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  1. Dont put anything important in the front pockets of your j1wb-e. Shit falls out as soon as you bend over. Dropped my phone about 10 times now just from getting in my car with the jacket on
  2. Bump, $500 shipped + pp fee
  3. WTS SISP Convert Cargos sz 48 Great condition $350 shipped in US
  4. WTS P32-DS Size M full pack some light piling on right cargo pocket $550 Shipped in US
  5. It hurts to see retailer prices
  6. WTS p32-ds size M full pack $700 shipped
  7. Which color did you like more? currently have a white j65, kinda want a white j70 too
  8. WTT P36-E size m for new P38-E size m black
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