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  1. arcteryx veilance

    with the exception of a shirt, i don't button the bottom on anything (e.g. cardigan). no bueno.
  2. china :: hong kong :: general

    http://doek.jp/stockists/ i actually went to the HK store and didn't see any, just buzz rickson sneakers.
  3. china :: hong kong :: general

    just returned to australia after from an 8 day HK holiday. unfortunately we lost one entire day and night due to a T8 typhoon warning (entire city basically shut down), although we left the hotel to basically walk a lap and it didn't seem that bad. cannot fathom how MALLS close down in that, but regardless, we had an amazing trip and i couldn't help but automatically contrast it to singapore which i visited in may. ate at everywhere from local dim sum to michelin starred italian. i realised that i am melancholic leaving destinations these days, as i realise that realistically i am probably never going to visit them again due to time/money/wanting to travel to so many other locations. accomodation (hotel icon) was fantastic and sufu guide was pretty good too. edit: have lots of coffee and food recommendations if needed.
  4. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    i think it'll happen even if labor gets in.
  5. china :: hong kong :: general

    so we ended up going to yardbird as well. same great service, but i think it paled in comparison to ronin in every other area. the price wasn't that different either.
  6. china :: hong kong :: general

    we ended up going to ronin instead (think it's owned by the same people) - amazing!
  7. video games ruined my life

    picked up my SNES classic today, spent about 6hrs straight on earthbound - what a game!
  8. coffee anyone?

    freeman can front all he wants, but it was obvious he was purely after $$$ at a certain point years ago. hats off to him, though.
  9. china :: hong kong :: general

    what day is the 'best' (read least busy/most likely to get a table) day to visit yardbird - a wednesday or something like that?
  10. australia :: general

    i only go to melb like once every 3 years or something, but on my last visit—2014? maybe 2015, can't remember—i liked yong's, hihou (even though i don't drink), and neapoli. i actually met homme.homme at the latter for breakfast once. metropolis is good for design and other wank books but weak (imo) for fiction. still, any bookstore in 2017 is doing god's work. so is magnation, so go there. i only really went to either brother budan or sensory lab for coffee as my friend worked at SL during the time. i'm sure there are dozens of better places, but i found both convenient + i don't care about filter. edit: until recently i used to have probably 5-6 people in melbourne that i'd try to meet up with. think i only have one now. next trip will be interesting.
  11. Visvim fw2017

    FIL in HK closed right? when/why did this happen?
  12. haven used to charge $80 at one point...
  13. reigning champ or bust. i guess champion is a cheaper option, but i find them too boxy on my 6'1 frame.
  14. new balance

    i always thought you were a fellow member of the sasquatch (US12+) club for some reason. my heart is broken.
  15. arcteryx veilance

    the backpack pricing in particular is beyond absurd. i look forward to seeing how it's supposedly justified though.