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  1. conqueror

    Buzz Rickson

    thanks all: i'll grab the L when hinoya restock it. tempted to try the XL but i'll wait.
  2. conqueror

    Sugar Cane Denim

    i don't own the 47s, although i have the 66s in a size 32. i pretty consistently wear a 33/34 in other non-SC denim and talked about my experiences with sizing earlier in the thread. in short, i found the measurements deceiving as the size 34 in particular was absolutely huge. 33 was borderline okay, but still too loose and sloppy for my liking.
  3. conqueror

    Buzz Rickson

    that dude is the same measurements as me? i was tossing up between a L or potentially even a XL.
  4. conqueror

    Buzz Rickson

    i've never owned a buzz shirt before, so can anyone comment on sizing for the l/s chambray work shirt? i'm 6'1/80kg with a 39.5"ish chest, normally a M in western and L in japanese labels.
  5. conqueror

    Vintage clothing and footwear

    i have a completely deadstock US army desert night camo fishtail parka from the gulf war, complete with the button-in quilted liner. you can get them pretty easily online, but they're usually worn and/or missing the liner. i love it, even if the medium is huge on my 6'1/80kg frame. supreme did a version with a massive and obnoxious 'riot' logo on the back a few years ago.
  6. conqueror

    Shoes that look better with age...

    whites want $200 USD to ship a pair of boots to australia. i'm giving danner my money instead.
  7. conqueror

    Buzz Rickson

    united carr is a sub-label of toyo and usually a quarter to half the price of buzz. i bought a UC MA-1 from hinoya about seven years ago as i didn't like buzz's offering at the time (USAF logos) nor william gibson's (colour). quality was very good for the price, though i ended up selling it shortly after it as i impulsively bought a size too small. edit: from memory, the dude at hinoya said the only significant difference in construction was MIC vs MIJ and 50/50 wool/cotton vs 100% wool cuffs. i actually prefer cotton for that myself and don't really care about MIC, even though i own other buzz etc items.
  8. conqueror

    Shoes that look better with age...

    similar to other 'personalities' in design and fashion, lofgren has always struck me as someone with a fairly significant ego. i'm not offended by his post, but i can completely understand why a chinese or indonesian fan of his would be.
  9. conqueror

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    received my first bronson order. heavy cotton pocket t-shirt: fits great, constructed well, and has a nice weight. absolutely zero complaints for something that is only marginally more expensive than uniqlo (tees and socks are pretty much the only two things i refuse to drop $$$ on). i was only able to get one of these in 'ginger' as every other colour was sold out, but i would definitely order more. wabash worker shirt: again, very good for the price and overall better than i expected. slightly too big on me and a 42/XL would probably fit better, so i'll likely wear this unbuttoned. one minor gripe is the arms seem to be cut particularly wide around the bicep. spire watch cap: unfortunately i have eczema and can't wear wool on my head, so finding a decent watch cap in an alternative material is often a challenge. this is super thick and seems to be of decent quality, however, the design itself is sadly more akin to an exaggerated 90s carhartt beanie as opposed to a 'traditional' cropped watch cap. my head is absolutely massive and the length of this (pause) is actually comical. for reference, i'm 186cm/80kg and typically wear a M in most western brands and L in japanese labels. based on advice from bronson and here, i ordered both shirts in 44/XXL (!!!). sizing up was absolutely essential, despite my initial reluctance. edit: shipping from china to australia took about three weeks.
  10. conqueror

    Byborre textile tech style

    one of their head designers—cotton duck—used to post here back in the day.
  11. conqueror


    it looks to be much more successful than april ever was. i guess luxury sportswear is a much bigger market overall, especially these days.
  12. conqueror


    just finished cleaning up some stuff at my parents' house and found these buried at the back of my old bedroom closet; i ended up exchanging the 30s for a size 29 which is unfathomable to me in 2020. they're now available as-new with a ton of other stuff at the salvation army in darlington, so hopefully someone picks up a cheap steal! since retiring april, it appears brice now runs a new parisian label called 'satisfy running'. edit: seems fitting that this thread died on page 77, too.
  13. conqueror

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    how is the sizing of bronson vs bob dong tees? do you order the latter directly from taobao? my chinese isn't so great... edit: bob dong might be out since i'm 186cm.
  14. conqueror

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    i personally think the shoulders are too wide and it's significantly billowy in the torso, particularly at the back.
  15. conqueror

    Sugar Cane Denim

    excuse the poor lighting. edit: and excuse the broken img tags.
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