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  1. Lets Talk Sandals.

    yes - use code 'argiadia' for 100% off.
  2. Lets Talk Sandals.

    as i posted earlier, i find they fit large. a US 12 should be okay.
  3. australia :: general

    went to sydney and ate at: - sokyo. - sagra. - mr. wong. all fantastic and highly recommended. also got vol 1 of beams at home from kinokuniya which i've wanted for a while. on the topic of design, muji is opening in canberra this week. naoto fukasawa is giving a 'presentation' which i've booked tickets for ($2 or something) during the first few days, i'm curious as to what it'll be like.
  4. TECHWEAR.fail

    read my comments from a few years ago which i was crucified for. glad people are waking up.
  5. Denim Stores In Australia

    interesting thoughts on customer service - i'm happy with a 'hey', or even just a nod/smile, and then being left alone. honestly the only sufu related store i can even remember someone not even acknowledging my presence was GIP in shibuya. re: RHD - i don't live in SA anymore so didn't really visit the store much (maybe once a year), but it just seemed to continually shrink with time. bummer for adelaide nonetheless. my first purchase from there was actually a present bought by an ex-gf way back in late 2009. time flies. edit: i worked at american apparel from 2010-2013ish and at the start we had a 'policy' where we weren't meant to greet customers. it didn't last long as you can imagine.
  6. australia :: general

    i met david10d. he is a nice dude, although his future gf in the shoe store got jealous when she saw us holding hands. looking forward to a wedding invite. stayed at citadines on bourke for work which was way better than i expected. on the weekend i was at the grand hyatt which was nice, next time (?) i should try park hyatt instead. ate at scopri (perhaps the best italian restaurant i've been to in australia? if not, at least tied with pendolino in sydney) and movida (also fantastic). going to sydney next weekend. wanted to stay at the langham, but sheraton on the park was like $350 cheaper so i couldn't justify the difference. trying to decide between sagra, mazzaro, or pasta emilia.
  7. Denim Stores In Australia

    i knew that, i just thought the melbourne location moved for some reason.
  8. Denim Stores In Australia

    i'm in melbourne next week for work - did corlection move or am i imagining things?
  9. australia :: general

    going to melbourne for almost a week in mid-june, first visit since 2014 or whatever i said earlier in the thread. t-f i'll be there for work and staying in citadines on bourke, but weekend will be staying with gf in grand hyatt. booked movida and scopri for dinner - reviews seem good for both? tried to book tipo00 but apparently the waiting list for a weekend booking is two plus months. on the topic, melb is super weird with restaurant reservations in that hardly anyone seems to offer them for groups of less than 6 or so. howl/david, if you around and wanna meet up for coffee or whatever in (super) early morning or evening let me know. fyi i will most likely be haggard due to overwork and decked out in 90% uniqlo office attire. at least it will be cold.
  10. what fits most similar to the orslow 107 but 1-2" bigger in the thigh?
  11. Orslow

    coming up to 18mths with my 107s now. is there something made by SDA, TCB, kapital etc that fits similarly, but 1-2" bigger in the thigh? alternatively i guess i could go up a size in the 107s (from 2 to 3) but the waist might be too big.
  12. Orslow

    uh, orslow isn't marketed as mainstream of mass produced. end stock everything from adidas to visvim.
  13. Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    picking my nose.
  14. Buzz Rickson

    shirt is way too big.
  15. Orslow

    i'm kind of amazed you wear a 4 in the shirts. i'm the same weight but slightly taller than you (6'1) and wear a 2 or 3.