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I usually wear 38 or 36 in most jeans and I got S5000VX in size 38. I wish samurai made a size 37, because after 6 or so weeks of wear I can pull them off without unbuttoning, whereas just after a wash it's a struggle to get the top button done. For the bigger guys interested in the VX denim - get your regular size because the jeans will stretch and shrink continuously as you wash them.

My experience anyways...

My 3000BKs have stretched a ton (good thing too, since laffy taffy is my new addiction) since Jan 1, haven't washed yet though.

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Guest youkinorn
The BiG USA collabo shrinks smaller in the dryer. I have a 36 that went down to a 33.5 after I washed and dried it. Stretched a tad over 34 wearing it throughout the day.

Yeah, I washed/dried my 33s and they definitely shrank a bit more than expected. I'm just hoping they will stretch out some more over the next few weeks. They are buttoned all the way and everything, they are just quite tight on my thighs/hips/waist. My natural waist is like 34.5ish.

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Guest youkinorn

if anyone is looking at buying a size 33 USA, shoot me a PM and I'll take some extensive measurements for you.

I may also be interested in selling mine sometime in the near future, not exactly decided on that yet, though. Love the fit of these, but a 34 might be more comfortable.

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I'd say for larger USAs size up 1-2, they shrink to 2+" below tagged, but there's a fair bit of stretch, and the legs measure right in line with 2 sizes down. size up 3 would give you a loose jean before it even begins to stretch. This is just from my experience of course.

S0310XXs shrink to exactly tagged size (size 35 at least).

Should take newest model out of the S0310XX description though. The 510RRs, 21oz 5000s, 10th anniversary, USAs, and a handful of other models are newer.

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Does anyone have sizing advice for the 0500's? After that I think we're all done with the sizing post...unless someone has some alternate advice.

Size down 1 for a slimmish tapered fit (but not Skull or APC SKINNY slim). True to size for slim straight with slight taper. Size down 1 FTW...since the Texas Cotton stretches quite easily (much like the Zero denim). Do not size down 2.

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well i received my 710s from cyberpunk today (thanks josh)

im 6'1" 160 lbs (true waist size 31)

tagged size: 31"x 36" (lot 10)

pre-soak measurements:

waist: 31


leg opening: 7.75

inseam: 38

back rise: 14.5

front rise: 11

heres some pre-soak pics:




ill post some more pics up after soak

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Legacy, nice fit and what boots are those?

my real waist size is 30.7", should i go for a size 29 0500XX?

for reference, i wear a size 29 Nudie Slim Jim Japan and sqeezed myself into a size 29 Skull 5010xx

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i was asked to provide some measurements for my pair. tagged 29 measuring ~29 prewash. theyve been hot soaked and machine dried. worn for about a month total since then.

waist: 15"

thigh: 10.75"

knee: 8"

hem: 7.125"

inseam: 36.5"

hope this helps.

this is a little confusing.. wouldnt a size 29 measuring 29 prewash be somewhere around 13.5" post hot soak in the waist, not 15"

i dont even think they'd be 15" PREWASH.

maybe im missing something here

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