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  1. @brainerd666 What's your wash method like? (Apologies, this is like my 3rd time bringing up this debate) I spend days in the kitchen as well and dare not wear anything I care too much about, lest they smell like tacos for days.
  2. @conqueror that's strange and interesting. Check the list above, food is ridiculous around the city. Eater has a wider 38 listing guide of where to eat here, (their lists are always good, IMO). Can't help much in terms of sites though, we just do a "tour de stores" everytime we go in lieu of it.
  3. The wife did on the last visit over. We usually end up in Marco Polo Gateway / Tuve / Upper House (it's a short hop from Manila). Language barriers shouldn't be an issue, never experienced it in all our times over. What are you guys looking to do?
  4. Plenty of ways to get fat in Hong Kong, least that's what the last couple of trips have been for me. Here's a shortlist: https://goo.gl/388UkN, forgot how I labelled them but stars are michelin starred, squares are must eats. Everything in green were the spots we managed to eat in our last time over. GLHF
  5. @rirawin I am way too much of a Rene-fanboy to say anything w/o bias. One thing that my wife pointed out which surprised us both was how most dishes cut this very Asian profile. How we (Southeast Asians/Thai/Fil/etc) tend to balance with sourness, and contrast with texture. Think this holds true for a lot of the other Noma-alumni (i.e. Relæ, Mume)
  6. @rirawin do you have anything in particular for Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto? Did a bit of initial research for a trip in late NOV here (https://goo.gl/d3Dx62), but then again, FOMO. Managed to emotionally blackmail Noma for some seats last year during our honey moon. BONUS ACR Content
  7. Okay, now that we're on the topic, can the more educated ones provide an approved list of detergents, treatment re-applications for shells, and pants? (i.e. thoughts on Grangers Wash and Repel Spray, or is the 2-in-1 Wash+Repel product enough? ) Looking to purchase some off Amazon to d-t-d to Asia, but I'm at a point (financially) where I don't want to waste any on guess work. Thank you in advance.
  8. Not sure which corner of reddit this was from, but it was tres funny.
  9. Is there anymore news on where they'll be restocking the Volts? I don't mind going to exorbitant lengths to get it at SRP vs. the resell price now.
  10. @rirawin If I remember correctly we didn't have a choice at the time as the dirt road was closed. Regardless, it seemed like there was only one view point and parking lot though for everything once we got there.
  11. @rirawin No worries. You can find my comments below. Thank you all the kind words as well. More than happy to share this with you (and Superfuture). The guides/maps have become a sort of habit for me and the wife prior to travelling. She does the sights and instagrammable bits – I do most of the food and coffee. We're working on one for a road trip around Italy this April which would make it Guide no. 09 to date (Iceland, Copenhagen, Malmo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Cebu, Korea, and Tokyo).
  12. @rirawin Better late than never – here's a brief map for your ring road tour: https://goo.gl/sm1z97 My wife and I went last year for our honeymoon, easily one of the best trips I've taken. (It's the kind where just the sheer scale of nature will move you to f-cking tears.) I've been passing this around to friends but I might as well leave it here. (Also, here's the guide we based our trip off of (http://www.alexcornell.com/iceland-travel-guide/) SUFU EDITION: This is probably the best place to try out your techwear. We got caught off guard by how "action adventure" the entire trip was going to be and ended up trekking on glaciers in Superstars and Sacai Airmaxes. Ultra bad move, wypipol, I'd like to imagine they were mostly Canadians, were giving us strange looks. It'd be ideal to have these layers: 1. Heat tech (tops and bottoms), 2. Warm base layers (wooly tees), 3. Insulators, 4. Windstoppers, 5. Rain gear. Proper hiking shoes would make sense. I kind of wish I manged to pick up some Hoka One Ones before we flew over from Copenhagen, alas hindsight is a bitch. _ _ _ Gist: For the Ring Road drive, the main thing I suggest is to just plan carefully, otherwise it'll be FOMO. This applies to hotels and sights, we did everything via booking.com. There's just too many things to miss, but also prioritize what you want to see (stars on the map for us) bec. it's impossible to get it all. Also, WAZE. You can practically run the entire trip on it. Data: Straight from the airport, just pop by there 7/11 equivalent. Me and the wife each got Siminn SIMs and it lasted us the whole week and me a little less because I was constantly on waze, etc. It's easy to top up online via card which'll get me to my next point. Money: The whole place does run on card. Make sure you've got the one with the chip and pin because the normal swipe ones do not work everywhere, esp. gas stations. Like we got stuck in the only gas station in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone because both of ours were swipes. Map: Our map is divided into 7 days with Reykjavik (Day 01 & 07) sharing one tab. Restaurants in red are mostly in Reykjavik. Hotels in orange, and specialty coffee is brown. Sights are colored per day so you can map it out easier. Hotels: I actually really liked our hotel choices. In hindsight, I wouldn't change much except for Day 06. If you can change that to Hotel Flatey on Flatey Island, that'd be nuts. It's a bit tricky to schedule but I can imagine it being well worth (there's a good farm to table restaurant on the island also.) Moving: We got ours from Blue Car Rental. They're a short walk from the airport terminal. They say 4x4 is necessary for the gravel roads, but we might've made a mistake with getting the Jimny. They've got really strong highway crosswinds (enough to have signs) and having such a block of a car didn't make it easier. I'd wager a Swift or a Yaris would be plenty unless you plan to do river crossings. Food: A lot of people have said that the food sucks, but I don't know, we were pretty happy with ours. Maybe it's the combination of just snacking heavily in the car and being 2 hours away from real food but most of our picks were great. The ones outside Reykjavik aren't on the map but you can take a look at the Alex Cornell guide and our IG to see where we ate in each place. Special bits to note are the following. 1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGYSy74jYZq/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Lobster Pizza) 2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGYO34TiyRR/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Ambiance mostly) 3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGTujiCjYd6/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Ice Cream) 4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGJSZgBiyaB/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (LANGOUSTINES) 5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGdjlNuDYY-/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Nothing compared to John's but it's sort of a pilgrimage that you have to do for Iceland) Sights: For this section, I'll leave it up to you on what you want to see. Some advice is that you plan it on maps first so you get an idea of how to drive to where. Everything's pretty damn special. If I had to single one out, our time in the Myvatn Baths would be up there.
