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  1. And I will get a 35 if I'm lucky and my local shop gets that size.
  2. TCB

    Yes, it's not really long, rather mid-rise. My pockets are not really long comparerd to UES, like volvo said, but they are by no means too short.
  3. A small one maybe, acquired it over 6 years so it was doable
  4. I really enjoyed watching it, its nice to see the origins after knowing brands for a while.
  5. If they only were 35...
  6. TCB

    Edit: post soak measurements Waist 90 cm Frontrise 28 cm Thigh 34.2 cm Hem 20 cm Inseam 84.5 cm
  7. TCB

    Post vs prewash. A lot happened, i love the fit and the roping. Might make this my dwc3 contest pair.
  8. TCB

    My ues 400t in 34 is also very snug. Resolute 710 in 36 fits perfect, so does the fc1101 in 34. I couldnt fit a 34 tcb 505, the waist is pretty small for a 36. And they shrank a bit after a hot wash. Inseam is at 83cm and hem at 20 cm. And the roping got gorgeous.
  9. TCB

    Tanks Mate:) @volvo240thebest the hem measures 22cm at an inseam of 77cm. Quite drastic taper.
  10. TCB

    Yes, but I Need to get home first, so will take a few hours. I think they'll be a fair bit wider due to the taper.
  11. TCB

    Measurements for w36 before washing w 90cm, fr 30 cm, br 40.5 cm, hem 20.7 cm inseam 86 cm thigh 35 cm
  12. TCB

    I also think a wash would open up the fabric, it looks pretty flat. Reminds me of resolute and my old 70s type III. But i also think that it could fade beautifully.
  13. TCB

    Thanks Mate! Heres my 505. Fits looser than i recalled so i think of doing a hot wash. But theyre very comfy, like sweatpants.
  14. TCB

    @tigerstrom just came across your old posts from 2015 when you got the 505. Do you have evo pictures or did the ooe come inbetween? I hope i can pick up my pair today, very excited for them. The small roping on the hem was so excellent i dont dare hemming them.