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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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I am not really pleased with the shrinkage, and also i would want some more honeycombs.

i am currently working on a pair of japan made evisu... and they are starting to look good.

2 days useddsc000465co.jpg

2days useddsc000451ri.jpg

6months and 2 weeksslitnaevisus23qn.jpg

6months and 2 weeksslitnaevisus4xc.jpg

i´m starting to get some strange threadbreaks in the wiskers...

i´m not sure why it is that way.

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how long did you wear your acnes for? did they wear well? i'm working in a pair now but i'm worried the indigo won't fade as well as other brands (ie: nudies, apc). when i bought them, the sales girl said hers retained the raw colour well, which isn't exactly what i'm going for.

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At first I didn't like how they looked, it was just a dull blue colour compared to that greyish luster type look they had before washing which I quite liked. For some reason after wearing them again they look different and I don't mind them. These pictures I took were right after washing - they look different now


The important thing before I report in... my position.

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Here are my edwin nashvilles after about 6 months on an off and two or three washes, i cant remember the specifics.

Loving the rich grain of the denim, however they are more about a nice fade than any sharp creasing. I dont wear my jeans very tight, maybe thats why. But then i dont like artificial or exaggerated creases, so its all good.





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