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  1. still needing that elusive j49
  2. J58 now sold, but still looking for trade items.
  3. WTT J58-WS (small) for J49 (small/medium) P17 or P23
  4. been scouring for ages this is the last place to look. WTB J49 - SS (Small/Medium) J51 - WS (Small)
  5. FS: J1B-S [small/Black] w/ OG everything. PM me. WTB (Small/Medium) : J36 - GT J47 - GT J1A - S/GT
  6. FS: p10-s (Black/Small) will trade for p17, UK buyers preffered.
  7. anyone know of UK stockists despite END/Peggs that are getting the new collection tomorrow?
  8. bump £700 +shipping etc
  9. im a small size in jackets i got a small in a J1B, i would say it fits perfectly but fits kind of tight around the bottom and in certain areas, if i had the resources and time i would definitely return and size up.
  10. FS: J1B-S black (Small) Brand New located in the UK
  11. anyone had experience with Baicyclon messenger bags? recently grabbed an ACR Interops jacket so looking for a cheaper alternative to a 3a messenger bag with a quick release feature to fully take advantage of the interops system. Any other quick release systems out there other than Baicyclon/Bagjack?