  13. ^ I think you're failing to see his point due to the scale of your perspective. Excuse the baseball analogy, but I feel like you may be looking at it in terms of innings/games vs. limeaide who may be looking at it in terms of seasons/years. a. It's kind of fucked up but you'd be surprised at how similar consumer behavior is across different price brackets, specially for collectors and niche market hoarders. (ex. beanie babies, og trainers, supreme pre-post 08, vintage rolexes, volvo 740s, porsche 911s/356s, property/business investments, etc.) A lot share the same external factors (hype, trend, regulation, etc.), and are served on increasingly similar platforms, with plenty of the decision making "Y/N" questions being more or less the same. This is regardless of whether it's a 1k shoe, 5k watch, 70k car, or a 2m investment. (i.e. will I make money? will it hold value? will at appreciate? will it depreciate? do I want it now? will I look cool? is this a classic? This'll be cool forever right?) b. We live in a generation where people are becoming increasingly more conscious in general. Anyone who really wants anything can (and probably will) find a way to make it fit. c. You're citing pretty contemporary examples (2~3 year life span), but if you zoom out even just a little bit towards the 3~5 year range, and you can see a lot. I mean, just off the top of my head, what's happened to HBA? SLP? Balmain moto jeans and padded shoulder blazers? that whole wedge sneaker thing Marant started and Marc Jacobs jumped on? Damir Doma? platform Prada Brogues? New Balances? Rodarte? Kenzo? Bape? TL;DR: I think you're over-generalizing, because the comparisons are comparable on paper and the ideas apply in more or less the same way. Fashion isn't the exemption, it's the prime example of how fickle and sensitive a market can be. _ _ _ How this relates to Acronym? I'm hoping that they all eventually move on to something else. Everything is so reactionary at this point that I can't even make a wild guess as to what will happen after this whole Demna/Allesandro Michele/Raf-daddy resurgence arc. Best case scenario would be something CDG-esque, a multilevel utopia, wherein everyone is happy. Plebes can get a little PLAY, moderates can buy into the lifestyle in DSM/Rose Bakery, the guys with fetishes can do a little Junya, Ganryu, and the people that want heavy drugs can buy runway. The worst case scenario would be that it just horribly implodes into this strange dystopia. Bigger, well equipped companies (ZARA, Bershka, and god forbid, Forever21) will cash in on the look, over saturate the market and hammer the fuck out of it for several seasons and paint a picture so terrible that even we don't like ACR anymore. i.e. Yeezy Season 5 will be in all goretex, schoeller, windstopper, etc. Mainstream celebs/everyone/Kardashians will wear it. Beyonce will drop a post apocalyptic album inspired by it, it'll be streamed on TIDAL. Collabs with Bamford Watch Company. Collabs with Converse. Collabs with Mastermind. Collabs with cereal. MET ball theme in 2019 will be techninj. (God, make it stop.)
  14. Who// M Where// Gates of Hell aka Manila Work// Luxury retail, marketing / creative ape overlord. I live a double life as a taqueria owner. Why// I've worked in retail for 11 years, and my affinity for tech probably comes from a prolonged overexposure to it. Even in a moderately progressive setting (i.e. Gosha, Vetements, CDG, Sacai, etc.) the whole transience / of the moment / tongue-in-cheek-ness of it all is getting old. It's a matryoshka doll of inside jokes and quips, and I can't discern anymore whether I'm laughing at something or myself. I like how tech, at this stage, is kind of brutal, honest, and semi-unadulterated by all of it. (Also, GITS, Ninja Scroll, Neuromancer, William Gibson, Blade Runner, etc.) Animal// Dogs, lazy ones that sleep excessively. Might be a closet cat person.
  15. That's all fair and good, but if they don't know you / heard about you / know of another retail that can vouch for you, your chances of doing business are likely to be very slim. You'd have better luck with a jack move. Maybe send them your bank statement and buy budget/commitment for the season and wire half of it ahead as some form of gratis. IDK, YMMV.