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  1. TCB

    On a related note, I just got some one wash 60s, sz36. Do you know if there is some shrinkage left if I wash at 30°C? In any case, how much would it stretch back? Waist is a bit snug out of the box, and with the low-ish rise it is quite an experience right now!
  2. Apart from Jinji, you may want to check Royalcheese, T-Bird, Gomina, and possibly the Kiliwatch shop.
  3. Orslow

    Out of curiosity, did you size up as well?
  4. Orslow

    I have both the standard in sateen and the slim in a light, darker cotton. It is neither sateen nor ripstop, can't remember which version it is, I got it from the Bureau a couple of years ago. I loooove my fatigues.
  5. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Hi there, I finally dare to contribute to this kind of denim cornucopia! Pardon my English, I am French. Here are my Peanuts after a cold wash, a few months ago. It shrank a lot and could shrink more, but I want to keep a fuller silhouette with this one. Sneakers are Common Projects. Also, more recent miscellaneous shots, taking advantage of the sun: denim hairiness, coin pocket (shaped like the back ones, love that, and the pocket fabric is quite sturdy), comparison with my beloved WH 800 and so-so ONIs... Roy makes some fine pants, for sure!