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  1. ebbets, mister freedom, velva sheen, ooe, nike
  2. WH, IH, OOE, NB
  3. glad to be rocking these 1108xx's again. Probably my favorite pair of jeans right now.
  4. low hurtz, iron heart, full count, puma
  5. I agree, totally amazing denim
  6. ues, sda, ooe, red wing
  7. Thanks! Yeah you have had me looking at seiko's! Realized my father's old watch from when he was a pilot in the navy is a Seiko 6139 "pogue". Been sitting in his dresser for years now, wonder how hard it would be to get it fixed up.....
  8. Cool! How do you like that spring drive?
  9. back at it full time in these
  10. samurai, samurai, ooe, nike
  11. Samurai S510xx 25oz — Super Heavyweight Ok Final Post — more extensive post on the dwc forum —– Love the way these ended up for me, very soft and comfortable even at 25+oz. I wore them approximately 18 months in total, 30+ washes, 2 separate repair sessions. They were my full time work jeans, 4-5 days week and frequently on the weekends as well. I had a hand in making approximately 80,000 gallons of cider while wearing these jeans. They have been to Japan twice, twice to Canada and once to Norway. Back at home I have visited 15 separate states while wearing them. Great Experience overall, loved sharing my time in these jeans with everyone and very much enjoyed getting a peek into all your lives!
  12. ebbets, orslow, merz, samurai, chucks
  13. getting down the the wire here!