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  1. FelixRevolt

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wanting to Trade J1B-GT-Multi / Large / Multi RAF Green. 2 Hoods: RAF Green & Hi Vis Orange. Only Tried on. for J28-WS / Large or J47A-WS / Large Thank you please.
  2. FelixRevolt


    That’s cool, eliminates pocket snagging.
  3. FelixRevolt


    Do it man, sod the Valentines gift. Am I seeing another extra 2 pockets on the P30A. Incredible.
  4. FelixRevolt


    Looking for a bit of advice if possible. Just received a pair of second hand Acronym Lunar Force 1. At the bottom of the zip, the connection from the toe box to the upper is on its last threads. I was thinking of using an adhesive to maybe help strengthen the joint around the area. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Much love.
  5. FelixRevolt


    Sounds like the leg extenders are secured by Velcro on the jacket, so maybe a little Velcro is on the new pants....
  6. FelixRevolt

    Byborre textile tech style

    You guys were correct. Purchased a Weightmap Hoodie Merino, incredible. Feels like a really great hug.
  7. FelixRevolt

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Set Your Goals.
  8. FelixRevolt


    Had to break out the J50-WS today, it’s fricking freezing in the UK. I know someone mentioned ages ago (possibly @jeddyhsu?) about a possible ultimate insulated ACR jacket/shell. But would any of you go for an insulated ACR pant if created?
  9. FelixRevolt


    The flak pocket on the J1A. I find it great for my sunglasses as I think it’s in the best place to avoid damage.
  10. FelixRevolt


    Thanks @beepy. Just looked on my invoice and it has the multi J1B-GT and NG5-PU as Czech(port of lading). I’m gonna ping Acronym another email now. Edit - Acronym apologised and dispatched the missing item today.
  11. FelixRevolt


    Received Multi J1B-GT yesterday and it’s the bomb. Love the shoulder pockets and colours. I ordered an NG5-PU along with it but this wasn’t in the package. I’ve emailed base camp and waiting for their reply. Does anyone know something here, possibly shipped from another location?
  12. FelixRevolt


    Multi back up.
  13. FelixRevolt


    I think the ‘price error’ could possibly have been tactical, which I’m all for if the product gets to the real fans. Managed to catch a multi which I’m soo grateful of. Hoping it lands before Christmas because last purchase from Acronym took forever and a day.
  14. FelixRevolt


    Multi M up.
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