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  1. Buzz Rickson

    shirt is way too big.
  2. Orslow

    i'm kind of amazed you wear a 4 in the shirts. i'm the same weight but slightly taller than you (6'1) and wear a 2 or 3.
  3. Orslow

    i've had the 107s for about almost 18 months now and probably washed them half a dozen times by hand. minor shrinkage.
  4. Watches and Denim

    another SKX. bought in 2009 and worn daily since then. unfortunately i somehow scratched the crystal between 4 and 5 just before christmas . would love an explorer one day.
  5. Orslow

    i am way too lazy to go through that shit now. one-wash or bust.
  6. i have a size 2 and the inseam is 32" which is fine. saying that, i might need to buy a size 3 eventually as i've put on a decent amount of weight since i bought these about 18mths ago. didn't think i would like the zip fly but i think i prefer it at this point. blasphemy i know...
  7. i'm 6'1 and the best thing about buying orslow denim was not having to worry about getting them hemmed. first pair of jeans in about a decade where i didn't need any alterations.
  8. Lets Talk Sandals.

    ended up buying suicoke on black friday. the consensus seems to be that they fit small, although i found the opposite: initially ordered my normal sneaker size (US12), but needed to go down to an 11.
  9. new balance

    i might gamble with a US 11, although i don't think i've ever worn that size in a sneaker before.
  10. new balance

    man 998s fit huge which is in stark contrast to my experience with all other nb models which i usually find tts or a little small. sucks since i can't return these.
  11. Lets Talk Sandals.

    what's teva like - go with my normal US sneaker size?
  12. china :: hong kong :: general

    food highlights: - 8 1/2 otto e mezzo bombana (even the bread basket is nuts. lots of rich pompous dickheads around though, which i guess is to be expected at a joint with 3 michelin stars) - tin lung heen (crazy view + the best service i've ever experienced) - mak un kee (shrimp wonton is absolutely incredible. pork wonton had a very weird texture to me which i didn't like) - joy hing (i got the pork and gf ordered goose. lots of reviews say they are 'rude' but i found everyone very nice. super chaotic and zero room to move inside, though. was expecting tons of tourists because i think it was on bourdain's show, but no other whiteboys around) - ronin (i don't drink but they have wilkinsons ginger ale so was happy. pleasantly surprised by not one but two eel options on the menu) - yardbird (both yardbird and ronin have the same owners: preferred ronin. where ronin is pretty much a formal bar/wannabe izakaya with a seafood-focused menu, yardbird is more casual and revolves entirely around chicken. literally all the yardbird staff seemed like expats which was odd) - din tai fung (i always try and visit a DTF wherever i go. always reliable. big fan) coffee: - elephant grounds (multiple locations, i went to mid-levels: very nice) - cupping room (multiple locations as well, went to mid-levels. great coffee but super shitty service) - omotesando koffee (amazing all-round) - espresso alchemy (okay at best. store is in a weird location in the middle of a sports mall) - n1 (okay again, shop was a bit grotty though) - kubrick (surprisingly good, but i went there for the magazine selection as opposed to coffee) buy the sufu guide and support the site too.
  13. Studio D'artisan

    it's funny that BF's recent picture is considered 'tight' - only a few years ago he would have been told to size down ad nauseum. looks good to me as is.
  14. arcteryx veilance

    not veilance, but does anyone stock the arro 22 that will ship to australia other than mr. porter? i know australia is hardly suited to shells etc, but i've never understood how shitty their distribution is here - even the 'smaller' (in comparison to the north face etc) outdoors brands such as mont-bell all have a way better presence.