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  1. will be interested to see the pricing and what he chooses to stock.
  2. not particularly, but it's still on the yamanote.
  3. young pope any good?
  4. embarrassing.
  5. american retailers are way more guilty of not shipping overseas than their japanese counterparts. i'm talking beyond denim and clothing stores, though.
  6. nudie was a 'gateway' for alot of people such as me. it was particularly huge in the hardcore (music) scene in the mid 00s where every second dude wore either thin finns or slim jims. i owned my first pair in 2007, and i only remember because at that time it was by far the most expensive piece of clothing i had ever bought. when i first visited japan in 2008 i knew what selvage was, although it wasn't until 2010 when i decided to try it out with a pair of momotaro which coincided with the then recent opening of right hand distribution in adelaide. edit: prior to nudies, diesel zathans were the jean of choice. thanks wes hahaha. edit 2: ironically the only compliment i ever received on my nudies was from a random older japanese dude in my hotel who said "nudies? beautiful, beautiful jeans". he was wearing a really wide repro cut, presumably canes but back then i would have no idea.
  7. TCB

    i don't know exactly, most hats don't fit though. i have an old red sox new era which is 7 5/8 and slightly tight.
  8. girlfriend and i decided to be impulsive for once, so we're spending a week in singapore during the first week of may for my 30th birthday. looking forward to it, especially as i haven't been overseas since early 2014. has anyone dined at any japanese restaurants (including the handful which are michelin starred)? i know costs are eye watering, but getting a reservation is probably going to be more problematic. hopefully my birthday being on a tuesday will help.
  9. TCB

    does anyone own the 30's hat? tossing up between the L or XL from denimio, it's nice someone has made a hat similar to a daisy mae + catered to big domes!
  10. that's fair enough - i was more referring to australia as opposed to melbourne. how was WS?
  11. i personally disagree with the 5yr ago comment. is anthill that repair dude? edit: my opinion is not meant to be antagonistic whatsoever, although i know it comes across that way haha.
  12. presuming if i'm a 2 in the 107s i can get away with a 2 in the slim fatigues?
  13. i ended up getting the edp on discount. longevity is pretty poor, so i presumably received an old bottle or it just doesn't go well with my skin chemistry. my girlfriend bought me the monsieur li edt for christmas. it's v nice but v weak as well.
  14. heading back for 3 days in may. anything i 'must' see/do/eat/visit?