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  1. anyone have a pair of 3009 in a 30 to sell? too cheap to buy them new
  2. general rule for 0500 is to size down one because of the eventual stretching. if youre going to buy them a little lose they will probably stretch out more as they soften up. the other option is to just deal with them being uncomfortable for a while if you went with the smaller size. personally i would go with the bigger size and just deal with them being a little loose and hope they dont get too loose as they soften up. its not worth being uncomfortable.
  3. evisu no1 warehouse 660 samurai geisha samurai 0500
  4. geishas, texas, vx
  5. yes. sadly i had to return them because they didnt fit. luckily the seller accepted refunds
  6. left wh 660's right samurai 0500
  7. anyone know if the Samurai s5000AI-10SP have a lot of stretch? i bought a raw pair TTS and they measure out more like tag size raw so i think they will be too small once they are washed.
  8. fit pics of my 2101's
  9. PMed
  10. how much did it cost for the repairs?
  11. i wear my pair more in the summer. once they start to fade they look like any other pair of worn paid of jeans but the purple weft does stand out
  12. how did you get that gull?