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  1. going to HK for a week in october. looking forward to it.
  2. probably came across as overly aggressive since i haven't had my dick sucked for a while. apologies. i dunno man, i've been to GIP store wearing an old wtaps jacket and no one said anything. same with wearing samurai 710s at samurai etc etc. maybe i have very low expectations going into 'boutique' stores and/or come across as completely unapproachable, though. funnily enough the only time anyone has ever commented on my clothing publicly was tune magazine who took my photo wearing a uniqlo polo, eternal 883s, and nike internationalists. i doubt they would have even looked at me twice if i wasn't blondish and 6'1. edit: surprisingly received a few pms about levis in adelaide. i moved to canberra for work 2.5yrs ago and only go back a few times a year, so can't comment on what they have now. the store is in rundle mall (sorta opposite nike) and seemed to be staffed by mostly teenagers. felt kinda like being in general pants or something.
  3. i don't get it - were you expecting to get your dick sucked because you were wearing a pair of "well-worn jeans"?
  4. adelaide too, although i didn't notice any jackets (but didn't specifically look for them either).
  5. (legitimate) congrats on styling a shoot well. almost all australian stores are borderline embarrassing in this regard for whatever reason.
  6. does anyone have experience with the JB4300 'peg top' chino?
  7. how shitty (humid) is the weather in september compared to say singapore? i'm from australia and struggled with singapore humidity in may.
  8. i just did it by hand (so not much agitation), albeit with hot water. thankfully they seem to have stretched out a bit.
  9. washed my 107s for the first time. thankfully the waist didn't shrink, but the upper block/thighs have considerably. sucks, sz 3 would be better now. hopefully i can stretch them out a bit.
  10. thanks for the heads up, perhaps i should get the slim fatigues (it's winter here now) and save the work pants for warmer weather. sounds like they would have been useful when i was in singapore last week! hopefully a sz 2 (my 107 size) is okay. edit: jesus christ the AUD/GBP exchange rate is horrendous at the moment. ugh.
  11. tossing up between the french work pants and slim fatigues (blue exclusive through TBB). hmm.
  12. RHD changed hands a while ago and have since stocked further 'competitors'. however, the former owner and current owner are friends so i'm sure they were all introduced to each other.
  13. will be interested to see the pricing and what he chooses to stock.
  14. not particularly, but it's still on the yamanote.