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  1. the backpack pricing in particular is beyond absurd. i look forward to seeing how it's supposedly justified though.
  2. i bought the arcteryx maka 2 during my recent trip to singapore. not perfect but the size is pretty spot on for me.
  3. ebisu is great, as is the kapital store there. yaeca on the other hand...
  4. he posted that shit 9 years ago. prob has cyborg eyes by now.
  5. so what do they currently stock - just the stuff on the table? haven't been to melbourne since 2014, but the store looks bigger than i presumed.
  6. yeah, we will try and make a few dinner reservations but beyond that not too fussed. in singapore we went to 4x michelin starred joints, but i enjoyed myself all the same at 'normal' places. thanks for the heads up.
  7. just eat and look around. gf and i are almost polar opposites really (she doesn't really have any interest in fashion, design, etc).
  8. you stayed at tuve? i prob would have booked there if i was going solo, but ended up choosing hotel icon since it'll be me and the gf. she speaks native mandarin and almost-native cantonese, but can't read anything other than english. interestingly one of my ex's was the opposite (couldn't speak really but could read comfortably).
  9. going to HK for a week in october. looking forward to it.
  10. probably came across as overly aggressive since i haven't had my dick sucked for a while. apologies. i dunno man, i've been to GIP store wearing an old wtaps jacket and no one said anything. same with wearing samurai 710s at samurai etc etc. maybe i have very low expectations going into 'boutique' stores and/or come across as completely unapproachable, though. funnily enough the only time anyone has ever commented on my clothing publicly was tune magazine who took my photo wearing a uniqlo polo, eternal 883s, and nike internationalists. i doubt they would have even looked at me twice if i wasn't blondish and 6'1. edit: surprisingly received a few pms about levis in adelaide. i moved to canberra for work 2.5yrs ago and only go back a few times a year, so can't comment on what they have now. the store is in rundle mall (sorta opposite nike) and seemed to be staffed by mostly teenagers. felt kinda like being in general pants or something.
  11. i don't get it - were you expecting to get your dick sucked because you were wearing a pair of "well-worn jeans"?
  12. adelaide too, although i didn't notice any jackets (but didn't specifically look for them either).
  13. (legitimate) congrats on styling a shoot well. almost all australian stores are borderline embarrassing in this regard for whatever reason.
  14. does anyone have experience with the JB4300 'peg top' chino?
  15. wrong thread.