made clear that: He is a progressive and Everyone that doesn't agree with his progressive worldview is an idiot racist nazi scum Frankly, you can have a discussion about the manufacturing of garments without this crap. I really don't think loudly proclaiming you're part of the #resistance (or that you're all about MAGA) is going to bring any benefits to this conversation, it's just obnoxious.
  8. Kasper


    About you FOH with your virtue signalling. There's a reason SuFu is a politics free space and it's worked pretty well so far.
  9. Kasper

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    the jacket is 399GBP, new with tag and the seller has multiple sizes. the listing is SCREAMING fake. anyone who is stupid enough to purchase that jacket thinking it's real frankly deserves to be separated from their money. While I definitely don't condone fakes, it's one thing to try to pass some fake as the real thing (including selling at ACR price), it's another when it's painfully obvious you're not getting the real thing.