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  1. J118-WS is.. interesting. They upgraded the J25-WS with features from the J81, and then added bonus things to show off your spikes and wear your hood like a mask. I dunno, maybe someone wants to look like an Elden Ring character but IMO the J81 was a superior design as far as hem style and pocket layout. The thumb cuff thing is definitely more durable on the 25/118, but I also prefer the look/feel of the 81's version of it. I think it's also a lot easier folding the 81 into the little package with the zipper pouch design, but the 25's middle pocket approach does make it a sleeker blob when once it's all in there. I do like that they went back to putting the clips back on it cause I generally clip to the outside of my bag when I travel and never hang it from the sling unless it's actually unfurled into a jacket.
  2. Thoughts on the J117 - Fit TTS IMO. I sized down, but wish I had gone with my normal size. The jacket is fucking huge, but the hem is what sets the fit. It's tight on the bottom and roomy up top. This is a maternity wear item. I bought this hoping for something along the lines of a cozy S21 with a zipper, and a sling design that works well with a jacket on top. This turned out to be the opposite (I know the 'J' designation should have been a tip-off). It is an overshirt to say the least. I wear my size S over an M J50 and there's still plenty of room. In fact it actually fits better the more bulky you make the layers underneath. Design The weird split hem thing really emphasizes the maternity vibes. As a dude, I'm not anticipating the pregnancy that would really make this feature pop for me. I like the idea of a giant warm sweater, but IMO the gaudy reverse coil WR zippers really throw off the look. This jacket is clearly not intended for rainy days, why put that ugly shiny crap on what could have been something much more understated? Given that it is truly an outer layer, I would have preferred a traditional sling, and maybe a hidden pocket where the current one resides. I think it would fit the vibe of the jacket much better. This design just seems really ham-fisted and I'm not really sure what the thought process was. There was a lot of potential for a cool sweater (or weird jacket thing) and instead we get this overly bulky mess. Functionality While the material is warm and soft, ultimately it has absolutely no wind resistance. It's pretty cold and windy here, and I almost always layer some WS underneath. Unfortunately that means I don't really get that next to skin enjoyment of the fabric. Maybe it's the fact that I sized down, but the jacket seems to always ride up on me because the hem is so tight. This is further exacerbated by the bulky zipper(s) on the EX model that work to constantly bulge out the belly. This jacket seems to be designed for the sole purpose of making the wearer look fat. Undoing the bottom zipper a bit helps, but when combined with the split hem only serves to emphasize how fat you look - "you can't even do up your zipper!" The hem and double zip also make zipping up the jacket very annoying because it aligns on a weird angle rather than the straight line of a normal zipper. I am also not a fan of the alternative sling design. Like it slings, but it doesn't hold it as tight to your body as the old design. It's also more of a pain to deploy. Finally, the hood is just too big. It flops down over the eyes and needs constant adjustment. There's no cinch provided to pull in the excess material. Overall, it's wearable, but just disappointing given the potential of what it could have been. I will wear it occasionally, but I think in most cases I will stick to the more functional pieces of my wardrobe which require less effort, and offer better features. It'll spend most of its time parked in the odd duck section of the closet next to the CP4. Pictured below layered over a tee, hoodie, and J50-WS to bulk it out. The shemagh helps hide some of the ugly WR zipper.
  3. The clip on the bucket hats is meant to attach to a chord, it won’t stay clipped on the little tab on the shorts. It falls off if you move. It’s like trying to attach to the jacket sling mounts on a jacket. The shorts are pretty quick drying and you could probably swim in them. Most of the pockets are mesh but the raid pockets aren’t and don’t have drain holes. They also don’t have the mesh lining typical of swim trunks that keep your junk in place. With the short length and baggy silhouette it could get a bit scandalous. The pockets definitely get the sag because of the stretchy material, but I don’t find the material flimsy. I was able to stash 6 tall cans of beer plus my EDC in these bad boys for a quick trip to the park. Looks ridiculous but works in a pinch when you forgot your bag lol.
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