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  1. Thanks all. I’ll drop Tellason a line. I guess it’s gonna be costly since I’m in the UK but I’ll get in touch with a tailor too. As I said, I’m really happy with the fit and how they’re wearing in, just don’t wanna be heading towards a pair of jeans with no stitching holding shit together.
  2. So I'm by no means highly experienced in the raw denim world but I've just retired a pair of Japan Blue I picked up a few years back. Loved them, but wanted something new. I visited a local denim store in London, walked out with a pair of 16oz Tellason Elgin. I wasn't really looking for tapered, but it's a subtle taper and I'm pretty skinny so with a few cuffs they look fairly straight. I LOVE the fit around the top, and I like the denim too. However, a week after I got them, the decorative yellow thread across the back pocket came loose and basically unravelled to the point there's no yellow on one pocket now. I contacted the store, they inevitably said I must've caught it on something so I left it. Now a couple months later and I noticed the yellow thread on the left front pocket has pulled and started to unravel too. By this point with daily wear, they're obviously getting nicely worn in but I'm kinda bummed that another thread is pulled. I looked at my Japan Blue and they saw three years of almost daily, sometimes heavy wear and ALL of the stitching is intact. So I'm thinking, has anyone else had QC issues with Tellason? Is the above something I need to get repaired if I plan to wear these for years to come or should I just suck it up and get some other pair to start again. Thanks