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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    They deduct the VAT (20% in France) for US online orders so it's less than that. When I ordered from them in Nov. (better exchange rate then) even with €25 shipping it came to about €216/$250. Not a huge savings, but I've been hunting down the remaining '78s in my size worldwide so it wasn't about cost. I like to think I now have a 30-year supply of them. In a previous life, I must have been a terrier.
  2. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    '78 is my favorite fit and long discontinued. (I couldn't care less about "historical accuracy.") Malibu LVC shop says they still get people asking for them. Less than US retail is in link below: https://www.royalcheese.com/fr/levi-s-vintage/569-levis-501-1978.html#/4577-couleur-blue/3799-taille-31_34
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Curious what impact it will have positioning/messaging-wise, whether they will try to emulate/reproduce US Cone-style denim and the iterations through the years. For example, the different properties from say '76/'78, '66, '47 etc., all of which were pretty specific. And then how do they tell/change the story? First Levi's closed their factories. Now they've lost their marquee fabric. What will the brand mean in light of the underpinnings of the "heritage" approach that was so integral to the brand? Or, being the tiny niche market that it is in the first place, is this only important to older buyers (like me) who grew up, lived in, and old with them? As I said, I'm curious to see where they go from here.
  4. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I assume that once Cone White Oak denim supply is exhausted LVC will cease to exist as a brand.
  5. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Oh, you're right. It's 4170. These don't have a second care tag, just the one.
  6. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Thanks, I appreciate your reply. The number stamped on the back of the Aero '78s top button is 1170. The other '78s (and also a pair '66s) that I have are all 4420. Attaching the inner care tag image. There's only printing on one side.
  7. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    First timer here with a question for the community: I have a pair of LVC 501/1978s rigid/unwashed that I bought online steeply discounted as dead stock earlier this year from Aero Leathers in Scotland. I did this because LVC discontinued the '78s. (I stocked up on my size, 32 x 34, when the '78s were discontinued-- I like the fit best for me.) Comparing them to other unwashed, unworn LVC '78s I have, there are some differences between them: The denim on the ones from Aero is distinctly different; it's slightly bluer and not hairy at all like on the other '78s. There is a larger rise (about an inch more), thigh is slightly larger and the leg openings are about 1/2" larger than the hairy denim pairs unwashed. They also have an extra button in the fly, 4 plus the top button, as opposed to 3. The interior white label says Made in USA but it does not mention Netherlands as a Levis business address. Instead it mentions a Levis Brussels address. Also there is no hang-tie label (with size info, big LVC red logotype, etc.) nor is there a repro vintage envelope in the back pocket. The style number on the pair from Aero is 78501-0001. The other '78s I have (from LVC site, shops and elsewhere) with hairy denim, repro vintage envelope and hang-tie label have the style number 78501-0002. Does anyone have any knowledge to impart regarding whether (or not) the pair from Aero are Cone denim, bootleg or not, actually USA-made, etc.? My initial thought is that LVC retooled the '78s at some point and they are a relic from the period before they did. I can upload photos if needed. Thanks.