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  1. Flipflop214


    Anyways, hope Hanon has a 3rd drop.. fw1213 please (goat)
  2. Flipflop214


    Dude was triggered when I neg’d his post he pm’d this.. It’s confirmed.. you’re whack lol
  3. Flipflop214


    Shut up
  4. Flipflop214

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    Oh damn.
  5. Flipflop214


    https://supertalk.superfuture.com/topic/161444-covid-2020-waywt-inside-fit-battle-edition/ let see them fits @Orientalq
  6. Let’s see those cost to value fits @Orientalq
  7. Flipflop214


    A cheaper copy of a P10 is not a cost to value equivalent lol you're basically justifying your cheaper purchase is as good if not better than the real thing. To your example of the genesis, You can dress up the genesis with the money saved from not buying the merc but it's still a genesis lol (not that there's anythign wrong with that). I bet that genesis owner is still secretly wanting that merc.
  8. Flipflop214


    LOL, cmon man.. You're prolle the same kind of person that would argue a replica/copy/bootleg is as good as the original Just for full disclosure.. you dont work for Efin Leve (oops, I misspelt it), right? lol
  9. Flipflop214


    lol, ok breh. ACR make it's own market.. to put it plainly, E can charge whatever the fuck he wants for his clothes. You, as the consumer, has the right to not buy his shit. This aint n95 face masks breh. This is not a regulated security that you buy on NYSE.
  10. Flipflop214


    Lol You’re dumb, No one is trying to compete with ACR because there’s really no equivalent IMO. For you to insinuate that people in this forum are “blindly” spending their money is ignorant AF. You’re prolle one of those people who walks around thinking you’re better than everyone because of your “smart and thoughtful decisions” lol. I shouldn’t have used hate, I should’ve used bitchassness ps. Don’t judge my mom for doing drugs. She likes to party.
  11. Flipflop214


    now I'm just speculating.. you two were huge fans of the label until the prices went up and couldn't or "didn't want" to afford the jawnz anymore. You feel the need to express your hatred of the brand that left you hanging in a forum full of "die hards". Fuck outta here with that lame shit lol. quit crying and get your paper up. let go of that hate brehs, trust me.. you'll be happier.
  12. Flipflop214


    ^ would love to see a J46 edit.. with a quilted liner underneath that’s detachable. That’d be dopw
  13. Flipflop214


    lol, no one gets a Lambo for its interior cmon breh
  14. Flipflop214

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT my J28-K beige/green sz M for in order of importance.. E-J28 (Either color, would prefer olive) sz M (depends of the condition of your trade.. I can add cash) J50-WS sz L (straight trade) P10-CH grey melange sz M (plus cash on your end) J50-S sz L RAF (plus cash on your end depending on condition of your trade) J47A-WS sz M (plus cash on your end depending on condition of your trade) J74-PX sz L white (may do a straight trade depending on the condition) J72-DS sz L black (plus cash on your end depending on condition of your trade)
  15. Flipflop214


    nvr mnd
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55