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  1. conqueror

    Watches and Denim

    it's somewhat common in everything from seiko divers to rolex subs.
  2. conqueror

    The Sock Thread

    edit: wrong thread.
  3. conqueror

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    cross-post from the TCB thread: do you think i could hot soak just the sleeves on a 50s jacket to get some shrinkage (i'm only after 1-2cm), or will it have zero effect since it's OW?
  4. conqueror

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    if you hand wash in cold water you'll be fine, julian. i very rarely wash sweaters anyway.
  5. conqueror

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    it seems like every pair of 710s eventually get some crazy leg twist.
  6. conqueror


    do you think i could hot soak just the sleeves to get some shrinkage (i'm only after 1-2cm), or will it have zero effect since it's OW?
  7. conqueror


    just received my 50s jacket in OW, size 42. fits well, although the sleeves are a hair longer than i would like. probably the first time i've experienced this issue with japanese garments. i assume it's from the wash process, but all of my buttons look pristine with the exception of one which is super rusty. did anyone else's arrive like this?
  8. conqueror


    thanks - my chest is about 100cm exactly which is just under 40". do you think a 42 is better than a 40?
  9. conqueror


    can i get some sizing advice on the 50s jacket? 6'1/80kg - was gonna get a 40 but maybe 42 would be better? don't want the sleeves to be too long which is why i'm hesitant to go up a size. edit: just read some 5'11/75kg dude bought a 44. what the fuck...
  10. conqueror

    The Flat Head

    kobayashi is around 60ish (from memory) + incredibly wealthy, so i'm not surprised he's calling it a day.
  11. conqueror

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    spitfiredealer reminds me of OG farmer. they even have similar physical features.
  12. conqueror

    Skull Jeans by An Alchemist

    sup. skulls. vans. (10).
  13. conqueror

    Sugar Cane Denim

    yeah, dryers are definitely very US centric: most americans i've met seem to to use them for absolutely everything. in the UK and australia i've owned a dryer as well, but like MF i only ever really use it for towels and bed sheets. i could easily go without one if needed.
  14. conqueror


  15. conqueror

    australia :: general

    i'm in sydney next week for a day. best place for solo (early) dinner?