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  1. denimdestroyedmylife

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    anyone reading Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panter? i'm all caught up. it took a bunch of issues for him to set up the chess pieces but it is looking promising. i havent read a marvel title in ages.
  2. denimdestroyedmylife

    General TV show discussion

    i like the original film i was reluctant to watch the series on HBO but they did right by the movie there was a late 1970s porno spoof on West World called Sex World: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0127862/ i saw it and thought it was pretty cool too the HBO series is like the marriage of the original film and sex world
  3. denimdestroyedmylife

    What are you listening at right now

    read by the author
  4. denimdestroyedmylife

    2 for 1 Pics

    horace andy and johnny
  5. denimdestroyedmylife

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    ^ i will check it out. i loved Shade The Changing Man i am reading Moebius' Edena pretty wild
  6. denimdestroyedmylife

    best albums 2016

    i haven't listened to everything i want to yet but so far: lambchop - FLOTUS bowie - black star nick cave- skeleton tree babyfather - BBF frankie cosmos - next thing iggy pop - post pop depression
  7. denimdestroyedmylife

    shit you hate

    i don't know how one can argue about trump's non-racism and omit his hiring of Steve Bannon, the poster boy of white nationalism, as Chief Executive of his campaign or trump management inc's redlining of POC at his apartment buildings i will agree that crying wolf is not good but this is not that
  8. denimdestroyedmylife

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Denver Becomes First US City to Allow Marijuana in Bars http://abc7.com/politics/denver-becomes-first-us-city-to-allow-marijuana-in-bars/1610242/
  9. denimdestroyedmylife

    shit you hate

    this is a kind of political correctness, isn't it? fall in line behind the president no matter what. crying about trump's victory is a first amendment right. shutting up about it, being scared to speak out, is more pussy-ish, don't you agree?
  10. denimdestroyedmylife

    RIP Vine

    this was my favorite vine ever:
  11. denimdestroyedmylife

    Most fucked up thing youve ever said to somebody...?

    i'm on facebook pm me her name and address history i'll find her and pass along your message
  12. denimdestroyedmylife


    every living thing that is big started small
  13. denimdestroyedmylife

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    encountered twin brothers with the same exact name
  14. denimdestroyedmylife

    Stop Lurking

    hi there. are you here for vacation?
  15. denimdestroyedmylife

    Anime / Manga

    i just read the first Planetes omnibus and will crack open the second soon very good, obviously