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  1. 3a-1 is back up. be quick
  2. sold
  3. So with SS17 right around the corner, which retailers are the most cost-effective to cop from? From what I saw of FW16, Bureau Belfast and End had the best prices. I live outside of the US/UK/Europe
  4. Kinda bummed that the backpocket of my Voronois have ripped after just 3 months of semi-regular wear. I've filed a warranty/repair request with Veilance and I'm waiting for their reply. I'm located in Australia, however - anybody have any experience with getting Veilance stuff repaired/replaced outside of NA or Europe?
  5. j28-s? a rerelease of the GT?
  6. So there have been some conflicting opinions over how the DAF1s fit. Some have said size down 0.5-1, some have said TTS. Could anyone else who has a pair on hand weigh in? Thank you, much appreciated.
  7. Nice teaser shots of SS17 though
  8. Any good sock recommendations? Looking for something ultra-thin and breathable, and mid-calf. I'm thinking about trying out those Outlier socks, anyone have any experience with them? How thin are they?
  9. WTB: J43-K Black, Size M
  10. some of it up on Mr. Porter as well
  11. I've seen pictures of the p10-S you're talking about, and they looked trashed. I don't know if udbrud changed the pics before the sale but there were a couple of pictures under direct sunlight and they looked super faded, almost stone washed.
  12. ^ That's fuckin ridiculous. People are snapping these bags up for crazy prices. Just yesterday a 3A-1 sold for $1200, which is almost twice the retail. Who's paying??
  13. Damn! Thanks branespload. You always deliver. Any idea what pricing is gonna be like on the anorak?
  14. Go on..