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  1. FelixRevolt

    Techninja/Greyman/Replicant introduction thread

    For a bit of fun, what was your first Acronym garment? J46-WS, still own it.
  2. FelixRevolt

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Compact duffel bag back online.
  3. FelixRevolt


    I have recently picked up a J33-E and I’m well pleased with it. Really like the encapsulated nylon material. It’s lightweight and feels great as many of you have expressed before. The cut of the jacket feels roomy, yet fitted. I’m glad I went with a smaller size. The access from the left external pocket to the internal pocket is useful. And the hood design is super cool. How are people finding the J33-E after a bit of time?
  4. FelixRevolt

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P16A-CH FW-1415, Small, new only tried on. Folded spec sheet. No bag. £375. I didn’t purchase from realreal. Dropped price. You’re correct to pull me up on my price @Yan90, I saw the hanon vault price and thought I would copy. I understand that this place isn’t for profit but for the love of Acronym. Apologises.
  5. FelixRevolt

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P16A-CH FW-1415, Small, new only tried on. Folded spec sheet. No bag. £400 plus postage, plus fees. I didn’t purchase from realreal. Dropped price.
  6. FelixRevolt

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Big up @mikon_nikon. Totally honest chap and made purchasing a joy. If he is selling something you want, there is no need to think twice.
  7. FelixRevolt


    Yes. I also find the flak pocket real useful for sunglasses. But if I owned an Acronym piece with sleeve anchor loops that would probably be my favourite feature though.
  8. FelixRevolt


    I personally find it very difficult to select the correct size of an Acronym piece, due to the articulate/ergonomic designs.
  9. FelixRevolt

    Techninja/Greyman/Replicant introduction thread

    Dan Carpenter England GB I’ve always appreciated well made, quality products in everything. In short I came to techwear through Stone Island/CP Company (Massimo Osti) to Shadow Project then Acronym. I appreciate the thought and time spent on designing a garment with functionality a priority. The in depth consideration/research for the placement of a pocket. The intricate details you discover when you wear a garment. A piece of clothing that has meaning, has a story appeals to me. Longevity is a must. I don’t mind spending hard earned money but I want it to last. I think to own a piece of clothing you really like has an extra special feeling. Been reading this forum for a couple of years. I’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed the discussions, so I decided to sign up. Dogs are love and happiness.
  10. FelixRevolt


    The J84-S samurai hood is killer.
  11. FelixRevolt


    I’m in the same boat, my wide shoulders make it a tough decision.
  12. FelixRevolt


    Perhaps diluting is too strong of a word, but creating multiple versions of the J1A in such a small amount of time is too speedy for me. I think we can all agree that we enjoy the little tweaks to previous versions of a model and the constant search for improvement. But I would like the variations spread over the collection a bit more.
  13. FelixRevolt


    I’m loving the backpack.
  14. FelixRevolt


    Has anyone used/got experience of Llamasoft material? Just read a little about it on http://altifibers.com/main/products/tops/llama-soft/ Super comfy?
  15. FelixRevolt

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTT Stone Island 30/30 Anniversary Jacket. Size M (blue) for non GT jackets, tops(M/L, pants (S/M)
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55