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  1. chantheman


    any pics of your pair? curious how they fade. they do feel pretty lightweight so i'm still not 100% sure what they are but either i need to get them hemmed and possibly tapers a little since they are a little loose for my liking.
  2. chantheman


    I emailed 45rpm Japan yesterday and they said the following. Thank you for your message.I think that this denim is probably "Suminando × TOP Sorahiko".(墨納戸×トップ空比古)The product number is 4096009. not sure what the top sorahiko model was but I trust Lance and the pics he provided along with my comparison. Just interesting to see their opinion of the photos I sent them. Edit - 45rpm NY said that they are nando nando.
  3. chantheman


    the shade is the same. the selvedge looks the same the only thing that is off is when i was looking at the selvedge, the denim is a different shade. its almost a grey tint compared to the scrap from 10 years ago. either way im happy with the purchase. cut is a little looser than i would like but I just need to get them hemmed and i think i can work with it (glad 45rpm does free hemming)
  4. chantheman


    appreciate the info. the denim is softer than i expected for sorahiko so that lead me to think nando too. inside pockets are white. I forgot i have some denim scraps from my nandos from way back in the day when i hemmed them that i can compare to when i get home. love the evo on your paid. any full pics?
  5. chantheman


    just picked these up. at first i thought they might be the nandoxnando's that i've been looking for but then i figured they were more likely sorahiko suminando black overdyed. now that i have them in hand they are more blue than i expected. anyone have any idea what they could be?
  6. chantheman


    If it’s priced right and the measurements work, why not?
  7. chantheman


    looks like Sorahiko. you can always send an email to 45rpm and they should be able to assist
  8. chantheman

    Samurai Jeans

    I fet that. It’s such a loose fit it makes me question spending the money on them. The 0500 is still my favorite cut by far
  9. chantheman

    Samurai Jeans

    Thanks @mpukas so if I’m a 31 and these are a 33 then I should be fine after washing and wearing. I was concerned they would be too big in the waist. Wish they were the 5000 cut since I like that better than the 510 but maybe if I can negotate the price it will be worth the gamble. Thanks for the detailed info. Any pics of yours worn recently? Don’t check the forums often unless I have questions so if you have posted them before I haven’t taken the time to look
  10. chantheman

    Samurai Jeans

    @mpukas Im looking at getting a pair of these. did they measure tag size raw? the pair that im looking at is probably tagged 2 sizes too big (tag 33 vs. my actual 31 waist) just not sure if this is going to be too big. i think theres some shrinkage left in them but wont know until i get them. anyone else have any input on this model? the 510 cut isnt ideal for me but that denim is just so nice looking