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  1. WTB J63-PB Large J33-E Alpha Green Medium J1B-S Large
  2. With phones getting bigger, do you utilise your pants ‘phone pocket’ for anything else??
  3. Thank you @MNB. I use grangers performance wash on my other items but I've never washed a garment that states ‘neutral detergent’.
  4. Ciao everyone, I’m looking to wash a Stone Island x Nike Windrunner AW jacket. On the label it states to use ‘neutral detergent’ which I haven’t done before. Please can you advise a certain brand or share what you use? Grazie.
  5. I’m after a couple more Veilance t shirts in medium. Can anyone do a better price than the official site? Thanks thanks. UK Based
  6. Pant - I would have to say P37-DS. Got everything I want.
  7. Totally agree with @TEKsevenZERO Fitment is key. It can be an expensive game of trying different garments out but when you have a piece that fits it makes it all worth while.
  8. WTT P31-DS Solid 8/10 Medium Why are Acronym waists soo huge? Looking for another style in Medium. Grazie.
  9. Can anyone recommend a tailor in the UK please? Need to get Acronym pants altered/fitted.
  10. WTT P31-DS Solid 8/10 Medium Fitment not quite right, would like to swap for another model of pant in medium. Grazie.
  11. WTB Stone Island x Nike Hyperlight Membrana Windrunner Jacket XL (preferably in black) BBS Bamba 2 Kangaroo Leather UK9
  12. @TheLinfelI tried on once and it was huge. I would personally go for a smaller size.
  13. @moneytalks thanks man.
  14. And this is why I reached out. Very informative @Yan90 respect :).
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