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  1. aru

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Updated P30A-DS S 10/10 brand new - 1060 Euro shipped EU wide (other locations add around 25 Euro)
  2. aru

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT/WTS I prefer trades +/- cash depending on items. All prices include shipping EU wide and all the goodies of course. J47TS-GT black M 9/10 J62-PB M 9/10 - 1100 Euro P27-DS M 8/10 small flaw at the stiching on the left handpocket - 1000 Euro P30A-DS S 10/10 brand new - 1150 Euro 3A-MK2 black 9.5/10 - 300 Euro Looking for J56-S M raf J61-GT M J28-K M olive or blue J58-WS M DAF1 white sole US8 or US8.5 LF1 white US8 or US8.5 NG4, NG7, NG9
  3. aru


    Looks like plumber-core is the natural progression for acg. Full lower body protection and kneepads, when you have to go deeper.
  4. aru


    They should release new products under a new random path each drop and add them to their home later... The page also wont get super clunky until the link is dropped as everybody has to refresh erlsns social media or do whatever scavenger hunt.
  5. aru


    The difference between the p25 and p27 when you lay them flattened out on top of each other is actually really small. the p25 is obviously a little longer (10-15 cm hip to cuff / 15-20 cm deeper crotch), apart from that the pants are identical. Despite this marginal length difference the pants look really different when worn. The p27 looks more suited for summer but you can easily wear them with tights underneath in colder conditions. Fits: - No skinny shirts, at least I look awkward with it. Boxy/oversized shirts work best. - Both pants will fit pretty well with shorter shells, bombers and also mid length coats / car coats. - Shoe-wise I agree with moneytalks. I have been wearing all kind of flyknits, ramones, qasa highs (p25 only), DAF1s, suicokes. Downsides: - 100% agree with the moneytalks airpod skirmish. - Because of the flowy low resistance behaviour of DS and the roomy cut, you should not load the pockets with too much stuff. It makes some real awkward sounds. If I put my airpods or keys behind the phone pocket it goes clonk, clonk, clonk... use your 3a! - Also you better dont try to take a dump on a public toilet. Your pants would be everywhere over the floor. - Normbobs wont understand what the fuck you are wearing, especially p25. Obviously I like both pants a lot, but if i had to choose: p25 - 10 out of 10 times.
  6. WTS SISP Nylon-R Shield Jacket - size M - worn a few times 8.5/10 SOLD https://www.stoneisland.com/gb/stone-island-shadow-project/jacket_cod41689486hj.html SISP Pertex Quantum Y Bomber Jacket- size M - worn a few times 8.5/10 330 Euro / shipping on me (EU) / pp fees on you https://www.stoneisland.com/gb/stone-island-shadow-project/jacket_cod41651359xt.html Pics via dm
  7. aru


    If you pull the pants up above your hips a little you will have less friction (unless your belly is bigger than your hips). I always pull both at the same time 90 degrees outward and a little towards my back. That at least works for me (p27). Regarding the sizing of the current j1 iteration (compared it to the j47ts, both size M). - chest: almost identical, j1 has a little more room - body: j1 has more room - shoulders/sleeves: j1 more room, the length is almost the same (j1 might be longer by a centimeter) All of this is still marginal. I would neither size down the j1 nor size up the j47ts.
  8. aru


    I also received the j68-ws earlier this week. Sharing my impressions: The closing options and convertible collar make this one almost feel like two Jackets in one. I like the storm flaps / collar up and top button closed look the most. I also love the asymmetric details when it is flat / fully closed . The shorter cut might not be for everyone, I think it looks "different" in a good way. The jacket also works with a lot of types of pants imo, I can wear it with almost every pant I own. I was sceptic about the dangling zips at first but after three short wears I have had no issues. Unfortuneatly the main zip does not feel smooth to me. The same zipper was used on the j62-pb and it always felt "off" to me, but I got used to it. Sizing: I chose to stick to the usual size M (181cm / 80 kg) and it fits perfectly with a t-shirt or sweater underneath. I can also layer a liner underneath (Mionn IS) but I dont feel like I should. It is definetly smaller than my other size M acr jackets, but I am not sure if I could get away with a size L and just a t-shirt underneath. I would not recommend sizing up. Generally I tend to pick my size exclusively by the half chest measurement on the mother site and it never failed me.