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  1. iamtheoldmanbythesea


    https://eu.18montrose.com/18m72acrm3616blk-acronym-p10-ds-schoellerr-dryskintm-articulated-pants-in-black-p10-ds https://standart.space/collections/acronym/products/acronym-p10-ds-pants-black?variant=32252200124515 still have S in stock for eu folks
  2. iamtheoldmanbythesea


    ah sorry i was talking about the P35-DS. i have thicker thighs and calves than the average person so the pants actually do not fit so baggy but i could see it being baggy for someone who is on the thinner side. however the DS material is so unstructured that it just drapes fairly nicely especially since there are not external cargo pockets. take a look at this post. i think with your height size S might be the way to go. i don't think these pants would look great with stacking
  3. iamtheoldmanbythesea


    @knucks as these are wide waist with clinches, i'd advise you to size for length. for example, i am a 38" to 40" waist and i wear a M just fine. i am 180cm for reference
  4. iamtheoldmanbythesea


    bit off topic from the current conversation, has anyone had any experience with re-dying/colouring black stotz pants? what was the process like and what products did you use? would simplicol or dylon dyes work? is the colour consistent with the rest of the farbic? how long do they last? i understand many here like the patina but i personally cannot stand it and am planning for the eventuality that the whole pants will need an injection of new colour. my back pocket is already seeing some wear from abrasion.
  5. iamtheoldmanbythesea

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    big shoutout to @cbhorsetice, super cool guy to deal with and fantastic shipping turnaround time. item received in immaculate condition.