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    Pharrell came by Self Edge Mexico yesterday, so we did a WAYWT. Me: Stevenson / Sacai / Self Edge x Lofgren Him: Ice Cream / BBC / BBC / nonnative x Timberland
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    Marni bomber Digawel pants Vans My friends: Liam Hodges bomber Cottweiler pants Nike Casey Casey jacket Our legacy Pants Nike
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    Craig Green jacket Nike ACG sweat CDG Black pants Vans Gosha Christophe Lemaire parka Our Legacy pants Bape
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    you've lost your control mu friend we just talk about clothes, why starting a xenephobic speech against Frenchies as if you mother was raped by a French in the past ... it's always funny to see how someone who doesn't have real History knowledge can be ridiculous ^^ You asked me where i was during these wars (03' golf is not really a war for freedom but more a mission to control the oiled, keep realistic ^^) but you buddy, where were you ? the only fights you seems to lead are at SF or COD, get back to your video games (French cheeses are nice, a lot of American or Australian come to France for testing them )
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    Frank Leder ts(s) Frank Leder Phillip Lim
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    undercoverism, junya, uniqlo, docs
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    Dries Van noten Patrik Ervell President's Common Projects
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    Addict Clothes Number (N)ine Undercoverism Red Wings
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    yohji-dries-yohji-yohji feat.cool lanyard
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    Craig Green Jacket Cos bomber Marni pants Vans x Gosha Etudes scarf X 2
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    Petar Petrov Dries Van Noten knit Dries Van Noten pants Rick Owens Goodyear Flex
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    Hat: Ann Demeulemeester X Elvis Pompilio Coat: Margiela Scarf: Mom Shirt: Uniqlo Sweater: SNS Herning Jeans: Uniqlo Boots: Vass expo= Olafur Eliasson at Moderna Museet In front of the uppståndelsekapellet: Hat and coat: same gloves: Margiela Turtleneck: Véronique Branquinho Slacks: Peir Wu Shoes: Muji
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    again. happy xmas! visvim supreme charity nonnative drkshdw
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    I think I've never seen that jacket from the front, people probably walk around with their front to the wall so they can be photo-ready.
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    Bless No. 31 Rick Owens Ann Dem
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    supreme undercoverism guerrillagroup bape georgecox
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    Junya Watanabe Velva Sheen Novemb3r Visvim https://www.instagram.com/p/_JmCcuO7qh/?taken-by=commeunanonyme
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    American Vintage Raf Simons Nicomede Talavera Ramones
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    So I am finished with my CUSTOMJUTSUa project and there is no better place to showcase it than here. TryHardSquadæ. Sorry pics heavy. 3A-3TS-D (D=Daniel) FOREWORD: I customized most of my packs since the age of 9 when I joined boy scouts and wanted custom hooks for Rambo knifes and stuff. Anywat the sewing job is nowhere Bagjack perfect, but it's mine and I did it myself (too hard to explain all the features to professional tailor). I was told I am crazy to customize such expensive bag, I am not, it's just rare, there are people putting twin turbos in their Lambos voiding the warranty and every single nail you put in your wall is customization. Some pictures already leaked on my IG, but this is the best place to showcase the project. THE ZIPPER: Since day 0, I wanted the pack without any olive parts, during changing the zipper and having the bag torn apart I decided to put more features in the 3TS. I used YKK reverse coil 10C zipper [the slider is reversible and the inside pull was cut away]. [3A-1 inspired cable port, useless 3A strap hook to keep the original ACR style, HK550 zipper pull] STRAP SYSTEM: It's better for your back to wear backpack(BP) rather than messenger bag(MB). Used the original anchor points to make the look same as MB but worn as BP. Most of the plastic hardware is 3D printed to fit the 40mm webbing straps. The QR buckle is fidlock 40mm hook with another 3D printed counterpart to hold the silver loop and work for this project. The adjustment HW is covered with rubber band. [Triforce loop, Fidlock Hook QR buckle] BACKPOCKET: I never understood why there is the mesh part on the back, so I made it into a slim pocket, ideal for ipad, stickers or small book. [backpocket closed/open] ELEVATOR POCKETS: The inside pockets were zipper replaced as well. I moved them on the opossite side of the bag so they face towards me. Next to some more rubber loops and velcro patch array I designed elevator feature for them. I slide the pocket out, put stuff in it and the gravity will put it back inside the bag. [elevator pockets front/back view] [3.5MB .gif of the action in the spoiler tag] ORGANIZER: There is wide organizer pocket inside the bag so my notepad can be separated from my nalgene. [organizer pocket, yes I have X-PAC notepad cover] FIT: UNLISTED FEATURES: inside keychain loop /w carabiner, organizer pocket fidlock divider, custom patches FUTURE PLANS: [ ] length adjustor for the left strap [ ] shoulder pads [ X ] organizer pocket fidlock divider [ ] 3A-MSOL custom device [ X ] happy new year! AOKU¢20015
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    hey dudes Falcon Garments DR2 Undercover hoodie Silent Damir Doma tee Saint Laurent Paris D02 Maison Margiela Ombre GATs
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    *snort* heh oldies but goodies: Rick Owens Light Cotton Coat w/ Obo Belt '07 Chalayan by Chalayan Dress Rick Owens Classic Leather Wedges MBD
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    Ervell cap Marni Bomber Bledard tee Marni pants Vans Friends: (girl)
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    hey what brand are the jacket and balaclava?
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    After a long day in Paris... Coat by Bless x Suspension Point Trousers and bag by Jil Sander Boots by KK Attachment And a photo of my colleague for good measure... Bomber (worn reversed) by Ffixxed Trousers by CDG H+ Boots by Jun Hashimoto
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    Lol dude come the fuck on
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    dont need weather app when my weather proof garments suit all conditions the world presents to me
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    April77 Raf 04 Raf 05 Lightning ( no vis) Neil Barrett Rick Adidas
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    I'm an old man (hanging on to my 30's by a very thin thread) so I don't have a ton of pics of me posing in my clothes for insta or shit like that. Here's a couple candid pics my wife took. My twins just turned 1 so they're literally in every single picture she takes. Lighting isn't great for the second one. Sorry about that. You kind of get the idea of how they fit though.
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    It's been a decade since I posted my first waywt. Sup. BPR / GG / Shadow Project x Bagjack / Adidas
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    Dries Van Noten Jean Paul Knott Docs
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    old one this one liam hodges cottweiler liam hodges nike
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    Why would you not use your goddam gravity pockets?!!
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    shaun samson byh yang li ann d shirt needle felting: