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  1. SLAB

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    Warehouse seems to take the lead; i'm sure they'll come up with something unique in their anniversary year; we just have to make sure we can arrange enough pairs for the contestants so we would definitely need the backing of a store. I'd really prefer a pair that uses the new denim or 14.5oz denim. I have two pairs already that use the banner denim
  2. SLAB

    New Contest Suggestions

    @Iron Horse that overdyed indigo chambray
  3. SLAB

    New Contest Suggestions

    prefer the one jeans for all route; the anti-consumerism idea has a nice pitch to it but I think it will dilute the enthusiasm because there is no real comparison possible. Since Ooe are probably out of question? I'd go with a pair of WH too provided they are the 14.5or or new duck digger denim. oh and @Iron Horse I'd love to have a front zipper pullover indigo shirt to go along with the denim
  4. SLAB

    Samurai Jeans

    hope this is ok but after giving my Cadet pants (okayama denim exclusive) a hot soak, I learned the fit is not up my alley so I am selling them. Tag size 30; sold out at Okayama
  5. SLAB

    New Contest Suggestions

    count me in for a possible contest leaning very much to a Ooe contest pair Warehouse (14.5oz) and Freewheelers would be great too but I doubt we could arrange anything special I'm in for a wider pair but preferably with a slight taper A matching chambray shirt would be very cool
  6. SLAB


    jeezes those lot 1880 are looking awesome; also seem to use the new denim fabric. These might be what I'm waiting for
  7. SLAB


    surprised to see there isn't any talk of the 70501 model made out of the 12oz 7x6 weave a bit too baggy for my taste though
  8. SLAB

    The Flat Head

    daaaaaaamn, I hope they can relaunch the brand
  9. SLAB

    Stevenson Overall Company

    I think Stevenson are all unusual pair of denim :-) I had to sell my pair of Jackson because i did not like the small back pocket size but plan to pick up another pair of SO again. Which model do i need when i want a semi high rise with tapered legs?
  10. SLAB

    Studio D'artisan

    thats a great fit, i agree that specific model from SDA is the best
  11. SLAB

    Shoes that look better with age...

    thanks for the sizing advise guys; this helped a lot
  12. SLAB

    Shoes that look better with age...

    does any one on here know how to size Rolling Dub Trio boots and more specifically the Casper side zip boot? Masuya advised half size down (same as Viberg, Red Wing, Wesco, Whites) but Butterscotch is advising two full sizes down..
  13. SLAB

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    so I had to finally admit to myself that a size 36 N-1 is no longer my size. Would anyone be willing to trade his khaki N1 size 38 for a used size 36, please dm me my Lot 004 from above is a size 28 so the smallest size available. I can't say for sure but I'm likely to agree that the issue with the back pockets is a repro characteristic that RMC emulated.
  14. SLAB

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    the fit on those RT2's looks great! might someone be inclined to trade his pair of RT2 size 30 or 31 for a size 30 Peanut pants, then I'll gladly cooperate
  15. SLAB

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    maybe a weird question but do you have any idea how deep the back pockets are? Does a mid length wallet fit inside? reason I ask is that I recently sold my Stevenson Overalls 320, which has a similar shaped back pocket, because it annoyed me that my wallet (Skull Jeans) almost always popped out when seated.