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    Honestly white is a bit of a stretch. Whatever lights and camera settings they use on the site really misrepresent it imo. I’d say it’s more of a silver if anything. Cause it definitely looks weird to wear with actual white. Personally I rock it with off whites and pale colours like dusty rose or alpha green. I love the px as an insulator cause it just slides so nicely under other layers, but the insulation in a lot of the px jackets is not nearly as warm as the ws equivalents. For example, my j50 is a heck of a lot warmer than my j74 or j78. Personally I like ws for outer layers and px for inner layers. It’s a shame then j78 doesn’t come with an aux zip..
  2. NinjaGuyInToronto


    I get the sense that people aren't really feelin the new drop, but honestly I really like these short shorts. The cut and material are exactly what I'll be reaching for when the warm weather finally arrives. I mean, yeah, the pockets are a bit too ambitious, and don't really hold things very comfortably. Definitely wouldn't recommend running up a set of stairs with a phone in the phone pocket. They look a bit dorky, and the hybrid fly / built in belt / no clasp is a little awkward. And the snaps on the raid pockets feel like they're gonna be the main failure point. But that being said, they're a lot more functional than my basic short baggies, and run a lot cooler than my SP9-E. To me the is one of the more truly summer oriented offerings from ACR and I think they're gonna see a lot of wear.
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    For those who hate details and bullet points - yes, it's a pretty cool jacket and I wear it a lot. You can stop reading now. For those who would like a bit more info - General Impressions Seems to not give off too much school shooter vibe which was my initial worry when purchasing It fits pretty big. I'm usually between a size S and M depending on the fit, and was glad I went with the S on this one Pockets work well and bags don't interfere with access for me I wear this as a rain coat and the length works well for keeping me dry I usually fasten the lower button since the bottom tends to blow around a lot when it's left open. I don't notice any motion limitations when walking around. What I like - I find the main pocket design really successful. Since you can't get to your pants due to the length, the main deep pockets with internal phone pockets are super convenient. They keep the weight situated nicely considering how light the jacket is. Also there's 2 phone pockets which is nice if you carry both a personal and a work phone like me. The holster pocket is also awesome for a wallet or smaller items. Again, it seems to hold the weight in a perfect location that is comfortable, doesn't shift around much, and doesn't make the jacket awkward to wear. The asymmetric 2-way zip + CF buttons give a lot of configurations for wearing the jacket, and imo is probably one of the more successful designs from ACR in this regard It accommodates an insulator nicely with the aux zip and I've been pairing with the J74 (size M in fact) which seems to work well (pictured). What I don't like - The hood sucks. It doesn't really stay on that well in the wind and I'm not a fan of the cinching mechanism. I swapped on the hood from the CP4 (pictured) which works a lot better for me. I think that front kangaroo pocket thing is kinda useless. It's not intuitive to keep my hands there (too high up) and not really where I want to store items either. The usual gimmick stuff like the headphone magnets and interops continue to be useless for me. Maybe moreso than usual as the hood design seems to interfere with the magnet placement. The jacket sling mount seems to be different than my J47 with it being on the other side of the interops zipper rather than the normal under arm location. I guess it's so that the sling doesn't interfere with the zipper anymore, but it just makes the sling hang funny compared to the normal configuration. All in all a pretty cool coat. Reasonably functional and versatile. A bit underrated imo.
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