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  1. Ebbetts Drake’s on Drake’s Full Count Trickers
  2. @beautiful_FrEaK thanks! I rooted through my wardrobe and turns out I have this pair of the XX from about six or seven years ago. They still have the remnants of the red tag that had to be cut off by the retailer. Very odd experience putting slim cuts on after wearing wide for so long. Nice denim though. I think I might just persevere with the 13.7oz and cold legs.
  3. Couple of questions on Full Count 0105 (and probably FC in general); Does the 15.5oz XX version react any differently to a wash than the standard weight? I’m thinking about getting a pair of the XX for the colder months on the motorcycle. Also, is the 13oz notoriously slow to fade? I’ve worn mine literally every day and even the rear pockets look brand new? Not a problem as they look great, just an observation.
  4. @spidereye older bikes are the best! Great pics
  5. Do we get to see the bike too??
  6. Heimat Stevenson Overall Full Count over Warehouse Full Count Red Wing
  7. Warehouse Full Count Trickers (would love a size larger in the tee but they don’t make one…maybe a few less beers required)
  8. Reposting as I think my post got removed whilst switching on the snazzy new look. Merz over Samurai ONI Red Wing Harley Softail Heritage
  9. Ebbets Drakes Warehouse Full Count Red Wing (RRL bandana, Julius Tart glasses)
  10. View Advert ONI 200ZR - 34W - 20oz Secret Denim Selling these ONI 200ZR. Purchased from Son of a Stag as ‘one wash’. Amazing denim in great condition, not worn much hence sale. Current measurements - Waist - 34” Inseam - 30” Thigh - 12” Hem opening - 8.5” FR - 11.5” BR - 16.5” Free shipping to UK. Advertiser 81FXR Date 09/24/2023 Price $225.00 Category denim Brand ONI Actual size 0  
  11. Those look like they fit well! I hear you on the 90s business casual and some shirts don’t work. Like you wouldn’t tuck a flannel. Unless you have a ranch and cattle. The key with the tuck is to go for a slimmer fitting upper half, especially in shirts. Not like skin tight but fitted enough to avoid the billowing at the waist. The relaxed untucked tee /shirt and wider leg look works nice also with a slightly higher cuff and low top sneakers/shoes.
  12. The ‘wide leg’ ONI 200ZR I’ve posted pics of are about to go up for sale in the classifieds if anyone’s interested. I have an older pair I just love the fades on so they get more wear.
  13. Really happy with how these 0105 fit post wash. They were a struggle to button yesterday but loosened up nicely. The belt is superfluous here. Not super wide, but a really nice pair of jeans.
  14. @blooming thanks! They're in the wash right now. Hoping they still fit afterwards… let’s see. They weren’t too tight before the wash and I’m guessing they’ll stretch back out. Nice denim though!
  15. Just ordered some FC 0105 in what are called ‘new loose straight’ as it seems they updated the cut slightly at some point. Purely out of curiosity as they’ve been mentioned here. I haven’t had a pair of Full Count for years, I think my previous experience was 1108 about 10 years ago. Is a wash recommended before first wear on the raws?
  16. Yeah they are pretty pricey It’s always hard to know the inside story on what they’re paying workers etc but they’re single needle shirts made in a fairly small county in the UK. A Full Count Chambray is £199 here, an IH Flannel is almost £300. At £175 it’s certainly a lot more than you’d pay for a high street OCBD and even a fair bit more than some of the high-volume British shirt makers charge but again, arguably better value than some of their other garments. Sorry, back on topic now!
  17. Amazing. I’ve got a few of the OCBDs. The quality is some of the best I’ve seen in any garment. Fits regular without being 90s boxy. The collar roll is also supreme. I’ve got one of their chore jackets and a mariner sweater also and it’s just next level. Although pricey, I think their shirts represent the best value for money across their range. Whilst it’s not a style I’d fully commit to, their look books are incredible. Especially their Perennials 2022, absolute perfection in my opinion. The way they mix casual tailoring, borderline sportswear and workwear really shows how not sticking to one formula can look great. https://us.drakes.com/blogs/news/drakes-perennials-22-lookbook
  18. @AlientoyWorkmachine I think your post highlights the point that really style comes down to dressing comfortably and relies on what looks good on the individual. I’ve always felt that looking good and dressing to fit a sub-culture or particular look are quite often different. I frequently see people dressing in the 50s style, rockabilly etc and they’ve nailed the look, period correct, but still it just doesn’t really suit them. Perhaps that doesn’t matter, who knows. But at that point it’s more of a costume, I think. There are fits that look horrendous on me, and I’ve bought things over the years that I’ve had to accept just don’t look good. This also changes as I get older and seemingly less able to keep the weight off. I was a super lanky, scrawny guy in my 20s and even slim leg jeans looked fairly regular on me. Again, just whatever looks good on the wearer. That pic I posted in the white shirt is Drakes (British Ivy/Prep brand) with military repro pants, and some English Derby shoes. An odd combo on paper but it seems to work. It’s about buying what looks good on the wearer, not on the model or in the store. There’s a difference between great looking items and looking great in them.
  19. An interesting challenge I find with wider fits is the rise becomes much more important. As I mentioned, personally I think a wide cut looks best with a tucked shirt/tee (or some sort of cuffed sweater). For this reason, the rise is obviously fully on show. I’m 6’1 and find ‘med-high rise’ is often more like medium on me. I can’t help but feel shorter guys might have a much better choice of wider fits due to typically having shorter crotch-waist measurements. I see pics of dudes in jeans described as medium rise, sitting really nice on the waist, and I try them on and it’s Robert Plant levels of inappropriate.
  20. This was my experience also. Not to mention the weird pocket spacing. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got some IH things I really like (N1 and flannels) but they’re not the place to go for wide, straight fits with a decent rise. Or even regular ones really.
  21. Love this. Honestly I’m so entrenched in the wide-legged life by this point I can’t even fathom some of the painted-on fits that I donned in my youth. The tricky thing is that wide leg seems to mean anything from ‘actually kinda regular’ to ‘Hammertime’. Worth just trying some too as your height/figure will determine what looks good on you. An additional challenge is that for whatever reason retailers don’t often show wide leg fits in their best light. Either they’re on a 6,6 beefcake with bison thighs and they just look like slim fit, or they’re stacked from ankle to thigh on some tiny dude who looks like they raided a giant’s wardrobe. As a styling sidenote, shirts/tees need to be tucked for a wide leg to work. Something about an untucked shirt and wide leg trousers looks really really off. Probably down to the fit being inspired by a time when people aspired to dress smartly rather than in stained tracksuits. Also I find cuffing or hemming to a bit above the laces is crucial to keeping that loose, straight silhouette without stacking. Buzz Rickson’s 1942 chino are a fave fit of mine. Full Count does some really nice utility pants. I’m a big fan ONI but couldn’t get a wide fit until earlier this year when I got the 200ZR. The one-wash also doesn’t shrink so the fit will remain after washing. Controversially, probably my favourite wide-leg denim fit is (gasp) Nudie… they do a 17oz Japanese denim in their ‘Tuff Tony’ fit and it’s probably the best fitting jean I’ve ever had. Sometimes you gotta ditch the denim snobbery to attain the fit. The chino in the same fit is also nice. High waist, wide leg. Pic below.
  22. Stetson Samurai Buzz Red Wing
  23. Coors hat RRL scarf Samurai Buzz Chuck 70 Glasses are Julius Tart (Japan)
  24. @beautiful_FrEaK those Denime 220 look amazing. Perfect cut/fit.
  25. Ebbetts Warehouse Oni Warehouse
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