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  1. Yeah, I didn’t want to annoy the rep so I just paid it lol
  2. FS V91-WS Gray Sz M (only tried on) $550 shipped in USA and PayPal’d FF (otherwise add PayPal fees)
  3. Who cop’d a J70? I got hit with $170 import fee.. anyone successfully got this fee reduced in the USA?
  4. Acronym SuFu thread = free Customer Focus Group for Acrnm.gmbh
  5. WTBs J56-S raf sz M E-J1A sz M J1A-LP sz M J50-S Raf sz L
  6. Who would want to stock a label that sits on the shelf and you can’t put it on any sale promo?! Just makes business sense to not stock em.
  7. Vintage Acronym is more acronym than acronym.gmbh
  8. J70 reminds me of SISP Tech Blazer it never fit me correctly, M was too snug and large was too long especially the sleeves.
  9. FS: LA6A-DS sz L 9/10 condition $900 $OLD shipped and paypal'd within Jerome Powell's USA (add $70 for international shipping via EMS) *will update w/ pics shortly
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