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  1. bboysparrow


    Strongly vouch for the arcteryx atom lt. Bought it as a midlayer for snowboarding but I wear it everywhere when its a little chilly out. Just so damn comfy and light.
  2. bboysparrow


    Was it SS18 or FW1819 where we had intermittent drops of a few items like every month for 5 months? Hopefully we get a SS19.
  3. bboysparrow

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS/WTT $175 - DAF1-003 Size 9.5 - Condition is 9.5/10 Only has a light dirty sole. Worn only twice before determining that my feet were too wide to fit and I bought another pair sized up a good while ago. Been sitting in a closet ever since. Shipping will be high as the box is pretty big. $200 - Vapormax Light Bone/Volt Size 9.5 - Condition is 9/10. Dirty sole and light dirt on the volt. Never bothered to clean/scrub $400 - S8-DS from SS16 Size Small - Condition is 9/10. Worn in hot southern california most of its life. No pilling $SOLD$ - S19-DS from SS17 Size Small - Condition is 8/10. Worn sparingly as well. Does have a defect straight from the factory where the stiching got messed up. Never really bothered me and never bothered to return it. $950 - P23-S from FW1718 Size Medium - Condition is 9/10. Worn maybe a dozen times. Could never really pull these off no matter how hard I tried. Stotz is still very black. Thanks for your interest and I can provide more pics upon request. Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. https://imgur.com/a/oh9jqgK
  4. bboysparrow


    Hmm so the J72-AK comes with a jacketsling but my J72-DS comes with the shirtsling. Small but noteable difference.
  5. bboysparrow

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: 3A-5TS Black - Is asking for retail too outlandish?
  6. bboysparrow


    Looks like a stotz cp2
  7. bboysparrow

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Missed the P24A-DS. If anyone has a size medium that they are looking to part with let me know.
  8. bboysparrow


    This is what I paid late march 2016 minus VAT. Shipped to USA. Prices are indeed crazy now.
  9. bboysparrow


    5'10 165lb. Got the J72 Medium. I think I should've got a small but theres no going back now. I'll see how it fits when I get it.
  10. bboysparrow


    almost makes me miss my DS-HD2
  11. bboysparrow


    SS18 with heavy emphasis on the summer. Errolson still has a couple months