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  1. FC Tux, IH Tee, NB
  2. What 800 in Heidelberg. Pretty city and like the definition of a german idealised town. We went there for an engagement photo shooting that I won so I decided to bring my favourite faded jeans and the one I wore when I proposed.
  3. More fake German villages. Only relevant piece is my warehouse 800.
  4. Had to wash my fc 1101 again after a long hike. Earlier than I wanted but they are already my most washed pair in this early stage so far.
  5. I was surprised that the 1101 is not much smaller in the waist. But the thigh and leg is wider. I think with a very hot wash and dryer they'll be good.
  6. You couldn't ask for a better fit! What I love about type IIs are the broader comfy!
  7. Hmm. The whole packaging is great and the denim lovely. But they're big. Really big. Will take fit pics later but unless they shrink 10% (like the size charts suggested) I won't be able to wear them. Any experiences from other owners?
  8. The arc on my 1101. And, more important, i finally hold the 1108ex in my hands. Will open the package tomorrow and share some pictures and stuff when I find time. Now let's hope they fit!
  9. Love patches on vests, but not on jackets.
  10. Just in case you missed it - there's a nice interview with fellow @volvo240thebest here: I always log in to superdenim directly, so I almost missed it.
  11. I like this new feature, and you chose a great guy to kick it off. Thanks for the kind words and interesting insights, I hope we'll see a lot more contributions!
  12. First I'm gonna paint my fingernails.
  13. Nothing denim related, but I hope to find some Input from you guys. I already got my (navy) wedding suit, will pair it with my oxblood trickers and navy/oxblood suspenders. I have a formal bowtie in red, but need another one for the second Party which can be a bit less formal. I'd apreciate a nod towards my denim or flannel Obsession, so I was looking at a few hill-side bowties. Which one would you think worked best? The suit (ignore the model please).
  14. Here it is...i love that thing. Comes handy in may haha.
  15. Had a tailor shorten the sleeves on my 16ss