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  1. You guys want subnet to get taken away for good huh
  2. ^ Listen to this man and sell me your WHT DAF1 plz. Size US10 or 10.5
  3. wtb: DAF1/001 - US 10-10.5
  4. wtb: j47a-gt size L
  5. IC/WTT: J53TS Size L Condition: Like new 9/10, full pack everything included. Would prefer to trade for a size M. Price: $1400 shipped in the U.S
  6. ^ Goodluck, they're to busy selling it for 2k.
  7. Raf P24A-S size M full pack - $850 + 2.9% PP fees Condition: Like new worn once 10/10 *SOLD Blk P10-S size L full pack - $625 +2.9% PP fees = SOLD* Condition: excellent used condition 8.5/10 I can cover shipping if you're in the U.S, otherwise please add shipping if international.
  8. ^ Its the same idiot that listed it for 2.5k on Grailed.
  9. Raf still here, black sold. wtb: 3A-3TS XPAC/SVR foil 3A-5TS XPAC/SVR foil 3A-1 XPAC/SVR foil Set 2 full pack size L J1A-S size M
  10. FS; Both M Raf p24a-s - $850 - Worn once for 1 hour, like new. Blk p24a-s - $OLD Prices don't include PP fees & shipping.
  11. Interest check: P24A-S Black Size M - willing to trade for one in DS. EDIT: brand new with bags/spec sheet.
  12. You and me both ~ Whatever though, I got the p24a-s in both color ways so I'm happy.
  13. WTS; all 3 colors in size M w/ original box. Olive - $OLD! Bamboo - $SOLD! Volts - $OLD! Edit: All sold thank you.
  14. IC: Blk P23TS-S Size S. I'm selling this for a friend, it will be shipped from Japan.