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    need a mortgage of any kind? hit me up
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  1. chantheman

    The Flat Head

  2. chantheman

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Haven’t posted these Begin jeans in a while
  3. chantheman

    Samurai Jeans

    Missed my 0500 so I had to get another pair
  4. chantheman

    Eternal Jeans

    Working on some 811’s
  5. I picked this pair of Jormon’s on eBay and it looks like they have been put through the dryer more than their fair share and exhibit a marbling pattern m. Does this go away with wear or is this what it is? Being that they are natural indigo they are going to take forever to wear down on their own
  6. chantheman

    Eternal Jeans

    Ok thanks for the information. Was looking at picking up a pair but they are going to be too small and since I have the 811 already prob won’t need two identical pairs
  7. chantheman

    Eternal Jeans

    yea the 888. is it the same denim too?
  8. chantheman

    Eternal Jeans

    anyone have the 883 15th anniversary jeans? are they cut the same as the 811?
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