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  1. To be honest I lost total track. I think the effective wear is at least 1 year, maybe 14 months. And I washed a lot, probably 8-10 times in total.
  2. @Bill_e_jean What a great pair, perfect inspiration!
  3. Good times in Hamburg. Got visited by an old friend and went to the Vater & Sohn Tattoo meetup for a small piece and great whisky cocktails. Also looking forward to seeing APMD next week!
  4. Reason and passion dont go well together...
  5. Yes, it was 60°C. I already did 70 (or 80?) degrees washes that harmed a patch. But never at 60°C.
  6. @articulate Have you checked out Biidwell Beach Britches yet?
  7. The denim definitely benefits from a hot wash, I think. This pair will get very frequent machine washes in the future. (jeans are still a bit damp).
  8. Im quite obsessed with the 1101. The stages of blue are fantastic and i will give them a 60 °c wash to go towards a vintage look.
  9. Might just be instagram, but RW Moc Toes and fancy japanese socks with rolled up slim selvage jeans are really overdone right now. (But to be honest I think that the Moc Toes are the only Red Wings that look good to me these days).
  10. That place is a b*tch to heal...crossing fingers that it'll work for you!
  11. TCB

    On instragram Inoue told me that they measured in the 360 degrees method.
  12. TCB

    Regarding the measurements I would also be a 34 in the slim 50s (being a true 36 these day, thus needing a waist of 90cm flat). I'm quite tempted to give them a go, but fear they might be measured 360 or turn out way slimmer than expected...
  13. I also think that the main Expansion years are over and we now see the market shrinking again. On the one hand there's a way more easy access for us westerners to nearly all brands (OOE retail through S&S, RMC has own Shops, of course denimio, and all the brick and mortar stores). On the other hand it took away the need to discuss or share experience on sizing, sources and fading outcomes. So it's maybe not really Mainstream in Terms that people actually know about it but I've never seen so many selvage Jeans in sotres or on People as I do know. But - it's not neccesarily a sign of likeminded folk anymore. Same goes for Tattoos - nowadays almost every persom in our age has one, but if you look behind the fact of just "having one" rather than "which one" you still can tell wether you have things in common or not.