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    For reference. Almost exactly 5 years ago when I bought my S8-DS. Price 273.11 Euros (After VAT) Note that this is only an observation I wanted to share. Let's not beat a dead horse.
  2. bboysparrow


    @mikon_nikon I'll throw in my hat as well. Would love to see pics to get a feel of the color in a "real" environment. If not, completely understand. have a good one mate.
  3. bboysparrow


    It sounds like you have ideas which would make Acronym succeed more I understand that you have critiques. It appears to me that you believe that the direction Acronym is currently taking is incorrect, that if they continue on this path they will be less successful because other people (Replica Makers) will show that it can be done cheaper for the "exact product". If this continues then they would go out of business. This doesn't appear to be the case based on their current offerings. I don't know if Errolsons ever said that or thats his intention or if they are just a small company that doesn't scale easily. You may be right or wrong. Not enough information. I think this is the most important line. He has already proved to you the individual that it is not worth it, which is why you haven't bought it yet even though you are financially capable to. He's proved to other individuals that it is worth it, which is why they own it.
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    Would like to see the P31A-DS. Interested but not sure whether to pick between the P31A-DS or the P37-DS. Dropcrotch vs normal articulation.
  5. bboysparrow


    Typically see these in Snow or Ski Jackets as a "Snow Skirt". Prevents snow from entering from below and into the jacket when you're shredding the gnar.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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