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  1. Any P10-S coming back into the fold? I miss me some patina. especially Raf Green
  2. WTB : LA6B-DS Black - Size Large V91-WS Raf Green - Size Medium FIS9-RS Black - Size Large P24A-S Black or Raf Green - Size Medium 3A1 - Black Xpac
  3. Could also go the other direction. This stuff may sell really well and all we get is heavy branding. The spikes obviously have a goth/punk thing going on. I guess it translates well since its all black. Not my preference
  4. Price Drop Bump. Also WTB: LA6B-DS Black - Size Large V91-WS Raf Green - Size Medium P24A-S Black or Raf Green - Size Medium FIS9-RS Black - Size Large
  5. WTS: LA6B-DS 2023 black (m) worn once/flawless full pack $800 USD SOLD - WTB LA6B-DS Size Large Black
  6. Hotoveli if anyone wants. 30% OFF Flash sale CODE - ACRM30
  7. Thanks for the comparison pictures. I think the fit looks great but given your height and weight, I would've guessed that you would go for a size Small instead of XS. Theres definitely people that are under 171cm and 68kg and you seem to be average size/build. I think this has helped me pull the trigger on the P15's. Thank you!
  8. Thanks @Davidwyh1998. Youre attached picture didnt work. Can I see how it looks. I am of similar build.
  9. P31-DS (SS19) vs P15-DS (FW23). I own neither, but from the differences I could find is that the P31-DS has more of a dropped crotch than the P15-DS? Any other stark differences I'm missing? Leaning towards on getting this seasons P15-DS for availability but wanted to see thoughts.
  10. WTS: Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Acronym Black and White - SOLD and Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Acronym Black and Olive - Still Available. Both Size 10 These have been sitting in my closet for 3+ years unused gathering dust. Condition is actually quite good albeit dusty from sitting in a closet with minimal creasing. No big flaws such as rips, tears, etc . I do not have original boxes or additional laces. Selling pairs as is. I have no idea what the market price is for these so please bear with me. Looking for $300 + 4% PayPal Fees + Shipping OR BEST OFFER. or you can F&F. I have done a bunch of B/S/T for over a decade. https://www.reddit.com/r/scfeedback/comments/2zmmph/feedback_for_ubboysparrow/ Located in Southern California. Let me know if you would like additional pictures. I respond quickly here.
  11. If you don't mind telling, where generally are you located? I find it odd it hasn't even shipped yet.
  12. Yeah for sure. I appreciate you guinea pigging and providing feedback on the fit. Personally couldnt do it because of the split rib collar where the zipper doesnt go all the way down.
  13. I'm assuming you got a Medium considering the J97 and T-Shirts were all M. Note that it's a "Loose" fit vs "Profile" fit, Compared to J97M J117 is 6.5cm more in chest 5.5cm more in length Same Shoulders and Same Sleeves
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