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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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On 7/11/2023 at 7:26 AM, chantheman said:

I picked this pair of Jormon’s on eBay and it looks like they have been put through the dryer more than their fair share and exhibit a marbling pattern m. Does this go away with wear or is this what it is? Being that they are natural indigo they are going to take forever to wear down on their own  



 That marbling doesn't go away. It's a feature not a bug though.  Enjoy! 

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Phigvel 302. These are my go to denim at the moment.

Not too sure as I’m not familiar with the history Levi’s but believe these were based on late 40s 501xx?









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current rotation

Thrifted apc new standards from early 2020... they had some bad marbling that washed out with a lot of washes... the fit is actually pretty nice... I usually just use these for hiking with the dog and working in the yard. 

Warehouse 800xx from Ebay from spring 2020... the fit is really nice, but I have to repair  some of the stitching after every wash... the denim has a little too much texture for my liking... I wish they would have washed out more... I babied them when they were new but now treat them as a nicer pair of beaters.

Lee 101 70s riders from fall 2020... These were always too big... lots of dog walks and yard work... many washes and and trips through the dryer... I like the color they faded to

Levi's 551tm Z  cotton/hemp from 2020... always beaters and washed a lot... sometimes after every wear if they got dirty enough

Freewheelers 601xxc from 2022 ... still mostly babying these... I should stop so I can catch up to Shredwin's pair

Since it's been so hot I'm going like 3-5 days between washing them, a little longer with the 37s


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Freshly washed 15 year old Levi's 501 button fly Shrink to Fit jeans.

Bought these at Sears in Oak Brook mall around Christmas of 2008 and shrank them in the tub on January 11th, 2009. I have been wearing them off and on for the past 14 years (although they have spent some time in retirement due to weight fluctuation). 

They've never been inside a dryer but these have continued to shrink as expected ( mostly in length and volume) a little bit with every wash and now they fit comfortably with a little room to spare after approximately 65 pounds swing up and down the scale. Now they need a belt. The fading has been slow and steady but there is still a ton of color left in these. 




Crappy factory hemsIMG_20231112_133425_164.thumb.jpg.996bf47fe5a3ce95e7c4e785cca81c66.jpg



wimpy honeycombs.  IMG_20231112_133425_185.thumb.jpg.322beebc08f3d22d3db4d750fcfdd619.jpg



And one pre wash shot.  


And how they currently fit. 





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Belafonte denim trousers. Got them last April and wore here and there in summer with more consecutive wear as the weather cooled. The interesting thing is the rubber boots fade that’s starting to appear. It’s interesting because I’m only wearing the boots when it’s wet and muddy for dog walk, so I’d say around 30 time for a 2 hour period each time? In the past two months. It’s interesting that it left such a noticeable mark. Anyways I like it a lot. I have them a wash after I took the picture. Will maybe update after they dry up if there are major differences 



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ONI 546 in 22oz with Kabuki selvedge. The last pair of heavy denim with contrast fades I had before moving towards lighter repro styles and looser fits in recent years.

Truly a stunning denim. Probably a couple of years wear here and a few washes.


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Every now and again I'll wash my jeans with 1/2 cup of bleach just to get them really clean. Started doing this about 2 years ago I think. Finally connected the dots on why this pair of Left Fields that were always a pretty dark color even after 2 years of almost daily wear from 2018-2020 started looking more grey in the past couple years haha. It's interesting to me that I've got indigo pairs that I've noticed negligible effect of bleach in the wash. I guess sulfur dye reacts more with bleach than indigo. 

Anyway, I personally think they look great. I like how the warp yarns are turning white where they're frayed around holes. Haven't gotten much wear since 2020, but they feel like pajamas since they're left hand twill. 









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Some Levi's



LVC cone 501zxx and hemp blend 501



Regular 501 stf and 501xx stf



Selvedge 514






^Back of the selvedge on the hemp pair that I thought was a little interesting

Cone 501z are like 10 years old but haven't gotten around to them until recently. Hemp Pair is from October. STFs are a ~10' pair and a ~00' pair. 514 are probably like 12 years old and even with many, many washes the denim still looks raw in its darkest spots.

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