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    P10-DS are my workhorse pants. I usually pair them with the S21-DS for hiking and am very happy with them. I find the fit very comfortable, the stretch is nice and they seem to perform well in both warm and cold temperatures. Never had a problem with abrasion, and the double fabric on the knees makes them pretty rugged. This is from a hike to Mount Assiniboine where they held up real nice through a variety of conditions including snow, rain, and intense heat.
  2. NinjaGuyInToronto


    Wow, today I learned. I dunno how well the delicate knit of the SM1 would hold up to all that stomping, but definitely good to know!
  3. NinjaGuyInToronto


    Thanks! Really appreciate the info!! Unfortunately it fell off on a skating trail that makes a 1.5km loop and it took a while to make it back around and locate it. By then it had been picked up by someone and thrown in a snow bank lol. I think the self cleaning property is similar to the anti-microbial stuff that merino has, but this is just general dirt and debris. I'll try the hand wash as suggested and hope for the best.
  4. NinjaGuyInToronto


    Does anyone happen to have the wash instructions for the SM1-AK? The tag was annoying so I cut off the stitches holding it on and put it somewhere for safe keeping. Apparently so safe I can't find it anymore..
  5. NinjaGuyInToronto


    Nope, instructions are all you need. Washed my P10-E's a few times now as per instructions after some substantial thrashing and they came out perfect every time. Still water repellant and basically same hand feel as brand new. Hope they'll work into something a little softer (quieter?) in time though! Also note that I've been doing what the tags say on all my ACR stuff for years and never had a problem.
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