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  1. ^^ I wasn't aware of this when I bought my J1A-GT and I paid $322 in duties (USA). Will use this method thank you!
  2. They dont get much but they got the S18-BR and LA7-DS on their website.
  3. I called UnionLA since its the closest next to me and they said they weren't getting any acronym in this week.
  4. A premium acronym starter pack if there ever was one.
  5. I was consistently checking all sources and from what I remember errolson posted on instagram the time/date 2-3 hours before they dropped...and Nike didn't have an announcement.
  6. really hope theres no surprise drop. I think I got caught off guard during the presto drop when they released at like 3am PST
  7. With spring coming in do you guys like P15's or P17's? I'd honestly prefer P23's but without Tec-Sys
  8. I speculate that while acronym gains more hype people won't be paying resale prices because techwear is usually hard to pull off and correctly. In most cases you for to dive all in to pull off the aesthetic well. It's not like a bogo where it can go with everything. Its also dependent on location. People in hot dry climates have no need for a shell and hopefully will have the presence of mind not to buy resale which will drive pieces closer to retail.
  9. I really like the discussion happening now and plenty of good points are being made. To touch on a point that Questlove made, I've done a fair amount of reselling of mainly Supreme and flipping of paintball guns. For Supreme I do it as a short side hobby and only do online manually. It's not exactly a big time investment. If I grab a hype item in a demanded size within the first 15secs, I can find a seller within the hour easily. My main criteria is being able to sell something quickly and not for the highest profit. I don't like having products just sitting there and want a quick turnover because again the time investment isn't much when copping online. I feel like in Acronyms case the supply is not high enough to warrant being able to sell fast in addition to the fact that the price point is much higher which makes it a less attractive arbitrage opportunity. In Chaosens point, I agree that hyped items will sell instantly. However when was the last time we've seen a J1A, J28, J36, J47A released on a regular basis? This recent season didn't have a star jacket that was hyped for the resell. The J56 and J57 didn't live up to that and we didn't see any of those resell. This resell market is interesting but I don't know if it will last because of the high prices of the hyped items with no one to buy them at a quick enough turnover. Not many people have a bank account where they can float $1500 on their credit card and hope to make a profit on it.
  10. I can dig it.
  11. WTS: US9 Black/Black Worn ONCE outside. It fit too small for me so I ordered 9.5s. Condition is still flawless. Looking to just get my money back $370 USD Shipped OBO. Feel free to message me as I respond quickly.
  12. WTB: DAF1 White Size US9.5
  13. or a 9.5
  14. Can anyone confirm the validity of this statement? I'm assuming they might restock with the actual SS17 release.
  15. WTB DAF1-001 White US9 or 9.5 Paypal Ready. Have refs.