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  1. Anyone have a date when the J62 J63 is dropping
  2. J46U-WS Small and Medium back on main site.
  3. The new material looks like pleather.
  4. Looks like some space age leather. I wonder if any other items will be dropping with these or these two will be a stand-alone
  5. Will the event items be purchasable online tomorrow?
  7. WTS: S19-DS Size Small. I tried it on and its a tad too small in the shoulders for me. Bought direct from Acronym. I'm located in the US and the cost for return shipping is too much for me. I bought a medium. Just looking to sell for what I paid for+shipping preferably in the United States. I also have two 3A-MK1s that I'm selling for retail +shipping as well. Thanks guys.
  8. Hey guys. Let me tell you my experience using this. After calling the above Dallas number and getting transfered a couple times finally got to someone that could help me. I bought a S19-DS and a LA6B-DS. Total price I paid including shipping is $920. Got the UPS email and it told me my brokerage fees were $150. Gave the agent my tracking number and I literally followed the script above saying I had an updated classification number that's more accurate etc. He confirmed with me that I was buying a shirt and T-shirt. As soon as I said the 6201 class number he stopped me right there and said thats a chapter only for overcoats, ski jackets, and stuff like that. Doesn't include shirts. I told him I didn't do my research enough and that I didn't have any other class numbers to give him. He told me to hold on a second and after a few minutes he said he was able to find a number (didn't tell me what) and that best he could do is get my fee down to $80. I said I'll take it and he's going to update it and I'm going to pick up my package later today. Very kind fellow. He could've easily told me he couldn't do anything and that I would just have to pay. Anyways that's my experience. Thanks again carloola for the info
  9. Looks like they're enjoying themselves! I like the video.
  10. Yeah nothing lasts forever I suppose. Either try and help foster the community but if you can't...Well then say peace, move on, be happy for the memories. Maybe people just want to be helpful to other people showing them obscure sites carrying acronym. Good intentions. Once we get to bot level though...Were going to need a lot more than captcha.
  11. Saint alfred also has EscapeZip - Secondary Zipper System for Easy Off-&-On The general concensus is that this is a typo and theres no escape zip right?
  12. Honestly this is the only forum I use. It's been a long time since I've frequented forums (gamefaqs, etc) I mostly use reddit now and I haven't gone back.
  13. J47 is one of the more popular jackets. Resale is very very high on this and its also tough to find. I'd wait for FW1718
  14. WTB: J50-S Medium Black. Got 800 usd
  15. I think people are warming up to the drop. Many are just pissed that so much Tec Sys equipped pieces are coming out with no modulars except this foil stuff...