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  1. uboraan

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Nike White Label Gore-Tex Jacket | S8-DS | P15-S | Patagonia Atom
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    I'm a sucker for Ian's graphic design.
  3. uboraan

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Huge shoutout to one of the more OG guys here. The one and only Ztema. One of the most considerate and patient Sellers in this thread, he made sure our encounter was smoother than smooth peanut butter. Don't be afraid to do business with them.
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    Aight so in the spirit of trying to spark discussion and contribute to this thread imma just give my opinions on the pieces of this second drop (without having purchased anything): CP4-WS: I was really intrigued by the usage of the term cape when i showed my brother and he said it's a poncho so my awe of it wore off and while i still think it looks nice (6-7/10), I'd probably only buy it if it was bulletproof. J33-E: Really nice looking softshell (8-9/10), interested to hear people's thoughts on it once its in hand. Product shots on Ian make me want to pull the trigger but that being said i think it would look better on taller people. If there's enough decent feedback will definitely cop a small if there are still some in stock. J59-GT: I really liked the J59TS-CH but i think this should've been released in WS or even FO/PB instead of GT. In my opinion the form and fit would be better suited for materials that are natural (thought long about how to properly express what i was thinking but couldn't really so we'll just go with this). J68-WS: Wasn't interested at all until i looked through the product shots and with all the zips up becomes a strong 6.5-7/10. P31-DS: P10 & P15 had a baby and i still want it? Also is this an unusually low price for acronym or is it just me? I think it'd look better rolled up so imma wait for some fit pics before giving it a number. Keep in mind this is all my opinion and i just want to hear a little more thoughts about the products is all.
  6. uboraan


    I love seeing product shots where Lenny is doing something other than a staunch, for the J76 he seems to be yawning and i remember in one of the older products he was chuckling.
  7. uboraan

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB P10-S/DS/CH (Black) P24A-S (Black) P23A-S (Black/RAF) S8-DS (Black) All size small, full packs only please. TYVM in advance.
  8. uboraan


    While we on the topic of giving thoughts and opinions on pieces can i hear what you guys think about the P22's? I've yet to get my first ACR pants and aiming to get P10, P24A and P23A eventually there's a cheap pair of P22's on grailed rn and deciding whether to cop or not.