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  1. FelixRevolt


    A little pampering for new product shots?
  2. FelixRevolt


    Has anyone purchased a J87-WS?
  3. FelixRevolt

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Want to Sell J1B-GT-Multi / Large / Multi RAF Green. 2 Hoods: RAF Green & Hi Vis Orange. Only Tried on. £1427.21 plus fees/ship. P10A-E / Medium / Alpha Green. Black mark on cargo pocket otherwise great condition. £600 plus fees/ship. J46-S / Medium. Normal wear marks 7.5/10. £750 plus fees/ship. My wardrobe is risking a severe hernia, I would like these to go to good homes.
  4. FelixRevolt

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Ha ha congratulations. This is sick.
  5. FelixRevolt


    To ones with the knowledge, have ACR ever made a reversible piece?
  6. FelixRevolt

    Urban Techwear

    Anyone know more on the Aitor Throup drop this Friday? All I’ve gathered up is a release on Nifty Gateway on Friday @6.30/7pm ET, not sure if this is artwork only. The hats look real cool on Lil Yin, Lil Yang and Good Ol’ Dom.
  7. FelixRevolt

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

  8. FelixRevolt


    It’s starting to make sense to me now, thank you. I just didn’t want to dive in and instantly pay the import fee, very nearly did because it’s been such a draaaggg.
  9. FelixRevolt


    So I’m just trying to get my head round this now. I haven’t paid tax at the checkout, so I’m basically paying it now on import charges. Can someone share what they paid for the P38-E regardless of where you rep from. I paid €1155.37 plus the import charges I’ve gotta pay. (Keeping Euro to make simple).
  10. FelixRevolt


    Yeah that’s correct my man.
  11. FelixRevolt


    Nah no stupid questions, I feel the stupid one. Government charges - £793.01 Brokerage Charges- £19.83
  12. FelixRevolt


    Thank you for talking about this boring subject, but the fee is a lot of monies. Hopefully having a little more patience will pay off.
  13. FelixRevolt


    Yeah that’s good thinking @mikon_nikon I should have maybe thought about doing that. I’m not switched on to these kinda things. Unfortunately as it stands at the moment, my order is in the UK at a UPS depot. I didn’t want to just pay the HUGE import fee without asking the crew here. I’ve sent an email to Acronym for their advice. And also an email to UPS customs if there is any flexibility in the fee. New job opportunity Acronym Mule.
  14. FelixRevolt


    I know it totally sucks. This was my next thought, as people have mentioned how big the waist is, they may not fit me. But I’m unsure of what that entails. Ask for a refund from Acronym?
  15. FelixRevolt


    Thank you @brainerd666, that was a body shot I didn’t see coming. I will share if I have any luck but I’m not getting my hopes up.
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