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  1. conqueror

    Shoes that look better with age...

    re: previous page, my normal wedding outfit these days include trickers ilkley in brown zug (half size too big, but got them on crazy discount) + a navy ripstop casual "suit" by nigel cabourn. i'm sure grenson or similar have a more affordable alternative.
  2. i really don't understand the thinking behind interior leather/cowhide sweatbands in caps (e.g. poten) other than they're considered a 'premium' material. i personally find them super uncomfortable, particularly in (australian) summer as the sweat doesn't get absorbed and just irritates your skin.
  3. conqueror

    Watches and Denim

    wow, congrats! i'm usually lucky if i get a pair of socks these days haha.
  4. conqueror

    Kapital jeans

    very glad i didn't hem; just (hand) washed these in cold water and the inseam shrank a further inch.
  5. conqueror

    Superdenim community sale thread

    selling my sugar cane SC42966 jeans, size 32 and chainstitch hemmed to approx 31.5". worn for about 6 months; there is definitely some wear, but no rips/holes (inc at the crotch). unfortunately shipping from australia is often expensive (particularly to the UK), so please keep that in mind. saying that, the australian dollar is terrible at the moment, so it might even itself out somewhat. happy to take more photos etc if needed. $230 AUD (approx. $162 USD / 120 GBP at time of posting) without shipping. a new pair on self edge retail for $265 USD, so i thought this would be reasonable. if it isn't, let me know.
  6. conqueror

    Conners Sewing Factory

    you're based in hong kong, right? tell him to take a hike. if anyone should be worried about copyright and intellectual property, it's him.
  7. conqueror

    Conners Sewing Factory

    i saw what you wrote, @Flash. i took screenshots and forwarded them as necessary. you will be hearing from CSF's legal team shortly.
  8. conqueror

    Conners Sewing Factory

    what a petty loser, even moreso when you consider the dude's entire business is essentially based on copying others. reminds me a bit of full count going after TCB, which is another ridiculous case and made me stop supporting FC altogether. i wish DS stood his ground. edited because i can't type. libel case when?
  9. conqueror

    Kapital jeans

    just received some OW monkey ciscos in the 'standard' 14oz denim. does anyone have any experience with shrinkage before i get them hemmed? i assume there will be little to none in length, but i've been stung with other labels before. might hold off and wear chunky cuffs until their first (cold) wash at home.
  10. conqueror


    i've wanted to try the 66s for a while, but i hate the back pocket stitching and had a bad experience in the past with a seam ripper...
  11. conqueror


    just received my wrecking crew overalls. ordered on thursday, arrived in australia on monday via fedex. very happy with them overall and A+ service as usual from TCB. for reference, i'm 186cm/85kg and these are a size 36 based on ryo's advice. i normally wear a 32-34 in most jeans and trousers. as you can see, i could probably wear a 34 too, but i like the extra room around the thigh for these. they're apparently 11oz, although to me they feel significantly lighter; this could be good or bad depending on what you're after. it's winter here at the moment, so i plan to wear them often with some heattech leggings underneath. one thing i'll flag is i found the inseam measurements to be somewhat deceiving: i wasn't expecting to need a cuff at all, but i ended up folding x4 in the below. this might be due to the fact that i have a relatively long torso and short legs for my height. sorry for the terrible lighting. worn with dime/uniqlo/birks.
  12. conqueror


    thanks for the links + suggestions. i knew the tabby was 'authentic', the design just isn't for me. i love dungarees too, but sizing is often tricky as i have a fairly long torso/short legs for my height (186cm). nonetheless, i think i'll take a gamble on the wrecking crews in a week or so. i might ask ryo beforehand as to whether he'd suggest a 34 or 36.
  13. conqueror


    looking at some overalls. don't like the strap design on the 10oz tabby, so it's a toss-up between the wrecking crew and handyman. any thoughts? leaning towards the wrecking crew, but any sizing advice etc would be appreciated!
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