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  1. Standard&strange ooe yufukuten saddle pants Or Rivet&hide RJB RFR004 relaxed tapered
  2. @Geeman I went with the sizing on the blueingreen site. Japanese measurements seemed somewhat erratic. I went with one size down and they stretched nicely from tag size 29 to actual waist size 32. The banner denim seems more forgiving because i cant fit same size lot 800 anymore. Warehouse calls the 900 a modern type model. Its slim with a slight taper. I love it. Its my main pair in rotation right now. For some fit pictures check my instagram account Cheers
  3. I had the 1108 blueingreen special denim and the 1101 signature denim. The last one stretched a bunch. After gaining a couple of pounds it still fits while thz blueingreen denim pair was too tight ( both same size). Cant say about the xx denim. Check the WH thread
  4. I have a size 29 of those for sale. Pm if interested
  5. I know its a long shot but does anyone here own the DC4 x Flat Head tee with totem pole graph in size 40 and willing to sell. If so, lmk. I think im in love
  6. Anyone have a 1110xx? Does not seem to be a very popular model but i like it. Should i size same as other FC models?
  7. I asked warehouse for measurements of size 29 and 30 ☆ Lot. 1106 Sapporo Store Limited denim 【W29 inches】 · Waist: 76 cm · length: 76 cm · wading: 29, 5 cm · Hem width: 17 cm · Front rise: 28 cm 【W 30 inches】 · Waist: 78, 5 cm · Length: 76 cm · Wading: 30, 5 cm, Hem width: 18 cm, Front rise: 29 cm ※ In regard to dimensions, there are some errors. Please acknowledge it beforehand. If I'm not mistaken they are one-wash version so should still stretch
  8. Anyone order the 1606's yet? Im on the fence buying these. Thing that is holding me back is that they are the same denim as my 900's. If only they had used the 14.5ozdenim for these...
  9. Thats great news!
  10. Is the sizing of the chest width for a size small adjusted? I could have sworn it was 49-50 cm at first (which was too tight)
  11. I knew i shouldnt have checked this thread. Those saddle jeans look amazing. Cant wait for the measurements
  12. Definitely very grainy but the softer hand of the 13.5 is perfect for the warmer weather
  13. And close up of the 14.5oz and 13.5 oz standard warehouse fabrics
  14. Since i was going through my clothes, decided to take some comparison pictures From left to right 800, 900 and 660
  15. Thanks. I guess might be like a 1101? fit picture of my 900's from instagram