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  1. ellemenohpee1031

    real americans.

    So good.
  2. ellemenohpee1031

    Naked & Famous Denim

    My girl loves it, though, so I'll keep wearing them.
  3. ellemenohpee1031

    Naked & Famous Denim

    ^ I have a problem with the rise in the front. I'm pretty well proportioned and they don't leave much to the imagination.
  4. ellemenohpee1031

    MegaSale: Visvim, Nike, NBs

    I'll take the Bapes. Check your PM's
  5. If reydog falls through, holler at me.
  6. ellemenohpee1031

    Supreme F/W 07.09

    ^ Okay, maybe not the greatest ever, but at least the best I've seen in the last 5 years.
  7. ellemenohpee1031

    Supreme F/W 07.09

    Have any of you guys actually seen "City of God"? It's one of the hands-down greatest movies ever made.
  8. ellemenohpee1031

    Supreme F/W 07.09

    There are good parts and a lot of bad parts. I'm digging the cut and sew stuff like the oxford and some of the sweaters, but hot damn did they fuck up that backpack. I guess it'll be good for Hypebeast campouts, but I can't see any other logical reason to buy that. Especially after doing so well with the 22nd bag. The grey duffels, however, are another story.