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    I also received the j68-ws earlier this week. Sharing my impressions: The closing options and convertible collar make this one almost feel like two Jackets in one. I like the storm flaps / collar up and top button closed look the most. I also love the asymmetric details when it is flat / fully closed . The shorter cut might not be for everyone, I think it looks "different" in a good way. The jacket also works with a lot of types of pants imo, I can wear it with almost every pant I own. I was sceptic about the dangling zips at first but after three short wears I have had no issues. Unfortuneatly the main zip does not feel smooth to me. The same zipper was used on the j62-pb and it always felt "off" to me, but I got used to it. Sizing: I chose to stick to the usual size M (181cm / 80 kg) and it fits perfectly with a t-shirt or sweater underneath. I can also layer a liner underneath (Mionn IS) but I dont feel like I should. It is definetly smaller than my other size M acr jackets, but I am not sure if I could get away with a size L and just a t-shirt underneath. I would not recommend sizing up. Generally I tend to pick my size exclusively by the half chest measurement on the mother site and it never failed me.