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  1. FS: Undercover Softshell Goretex Fishtail Parka Navy Sz 3 (US Medium) $400 shipped and paypal'd within the USA add $65 for EMS international shipping (need this gone asap) 9/10 condition
  2. J, you're the man! Thanks for the linking me w/ Dirk @ Concrete. Cop'd my gaiter. Help this guy out to find his J57TS-SS!!! Great du, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you as well. Cheers bro
  3. Would love to buy Tabi in Black sz 8.5
  4. Would love to buy RAF P17-S sz M, willing to pay retail for a good condition pair, holler
  5. Apparently Rollies are for Hypebeasts, try patek
  6. ACROMEME post worthy
  7. it's fine when it's all balck but with white zip, cmon man. lol
  8. I quote my friend, "Shit looks like American Apparel" lols
  9. those foil MPs were so bad lol. more show than go. waste of money imo. After 3 weeks of usage, the corners started to peel off, so bad.
  10. WTB P15-S Raf sz M
  11. Undercoverism GoreTex Fishtail holler
  12. I wouldn't know, don't have access.. wish I did doe, care to sell your access? Carlooa and I will go halfsies, hehe
  13. ^lol, go big or go home.. you should WTB subnet account.