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  1. conqueror


    ghurka market.
  2. conqueror

    Sugar Cane Denim

    denimio's site is definitely a little clunky, but my two orders with them were nonetheless very painless overall. sadly, i can't say i've always had the same positive experience with more expensive 'competitors' in the EU, US, or even japan. i'll try to support domestic (australian) stores where i can, but as highlighted, sometimes the local RRP is just way too inflated to make fiscal sense.
  3. conqueror

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    yeah, jelado still seems to be relatively unknown in the west, but is well liked in japanese and HK circles.
  4. conqueror

    Superdenim community sale thread

    americans aren't allowed to complain about international shipping.
  5. conqueror

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    TCB majestic patagonia MIE new balance
  6. conqueror

    Superdenim community sale thread

    i have a BNWT sugar cane madras shirt in XL for sale. i live in australia, but postage shouldn't be too insane as it's just a shirt. measurements available upon request. perfect for summer.
  7. conqueror


    sorry, yeah, i meant second from the top.
  8. conqueror


    does anyone have a somewhat awkward second button on their 50s jacket? all my other buttons do up perfectly, except the second button down is really strained and pulls significantly. i've noticed this is super common in various TCB fit pics too, although it's just isolated to that second button...
  9. conqueror


    i'm sure a ton of people in this thread and various other places can give you more current advice, but it will always be a gamble. the other thing to keep in mind is the cyclical nature and fairly uniform view of what's considered a desirable aesthetic in communities like these: when this thread started in '07 and i signed up in '08, the term 'techwear' didn't really exist and slim fits + sizing down on absolutely everything was king. it's the complete polar opposite now, although it will inevitably change again. acr back then were perhaps on the fringe somewhat of being influenced by this, but very few labels are completely immune and can still survive as legitimate 'outsiders'. bless and ccp are two salient examples off the top of my head.
  10. conqueror


    i haven't worn any acr in almost a decade (!) and only ended up with one single shell, so i have no idea. if it makes you feel better, i currently have stuff ranging from XS (an engineered garments cagoule) to XXL (a bronson work shirt, which ironically fits smaller). sizing never gets easier... edit: unfortunately many labels aren't consistent between years and collections etc. EG is a prime example, as their sizing has often been a complete rollercoaster. again, no clue about acr in 2021.
  11. conqueror


    not that i recall. with the exception of some barbour jackets and the occasional MIJ shirt, i've never really had issues with sleeve length. if anything, i tend to have the opposite problem, although i personally prefer sleeves to be slightly too short than too long (which is the complete opposite to 99% of people).
  12. conqueror


    i haven't owned any acronym since 2012, but back then i had one shell in a S. i'm 6'1 and was probably 72kg at the time.
  13. conqueror

    Sugar Cane Denim

    do sugar cane shirts shrink much in people's experience? i have two long sleeves in L; one fits perfectly, the other is a little too snug around the shoulders and arms. subsequently, i took a gamble on a short sleeve madras western shirt in XL and it's huge. not sure whether to try a hot wash + dry, or cut my losses and try to sell it onwards as BNWT. edit: it's funny because for years most of my bad luck re: sizing was due to garments being too small. these days it's the complete opposite.
  14. conqueror

    World of denim shops

    thanks for the heads up. their styling and 'modelling' of shirts is fine, but the jeans...
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