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  1. WTS Brand new, only tried on P24-S size Large $520 shipped to North America. Can ship locally for Canadian to avoid tax / duties.
  2. They are from FW17 (coming season), salesperson confirmed and the fabric has a much heavier weight than the SS17 Align. Maybe I could learn to love the back, don't know that I need the temptation though
  3. I saw some Align pants from FW18 in store last week and they have this great black / grey melange color (not sure it it the one in the pic though as it is pretty dark). Anyway, probably the coolest fabric I have seen from Veilance. Shame that I really can't get over the lack of visible back pocket on the Align otherwise, I would have copped 100%.
  4. Is Isaora wholeselling again? I thought they went direct-to-consumer a couple years ago (and there's no retailers list on their website).
  5. No, the Cargo LT are slightly wider and longer than the Apparat even though they look to be more of less the same from Veilance stock pics. The fabric is the same.
  6. Thanks, I ended up going and picked up some liminal pants and a black shirt, both pretty dope and about 40% off so very happy. they do have a pretty good selection, I was kinda surprised at the size of the veilance section (although it's mostly of less popular items and samples).
  7. Anyone's been to the factory store recently? I'm in Vancouver for 2 days so wondering if it's worth making the trek
  8. It may not be well known, but Acronym does leave the stitching off the bottom of the left pocket of very, very few jackets as a sort of golden ticket which grants you the right to a very special visit of the Acronym factory where you can check out the Oompa-Loompas making jackets, pants, etc. It's truly magical stuff.
  9. Dropped to $680
  10. WTS P24-S size Large $715 shipped to North America. Can ship locally for Canadian to avoir tax / duties. Got them yesterday, beyond awesome, but too baggy for my old self.... Comes with everything.
  11. $538
  12. Do not undestand why Bodega P24 were so much cheaper than anywhere else... Well they are sold out now...
  13. There's always discussion about cheap cobra belts, just saw these on massdrop so figured it might interest some. at $42, it's a pretty good deal on an unrelated topic, I want to get a new pair of home chill-out / sweat pants (ie. something that I only wear at home or to walk the dog / go to the corner store). I have a pair of baggy RO pants I got at a sample sale that I love, but apparently I've worn them out and I really need a new pair... ACG tech fleece pants from this season sell for a huge discount on ebay, but I am a bit worried about how comfortable they look more like a normal pant (cut, lack of elastic waistband) than a sweat pant. What's the consensus on those? Are they comfortable enough? Should I just pay more and get last year's? Any other recommendation?
  14. I don't disagree with what you guys are saying, but I feel that the way Grailed works (or the way people are using it) is a huge part of the problem. Having sold on few things on there, the amount of low balling that goes on is beyond frustrating so I think it forces people to list thing much higher than they are expecting to sell at just to drive away the lowballers. We all know the average transaction is done at a significant discount to the listed price. Ultimately, a bit more transparency on actual transacted prices would be a really nice addition. I know it's harder to do for clothes than for sneakers, but I really like what StockX has done, ultimately it helps goods trade at their fundamental value.
  15. Lol seriously??? Grailed is the worst...