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  1. samsikle


    Supertrash renaissance hi sufu frans
  2. samsikle

    Super Trashed in Paris

    burritos @ el nopal!
  3. samsikle

    Super Trashed in Paris

    alright bros, i'm back in paris until the end of the month. anyone going to be around?
  4. samsikle


  5. samsikle

    Tell me something Good

    went to interview FKJ. he invited us to go to a show at Social Club and we got to hang backstage w/ Breakbot & Irfane, Chromeo and the other dudes from the label he's on called Roche Musique who i also really like. i'm not a big Chromeo fan but they put on a pretty good funky DJ set.
  6. samsikle

    Tell me something Good

    my brother's best friend was going through europe interviewing people and told me that in Paris he would interview one of my favorite artists and invited me to tag along. i ended up taking the train up the next day and i spent the past week meeting, hanging out and partying with a few of my favorite musicians/DJs. pretty awesome!
  7. going to be in Paris from june 1st to the 16th. holla hit me up, i'll fight all you bros outside of uniqlo.

    1. jibaro


      ok but im a yellow belt in taekwondo so watch out

    2. landa


      uniqlo sells black belts so get there early

  8. samsikle

    Super Trashed in Paris

    i decided a few hours ago that i'm going to go to paris tomorrow. i'll be there until the 16th. send me a PM if you want to kick it and we can exchange info~ on doit faire la fête
  9. samsikle

    Post your handwriting

  10. samsikle

    Post your handwriting

    my handwriting changes depending on the pen/pencil. i didn't know what to write so i wrote out the lyrics to jawnz: a love story. i fucked up the words a few times and my pen started going crazy at the bottom.
  11. samsikle

    Super Trashed in Paris

    so there's a chance pretty good chance i will be in town from the 5-16th.. something like that. are there any other superfuture people from paris / will be there then?
  12. samsikle

    What are you listening at right now

  13. samsikle

    Stationery: pens, pencils, notebooks,etc.

    paper: Carrefour cahier (lolll), Muji notebook, Moleskine Peanuts Agenda writing: Lamy Safari Pencil & Fountain Pens, Noodler's Ink Ahab Flex Fountain Pen, Pilot G2 ink: Parker's Quink
  14. samsikle

    favorite superfuture quote.

    blunty said this in chat a while ago and it still hella makes me laugh