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  1. one last fit pic before the end comes
  2. Do we have a definitive end date?
  3. End date coming up quick, my patch unfortunately decided it has had enough!
  4. Congrats Louis!
  5. Congrats everyone!!
  6. Yup, these jeans just get epic train tracks for some reason
  7. Buzz rickson, OOE, red wings
  8. Nice shirt cucoo, I have the other color and it is one of my absolute favorite shirts.
  9. Heyooo Just got back from quick jaunt through Germany and France! Was much hotter than I was expecting but I persevered and wore the Ooe's quite a bit. Spent most of my time drinking cider, wine and beer, quite wonderful! Few pics of me drinking and then the jeans, this time with some indoor lighting to change it up a bit. Stitching on the pocket openings are starting to go, hopefully they hold up for the last couple months.
  10. knickerbocker, sunsurf, samurai, puma
  11. orslow, samurai, yuketen
  12. momotaro, ooe, redwing
  13. just got back from a long weekend in Montreal, jeans are fitting a little tight this morning..... Love where your pair is at Aho, super vintage, amazing looking texture.