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    This is so unbelievably sad. So many years on this forum! Say it ain’t so!
  2. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    they should reissue the human made "sweat shirt" sweat shirt. I need a bigger size now. Its awesome because when you wear it with a jacket on top it looks like "eat shi"t
  3. Schaeffers garment hotel. 5 years
  4. usa :: new york :: general

    anyone know any chill rooftop bars upper east/west side? geographically limited to those areas...
  5. Moving Sale RRL, BOO, WWM etc.

    one wash, never worn. BNWT. picked these up, but just have too many pairs. $95 USD shipped in the USA. For more pics http://www.styleforum.net/t/445474/rrl-low-straight-29x32 tagged 29x32 measures waist 14.75" inseam 33" thigh 11" rise 9.5" knee 8" hem 7.5 Wool vest from Monitaly. Size is tagged 40, but fits like a small, and it's a vest, so a lot of flexibility. For more pics http://www.styleforum.net/t/523322/monitaly-wool-vest-small-40 Shoulder to shoulder 15 Pit to Pit 40 Hem to Bottom 26 Common Projects Achillies Mid White 40 $210 shipped in the USA For more pics http://www.styleforum.net/t/524114/common-projects-achillies-mid-white-size-40 Used pair of common projects. Worn, but well taken care of. Size 40. I put a pair of Hapad 3/4 felt insoles in these (as seen in the pictures). You can remove it or if you want, let me know and I will. Some minor heel wear, comes with box, bag, no extra laces. Will ship EMS internationally (+$40) or USPS priority USA. paypal address [email protected] I ship once a week and will send confirmation immediately after sending. Check my feedback.
  6. Samurai Jeans

    s5000bk since 2006!

    probably the best thing to ever appear on the interwebz. Had bootleg Havoc records tapes back in the day http://noiseaddiction2.blogspot.com/2015/09/proletariat-wers-boston-1981-1983.html
  8. japan :: tokyo :: general

    going back to tokyo with an empty suitcase, coming back with swagger and wtaps and og bape. where to cop, store specifics.
  9. Ande Whall Denim

    I'd vote unsafonized, as my STF cone denim had custom hardware. they look even older than that...
  10. Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    what a great weft pattern.
  11. coffee anyone?

    Got an aeropress the other day when it was on sale. Meh. Can't say I'm in love with it. Maybe a bit too quick of extraction time for me.
  12. Pho?!?!?!?!

    everything is marinated in fish sauce dude. that's crazy, will need to check it out if it's hand made noodles. Thats like pho to the ramen zen like level there is a place in burbank called mama hong's which is really good and beats all of LA proper from my experience. totally white washed, but excellent and clean. Man, pho 2000 in ktown was junk. It's a traditional chain in vietnam, but if you're in ktown, just go to LEGEND. chuc mung nam moi y'all
  13. Vintage Denim?

    really enjoy this thread, as well as finding all the japanese sites that sell old vintage stuff as well. Always much more interesting.
  14. coffee anyone?

    Got a gaggia Classic not to long ago . Paired with Bavata precisio its awesome