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  1. ogre


    Wow. Great results. Any tips on what you did to have it come out so well? I had tried ironing and it didn't help much. May need to finally get a steamer.
  2. ogre


    Mine is like that but even more extreme. It has that strange wavy pattern throughout the entire jacket. Looks terrible. I haven't had a chance to try ironing it out, because otherwise it's basically unwearably ugly.
  3. ogre


    My J44-SD from last season has the same type of edge in the same spot, so +1 on it being intentional and not a defect.
  4. ogre


  5. ogre


    Definitely contact them. This isn't a subjective good will warranty repair to a worn garment. It's a product arriving damaged beyond repair, which warrants a refund. If they won't refund you, you can definitely file a claim with PayPal.
  6. ogre


    Anyone tried washing their J44-SD yet? How did it hold up? Did it have any effect on the sort of wave pattern in the fabric that seems to increase with wear?
  7. ogre


    What HTS code did you end up using? Was it one that is not impacted by the 15% China tariff? From what I can see, all the usual ones fall under those tariffs.
  8. ogre


    Watch out for an additional 15% trade war tariff on made-in-China products, including the J1A-GT. I learned that the hard way with a recent order. I think all other Acronym products are made in Europe though, so it shouldn't be a concern.
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