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  1. WTB P15-S Raf sz M
  2. Undercoverism GoreTex Fishtail holler
  3. I wouldn't know, don't have access.. wish I did doe, care to sell your access? Carlooa and I will go halfsies, hehe
  4. ^lol, go big or go home.. you should WTB subnet account.
  5. Just ask for a full ______ (insert martial arts uni here) in schoeller fabrics
  6. Na, I'll wait for the video. haha How's the quality? Worth the price? Fit and feel? any pertinent information for potential buyers basically.
  7. Dope, looking forward to it @branespload
  8. ^I second that, curious to hear what ppl thinks of the build quality, etc. of this brand. Wanted to pull the trigger on the merino pullover.
  9. WTB: WS-LA3 sz L E-J28 Olive sz M (good condition)
  10. would love to see ACR ver. of a Noragi. It'd be dope in DS fabric. Or maybe a BDU Shacket in stotz, yum
  11. ACG is to ACR as CDG Play is to CDG, drop more ACG with E's design/concepts and viola.. problem solved. Now someone sell me their mint Olive GT-J36 in sz M or L, I'll pay a kings ransom. ha
  12. So, can you sell the pizza bag to me for retail? ha
  13. ^LOL I think E already made that decision