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  1. I use mine for coins as well, find it very useful actually. I use coins regularly for vending machines and parking meters so having a stash of coins easily accessible is very nice.
  2. Samurai, iron heart, sda, sugar cane are some of my recent purchases on Rakuten.
  3. knickerbocker, momotaro, dubbleworks, buzz rickson, fullcount, chucks
  4. I have a pair of vibergs and I love them, but for day to day wear they are too "nice" for what I put them through. I use them for going out in the evening or weekends. I do have to say they look just as good as when I got them 2.5 years ago, although they do not get anywhere near as much wear as my normal boots.
  5. eh I like red wings, you can find them all over the place on sale very easily and for the prices I have paid I find them to be a very good deal with acceptable quality. I beat the shit out of my boots at work and I don't feel bad doing it knowing they are "only" red wings. I keep wanting to buy a more expensive pair of boots but every time I am ready to buy I come across a cheap pair of red wings and and up getting those instead. For me personally I am not sure it is worth the ~$200-300 price difference to pick up something that is better.
  6. warehouse hat, 3sixteen, samurai, red wing
  7. Looking good, and I agree the train tracks on these are particularly nice! here are mine out in the sun today
  8. new jeans/old jeans first day with my ande whalls, starting to break them in to replace these samurais when the dwc is over.
  9. Just got the jeans back from Indigo Proof after sending them out for some much needed repairs, would have liked to wait till the end of the contest but they had become unwearable for work. The belt loop I hang my keys from was just about to disintegrate, the pocket openings on both sides had started to come apart so I couldn’t use my pockets and the crotch had seen better days! Some pics of the repairs —
  10. The thing is, here is the states we are not avoiding customs by ordering directly from Japan. Any package with a value of $800 or less is duty-free. No need to falsify values or anything like that.
  11. Personally I spend a lot more money over the course of a year on food and drinks than clothing, so I quite like seeing food pics. However, I can see how it would be annoying if you come only for concentrated doses of denim.
  12. woo! those are looking awesome. Who else is still fading away but never posting photos? Was going to send mine off for some minor repairs soon but I might have to reassess that and try to hold off till the end of the contest!
  13. nice, looking forward to seeing everyone's final pictures! My pair is on it's way back from being repaired, the pockets had detached on both sides and my crotch was finally starting to go. Looking forward to putting in some good wear the last 6 weeks.
  14. The problem for me in paying the prices we get charged here abroad is that I don't have a local store, everything I purchase has to be online unless I am traveling. I have no problem paying a more premium pricepoint when I am in a store with nice customer service and the ability to handle items directly and try them on. Whenever I go to a city with a good store I pop in and often buy things. But, if I am restricted to buying online, I somewhat resent being forced to pay the western retail price ala pbj and iron heart, I just don't see the extra value I am receiving by paying those prices over the Japanese retail price. The price to return something is a bit less but I still have to go to the post office and I don't get to try things on nor do I get to see them in person. Everything else is a wash, most Japanese stores that I have dealt with have equally great customer service as anywhere here once you get past the language barrier and it is just as easy to order from them. I also have access to a much wider variety of items by ordering directly from Japan, sometimes finding my size can be difficult but that is life. If this sort of market restriction becomes the norm I will probably stop most of my online shopping and buy mainly when I make trips to Japan. Anyways that is my 2 cents, no disrespect intended to western shop owners, love all your stores as well and very much enjoy it when I get the opportunity to visit them.