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  1. So, can you sell the pizza bag to me for retail? ha
  2. ^LOL I think E already made that decision
  3. https://www.grailed.com/listings/1705612-Acronym-3A-MZ3-Foil-Silver--Pair-
  4. I'll help you fund your SS17 purchases, just sell me your: ds-hd2 dust Sz L and P15-S RAF sz M
  5. I have the SFB Field 6". Awesome boots. Originally bought them for hiking.. very durable and a ton of grip. Water repellent and dries super quick. Been wearing them pretty much every day since the rain started here in the bay area. All around great pair of boots imo and they go really well with techwear stee. I wish it had a side zip so you can just put them on and take em off without having to deal with the laces.
  6. fuck, whatever.. ppl thirsty here in Trump's USA while Nike Europe's stock are still available for purchase. shit fuck fuck
  7. $360 paypal'd and shipped within the usa
  8. PM'd you for the gaiter^^^
  9. WTB P15-S RAF sz M Holla Also, anyone wanna trade for my black MP2TS w/ white zip for their olive MP2TS?
  10. Sufu discount: $400 shipped within the USA via usps priority, add 4% or pp gift. Add $40 for international buyers, via EMS (no exceptions).
  11. wtb Tabi sz 8.5 in black
  12. apparently
  13. Want