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  1. Thanks gentlemen! I’ll keep my Crocs in the closet, then.
  2. A bit outside the scope of superdenim, but still, what's the opinion on wearing a pair of Trickers Bourton (dainite soles) with a suit at a wedding? I am afraid they would be too bulky...
  3. crescent

    Shoes that look better with age...

    @MasonAlexander Red Wing Williston?
  4. crescent


    I guess 105s might be my next buy. After trying them on, I would need a size 4 (OW). Size 5 was way too big, and I am a 36 in WH and Roy. Just sayin', and also trying to revive the dream.
  5. crescent


    On a related note, I just got some one wash 60s, sz36. Do you know if there is some shrinkage left if I wash at 30°C? In any case, how much would it stretch back? Waist is a bit snug out of the box, and with the low-ish rise it is quite an experience right now!
  6. Apart from Jinji, you may want to check Royalcheese, T-Bird, Gomina, and possibly the Kiliwatch shop.