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  1. P17-S XL: inseam 65cm, outseam 98cm
  2. Poncho is selling out in most places. They're not gonna make it to sale.
  3. i wouldnt count on the cargo pants, shoes, and poncho making it to sale. for everything else dropping i'd say it's possible
  4. Pretty sure Scchadenfreude is jmatsu
  5. NikeLab ACG Summer '17
  6. Check out @simonerl, @kellyviolence, and @scottmove on Instagram. Based on the artists you've listed it sounds like these three will be right up your alley. I don't think Phillip Yarnell is based in London anymore, you may have to travel to Essex county.
  7. I'm 5'10 155lbs and have the same issue. Usually find myself in between S and M for most brands. I prefer how a size S fits when I'm wearing just one layer underneath, but with a sweater it's slightly constricting. Size M fits me just right in the shoulders, but the length and 'boxiness' of an M is an issue for me, unless I wear thick layers. However, at your height and weight I'd say go with the M. If I was a couple inches taller and slightly heavier that's what I would do. On the other hand, I feel I'm firmly an S when it comes to ACR pants.
  8. Sure, let me know!
  9. WTT: J1A-GT Size M (worn <5 times) for J1TS-S Size M
  10. Sure, after you posted them all up on Grailed and realised no one's gonna pay crazy resell prices for Ls and XLs..
  11. For FW16, the first drop was mid-September and the second drop came early November. About a month and a half would be a good guess.
  12. Hoping this means we'll get to see some cool stuff for the 2nd SS17 delivery!
  13. Got my shipping notice too, I ordered P10TS and 3A-MZ3s in separate orders but got one shipping notice. This kinda concerns me because the order for the P10s alone is under the 1000AUD threshold, and I paid the 50 euro shipping fee twice. Does anybody know if Acronym's gonna ship my orders together?
  14. Picture on Haven's IG seems to indicate there will be more stuff coming..
  15. Get these to go with the p25s: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Chinese-Kung-Fu-Shoes-Man-Martial-Arts-Tai-Chi-Shaolin-Cloth-Shoes-Handmade-Beijing-Cloth-Shoes/32787860680.html