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  1. ogre


    If it's anything like my past mothersite orders, it's not that they need a tax ID from the shipper, but that they need a tax ID from the importer (you). You can just give UPS your SSN since it's a personal import.
  2. ogre


    I ordered an Acronym item from Ssense in the past and got it without the bag and sheet. I emailed them and they claimed they never received a bag and sheet, which seems unlikely to me. I imagine they just toss them out.
  3. ogre


    Did you buy the same size in both? Based on measurements it seemed like the J68 fits a size smaller than the J58. I have a J58 in M, and was looking at buying the J68 in L.
  4. ogre


    If you let them know it's a personal import, you just need to give them your SSN for tax purposes.
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